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Architect, manufacture code SPzh3000, is a long-range combat Doll specialized in autonomous artillery attacks and fire support. She's described as a constantly cheerful and somewhat dumb Doll who has both little enmity for her enemies and little allegiance toward her friends. Her only passion is to destroy.[1][2] Being a fire support Doll, Architect has lower stamina and resilience compared to SF Dolls made for frontal assault, and she has no interest in commanding Sangvis Dolls in combat.[3] Aside from combat, she is also proficient in engineering and can organize the building of structures to provide strategic support, hence her namesake.[4]

Architect's neural cloud was created by Elisa with an unusually high degree of independence and self-centeredness for a Doll as part of her research in the nature of true AI. This led to Architect quickly betraying Sangvis Ferri to escape Agent and Elisa's control, believing that their quest to avenge Lycoris prevented her from being free and find reasons to exist beyond their master's hatred, and that she lived an easier life as a prisoner of Griffin.[5][6] Architect appears to have made some friends among the Griffin Dolls at some point as she invited them over to the Sangvis Ferri quarters of the base (to Agent's dismay).[7]

In Sangvis Ferri, Architect was partnered with Gager, whom she called her “lady knight”.[8] Having received standing orders to protect her, Gager had a strong attachment to Architect and kept fighting against Griffin after Sangvis Ferri's fall to save her, despite her serious attitude clashing with Architect's relaxed nature. This was reciprocated in part by Architect, who admitted she was happy that Gager tried to help her long after her capture and that Gager was the only person she would put herself in danger for, but also that they had fundamental differences in character and motivations and would not be able to work together until Gager accepted to think beyond her orders.[9][6]

Multiple Furniture pieces mention Architect:

  • Sangvis Ferris - Outdoor Balcony SP-A08: "Architect, look outside the next time before you open the door. