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RO635 is a rational and professional T-Doll with a strong sense of justice. She says she acts not only on orders, but also on responsibilities.[1] Other Dolls noticed she has a unique "will" to get revenge against Sangvis Ferri for the destruction they caused.[2] She also places great value in the given word. She tends to get flustered in situations unrelated to work or when things go wrong.[3] Her optimism sometimes gets the better of her and leads her to make tactical mistakes.[4][5]

In Team Palette, RO635 considers her teammates to be unruly and a bad bunch,[6] but she still cares for them and enjoys working with them even after leaving her position as team leader.[1] She retroactively envy the comparably less dangerous missions they run compared to AR Team.[3] She appears to put special trust in HG MakarovThumb button.pngMakarov , quoting her on the subject of T-Dolls philosophy[7] and showing her a more vulnerable side, though she didn't make Makarov her adjutant because of her tendency to keep records of embarrassing moments as teasing material.[2] Team Palette similarly cares a great deal about RO even after she left the team[8] Makarov in particular saw the changes RO went through after joining AR Team, and worried about keeping up with her.[9]

As shown in her voice lines, RO635 is the most responsible member of AR Team, keeping an eye on other members and trying her best to keep them on their best behavior. RO has been designed to have a profound respect for AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1  by understanding her unique position and responsibilities, while the other members originally only received orders to protect her.[10] As she remarked multiple times, she was specifically created with advanced electronic warfare capabilities to save M4A1 from attacks on her Neural Cloud.[11][12][13] She also has a particular relationship to AR ST AR-15Thumb button.pngST AR-15 , who assisted in her training.[14][10] She considered avenging AR-15's death her main goal during her early days in Griffin.[1] RO also has great respect for M16A1's experience while M16A1 consider RO more suitable in a command role than M4A1,[15][16] but M16A1's independent mind sometimes clashed with RO's strictness. SOP-II immediately grew fond of RO as she fell asleep on her lap on her first encounter,[17] and they have since established a strong bond through the hardships they encountered as the only members of AR Team before M4 and AR-15's return. RO still doesn't approve of SOP-II's violent fighting style.[18] Unlike the rest of AR Team, RO can back up her neural cloud and is not "mortal", but because she is not officially working for Griffin & Kryuger her memories are kept by the Commander and transferring them to a new body is a more tedious process she prefers to avoid.[19]

RO's hobbies include listening to music[6] and collecting CGI and law enforcement films made before WW3, such as films of anti-crime and detective genre (but she dislikes mafia films). She might also like singing, while being really bad at it. RO also has a louder than average speaking voice.[Source needed] Her dorm chibi speaks to other T-doll through her megaphone.

Story Involvement[edit]


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Creation and training[edit]

Persica created RO635 by adjusting the plans used for other members of AR Team to reduce the amount of Lunasia's personality, giving her more liberty in the development of her Neural Cloud. As the simulated processing AI she used to create RO was very stable, her data specification made her a potential blueprint for third-generation Dolls. Persica took inspiration from Lycoris' work to create a T-Doll with flexible and trainable emotion systems.

While she was the Doll with the highest specs ever created by Persica, RO consistently failed her initial run of simulated missions supervised by AR ST AR-15Thumb button.pngST AR-15 . This was because RO chose to sacrifice AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1  every time, which was considered a fatal decision despite RO not being ordered to protect her. This way, Persica encouraged RO to understand the importance of M4A1 on an emotional level rather than a strategic one. Persica wanted RO to “learn to like M4A1, learn to like the world and learn to like [herself]”, as liking all three would become the reasons behind all her actions. To this effect, RO was involved early in live operations with other Dolls and humans to develop her emotional intelligence and practical knowledge.[10] RO took part in many law enforcement missions, going on long stakeouts to catch criminals[20] and witnessing many cases of anti-Dolls violence.[21]

Team Palette[edit]

Upon finally joining Griffin & Kryuger, RO635 was assigned to the Team Palette task force with HG Type 92Thumb button.pngType 92  as her adjutant, MG AAT-52Thumb button.pngAAT-52 , SMG Sten MkIIThumb button.pngSten MkII  and HG MakarovThumb button.pngMakarov  to practice using her command module by giving orders remotely like a human commander would.[22] Their mission was to retrieve Document 36, a database of criminal records lost during the recent evacuation of a settlement in area S09.[23] Intending to carry the mission before Sangvis Ferri troops would lock the area down, RO decided to deploy the team as soon as AAT found a lead during her recon, without waiting for Makarov to come back from Griffin HQ with further directive. AAT had found that the document was in possession of a human who had not evacuated, but Type92 had to remind RO that unlike her previous jobs, this would complicate the mission as G&K T-Dolls did not have permission to be aggressive against humans without special authorizations.[24]

Confident that they would not need to resort to violence, RO sent Palette to the nearby shelter to find the person of interest, but he wasn't there. Type 92 scolded RO for underestimating the chaos of the battlefield and not having prepared plans to cover multiple eventualities. When Sten reported the human had locked himself in a building to try and destroy the document, RO put Type 92's critics in practice by ordering her to neutralize the human if necessary while prioritizing her own safety.[25] However, a Jupiter Cannon shot landed on the building and Sten only managed to extract the wounded human. RO ordered her to go back inside to seize the document while Type 92 and AAT would handle the wounded. However, Sten found herself conflicted between RO's orders and the order to destroy the document the man gave her before passing out, as humans theoretically held greater authority than Dolls. RO recognized the man as a criminal who was trying to destroy the criminal records and revealed her authorizations as a member of AR Team were as high as a human. She ordered Sten to comply with her orders as Dolls should not consider themselves slaves to the humans. But enough time had passed for the next Jupiter round to strike, and RO panicked when Palette's signal was lost, asking the absent AR-15 for help.[23]

Makarov came back from HQ at the same moment and teased RO for calling AR-15's name. RO assigned Makarov to the command room and went into the battlefield herself to reestablish communications with Palette. Makarov revealed that Griffin HQ had recovered data left behind by AR-15, and that RO would have to be careful not to die if she wanted to access it later. As RO and Makarov were realizing that the shots were not random but a way for the enemy to toy with them, a shell landed near RO and knocked her out. RO's sudden arrival also steered the Sangvis Ferri troops away from Palette, giving Makarov enough time to deploy reinforcements. As Palette dug RO out of the debris, RO had a last vision or AR-15, who warned her of the hardships to come and that they might never be able to meet. As the team evacuated the area of operation with the objective, the members realized that Palette would soon be disbanded as they were a temporary team, but promised they would cherish the experience they gained and meet again.[2] Team Palette would however remain active as a unit despite the original plan.

Against Dreamer[edit]

SOP-II asleep on RO's lap.

When Dreamer attacked the quarantine facility in area S05 where AR Team was being held for Parapluie screening after the battle at area S08, Persica sent RO to help the Commander break Sangvis Ferri's siege. RO quickly discovered Dreamer's location in a communication outpost northeast of the facility and asked the Commander to seize it to disrupt SF's troops deployment.[12] She then infiltrated the facility, and using her own anti-Parapluie capabilities and command module, she lifted the jamming caused by Elisa and directed the Dolls in the base to counter-attack after they were sent in disarray when AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1  was rendered comatose by Elisa's hacking.

After Sangvis Ferri's retreat, RO first met the Commander in person and made her report with AR M4 SOPMOD IIThumb button.pngM4 SOPMOD II  asleep on her lap. She informed the Commander that Persica had deployed her without informing Griffin HQ and that they should be discreet as to her involvement. She also had informed Persica of M4A1's state, and had been designated as the new leader of AR Team.[17] Her first mission in this role was to track down and eliminate Dreamer in area S05. RO enlisted the help of Team Palette for the mission, but as she and M16A1 linked up with Palette, SOP-II's location was hit by a Jupiter Cannon shot.[22] RO dispatched M16A1 and Makarov to check on SOP-II's situation while she and the rest of Palette would neutralize the nearby cannons[26] using the Sangvis Ferri authorizations found by AR Team during their previous raid on Safe House 3. Having eventually destroyed the local Dreamer dummy, RO parted with Team Palette again, made her mission report to the Commander and Persica and shared a drink with M16A1. At this occasion, she renewed her promise to avenge AR ST AR-15Thumb button.pngST AR-15 's death.[1]

Arctic Warfare[edit]

Despite her lack of experience with emergency situations, RO took the lead of AR Team when their aircraft was shot down over Area S03 and they were stranded in a Jupiter testing field.[27] Using RO's wealth of experience against Jupiter in her previous missions, AR Team managed to reach a communication outpost and ask Griffin HQ for rescue, but Helian warned them that they would need to get out of the Jupiter testing field to be evacuated.[28] AR Team worked with the experimental T-Doll SG M1887Thumb button.pngM1887  who had crashed with AR Team to leave the area,[29] and M1887 saved RO from coming into contact with a communication console infected with Parapluie by destroying it, as the stressed RO failed to check for a Parapluie signal beforehand.[4]

They were soon joined by Squad 404, who were hired by Griffin HQ to help them escape area S03. M16A1 warned RO to not let SMG UMP45Thumb button.pngUMP45  steer her tactical decisions as her ruthlessness would lead to unnecessary loss, and soon enough 45 tried to get under RO's skin by asking her how she felt in her role as a replacement for M4A1, implying she was not at liberty to act as herself. RO replied that she didn't mind replacing M4A1 for the time being and while she lacked experience she was fully capable of handling the operation, so 45 did not press the issue further.[30]

With the last Sangvis base between them and the evac heliport, RO came up with a plan to send 404 to infiltrate the base and cut power to the Jupiters while AR Team and M1887's troops would lure out Gager and Architect. Once the Jupiters offline, AR Team would raid the base, hack the local control systems and open the gates to the heliport. However, Gager decided to focus her troops on M1887, placing them at greater risk than intended. Approaching the situation like M4A1 would, RO suddenly changed plans and guided AR Team to a nearby communications outpost to ask the Commander for a fast response team instead of Helian's full rescue party. The Commander sent SMG ThompsonThumb button.pngThompson  and RF WA2000Thumb button.pngWA2000 's teams to seize the base and capture Architect. While RO expected 45 to ask for an apology for putting 404 at greater risks than planned, 45 only asked RO if she had made her decision because M4A1 would have made the same. RO repeated that she didn't mind being a replacement for M4 at the time, and 45 mocked her as she wiped the Griffin dolls' memories of 404's involvement in the operation.[31]

Base 0 raid[edit]

AR M4 SOPMOD IIThumb button.pngM4 SOPMOD II  tells RO635 stories from the AR Team.

On special orders from Persica, AR Team was sent to area S02 to recover File No. 7 from Sangvis Base 0, while the Commander launched a diversionary attack. While this important base was under full Parapluie jamming, RO's counter-jamming modules would let AR Team operate, establish transmissions with HQ and interact with computers inside normally.[32] While they didn't match her maps, RO elected to follow M16's directions inside the base, trusting her field experience, until they reached the central server where they would recover the file.[33] Being immobilized while breaking the security of the server, RO asked M16 to stand guard while SOP-II would dedicate her processing power to the download.[34]

When RO woke up after securing the download process, M16 was not at her post. RO found she had strayed out of the server room. M16 argued that she had her own priority and that RO shouldn't expect AR Team to execute orders to the letter, like M4 did. RO told M16 that while she filled in for M4 as team leader, she should not to treat her like she would M4, and M16 apologized. As RO listened to SF transmissions, AR Team was located by Dreamer who started a round of bombardment. RO expressed her frustration at being noticed even while being careful and M16 told her to be more flexible and not always expect efforts to yield the best results, and that she shouldn't shy to rely on her teammates for moral support as a team leader.[35] M16 also assured RO that she was appreciated by the rest of AR Team and that she was going through the same steps M4 took, but that she should disregard any pretense of heroism and learn to grow on her own fast as events would catch up to her eventually.[36] As M16 was left behind during evacuation due to being trapped after demolishing the exit gate, RO realized that M16 gave her many pointers earlier because she knew they would not be able to meet again.[37]

During RO's earlier infiltration of the Sangvis Ferri server, Persica had secretly probed the server through RO's neural cloud and located a file using a different encryption from the rest, which led her to organize M16's stay to carry out this more dangerous mission alone.[38] M16 eventually sacrificed herself to gather new data for Persica, rewriting her own neural cloud with Parapluie and falling under the control of Sangvis Ferri.[39] Unaware of the situation, the Commander convinced Helian to authorize RO and SOP-II to go back to area S02 and search for M16.[40] While they would not find M16, the search gave RO and SOP-II time to bond over their hopes for the future and their fear of seeing AR Team fall apart.[41][42][3][18] As they stopped to rest, RO went to sleep and SOP-II used the occasion to follow the signal of M16's case, which was dropped nearby by the drone she had sent with the data. She searched without informing RO as she thought Griffin HQ wouldn't allow her to recover M16's legacy if it was too dangerous.[43]

The search led them to face Judge, who saw through RO's infiltration signal.[44] RO's attempts at negotiating an information exchange for M16's situation crumbled when SOP-II called Judge a "midget", prompting the ringleader to try and obtain M4's location from them by force. Judge ceased her attack when Dreamer informed her that M4 was not with them as Elisa had asked not to destroy AR Team, and she casually revealed that M16 was in Dreamer's custody before leaving.[45] Provoked, SOP-II dashed after Judge with RO in tow, and both T-Dolls ended being lost in a dangerous jamming area, with no contact with Griffin HQ or the Commander.[3] While RO charged the transmitter in M16's case to emit a distress signal, she asked SOP-II to tell her stories of AR Team. When asked why T-Dolls possessed emotions modules that could hurt their operational efficiency, RO quoted Makarov and replied that there must be an important reason, as humans would not voluntarily make defective products.[7] Having received the emergency signal, the Commander sent Team MG NegevThumb button.pngNegev  to assist AR Team's rescue. A battle broke out against Judge's troops who had also followed the signal, but it was cut short when Elisa recalled all ringleaders to the site of impending battle against Griffin & Kryuger and KCCO, leaving RO dejected that the mission ended in total failure.[46]

Joint operation[edit]

"Don't disrupt the show, Doll."
AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1  awakens next to RO635's dead body.

RO and SOP-II reunited with M4, who had only recently learned of the addition of a new member to AR Team, to be transported to the site of the joint assault.[47] While RO expressed her honor to finally meet M4, M4 shot her down by saying that they were nothing more than variations of the same model and RO realized that her cold, vengeful gaze was similar to the one M16 sometimes had,[46] and M4 refused all attempts at holding a conversation. RO was left to worry if M4 hated her,[48] as she was not the gentle Doll she was described but a tough and decisive commander.[14]

The Commander sent AR Team to reactivate paralyzed KCCO units left in the wake of the assault group with RO's electronic warfare module.[48] During the mission, M4 apologized for her harshness and praised RO's abilities, asking her to be the guiding voice M16 and AR-15 were to her before.[14] When AR Team was pulled into a trap and Elisa tried to enter M4's neural cloud again, M4 ordered RO and SOP-II to run away without her as she didn't want more members of AR Team to die for her sake, but both refused to comply and RO asked M4 to take into consideration their own wishes to protect her. SOP-II argued that RO's sacrifice wouldn't have the same meaning since she could backup her memories, and their bickering made M4 laugh for the first time in a long while. Elisa's attacks eventually caused M4's consciousness tp be locked deep into her neural cloud and RO locked herself with M4 in a safe house and used her electronic warfare modules to break Elisa's connection.[19]

As RO tried to guide M4's consciousness back to Level II, M4 argued that RO had no reason to save her as they barely knew each other and she was only obeying her programming. RO replied that the artificiality of her intents and purpose didn't matter as long as they could find happiness by being together in AR Team.[11] RO's electronic warfare was interrupted by Captain Yegor when his troops broke through the Sangvis Ferri encirclement and eliminated the T-Dolls protecting the safe house. Yegor entered the safe house and shot the defenseless RO in the head with his sidearm to prevent her from "disrupting the show" by interrupting the connection between M4 and Elisa.[49]

After the KCCO forces departed, SOP-II's mangled body was forcefully reactivated by a remote signal from M16A1 (boss)[50] so she could continue her mission to protect M4. While SOP-II could do nothing but leave M4 in the safe house due to the instability of her neural cloud, she tried to drag RO's body with her in an attempt to salvage any kind of purpose for herself in the broken AR Team. Rejecting M16's notion that they could never go back to their old team, SOP-II wished to preserve RO's memories from her time with M4 and broke her body open to extract her neural core. Talking to RO's core to forget her solitude, SOP-II set off to search for an auxiliary power supply to keep RO's core's internal battery from running out.[51] When Task Force DEFY picked up M4A1, they abandoned RO's body after noticing her neural module had been taken out.[52]

Stuck in the Dinergate[edit]

RO635's temporary (but embarrassing) Dinergate body.

After taking the lead of a group of G&K logistics Dolls, SOP-II negotiated a ceasefire with Scarecrow in exchange for an auxiliary power supply. Scarecrow accepted the offer as KCCO troops were already a dangerous enough threat,[53] and sent a Dinergate to carry the emergency battery to SOP-II, who took hold of the battery and kidnapped the small Sangvis unit.[54] After reaching the deserted G&K command post, SOP-II realized she had forgotten to awaken RO's core due to dedicating all her processing power to mount battle plans.[55] Excited to tell RO about her new experiences as a team leader and working with bare hands,[10] SOP-II stripped the Dinergate's internals to the barest systems to use as an external interface for RO, linked the Dinergate's CPU to her own system, then connected RO’s neural cloud to her own motherboard.[54] Because RO's neural core was bigger than standard and wouldn't fit into the Dinergate, SOP-II discarded parts of her own body to make room for RO's core. Since she couldn't connect RO's core to her motherboard on software level, she went into level II to gather RO's memory fragments until her neural cloud awakened. Due to SOP-II's meddling and numerous Sangvis Ferri parts attached to her body, and because RO had lost control privileges over her own neural cloud after she was marked as killed in action, RO had to fend off her own electronic defenses before interfacing herself with SOP-II's internal components.

When SMG Cx4 StormThumb button.pngCx4 Storm  pulled SOP-II from level II to warn her of approaching KCCO forces,[10] RO had successfully been integrated to SOP-II. While RO and SOP-II would have to balance their neural cloud usage because they used the same processing core, RO could speak independently through her megaphone SOP-II had picked up and attached to the Dinergate, which had also been painted with her yellow and blue color scheme. RO was horrified by the situation and felt like being trapped in a Dinergate was a fate worse than death. She sent a transmission to the Commander to signal their location but left SOP-II to determine how to deal with the Dolls' morale due to her lack of processing power and sheer depression. After SOP-II's successful rousing speech, RO snarkily pointed out its fatalism, but SOP-II could tell RO had nevertheless been touched by it since they were sharing thoughts processes. Despite RO's pessimism, the Dolls were saved from destruction by the Military tanks when the Commander's troops arrived with Heavy Ordnance Corps support.[54] Despite RO's protests, SOP-II showed the Commander RO's temporary body when she would have preferred to be declared killed in action instead.[56]

RO had no choice but to follow SOP-II in the subsequent battles to protect Griffin's temporary command post during their retreat,[57] then Angelia's rescue operation, where Angelia recognized RO based on her voice and the Dinergate's color scheme.[58] Despite her limited form, RO still proved useful by commandeering SOP-II's processing power in short bursts to scan the terrain and find openings in KCCO's movements.[59] SOP-II insisted RO stayed awake to witness their first pitched battle against KCCO when they defended the building where Angelia and the Dolls would make their last stand.[60] After escaping from KCCO and reaching the Commander's safe house, RO helped in taking on the Nyto White forces by using her megaphone to lure ELID infected and overwhelm them.[61]

Much to RO's chagrin, SOP-II went to explore the new Griffin base before they had a chance to see Persica to fix their bodies. When they crossed paths with Makarov who asked SOP-II if RO had survived the battle, SOP-II was delicate enough to not point out RO was in the Dinergate, only saying she had recovered her neural cloud. When Persica received SOP-II and RO in her lab, she was shocked to see that RO was actually stuck in a Dinergate, as she had found it too unbelievable when Kalina reported as such, and she made a note to investigate such emergency neural cloud preservation methods in the future.

While Persica preferred not to move RO's neural cloud from a stable situation without a new body ready for her, RO insisted to leave the Dinergate as soon as possible. Persica then transferred her to her dedicated database, which however already contained the neural clouds of Ouroboros and Architect. The next time SOP-II connected to the database to show RO her upgraded body, RO had imprisoned the ringleaders in secluded sectors of the database and used the ample extra memory space to simulate a dorm while awaiting for her new body to be ready. RO responded with annoyance when SOP-II announced she would be keeping the Dinergate as an accessory and memento, but was worried that SOP-II would be feeling lonely without her in the interim.[8]

Belgrade events[edit]


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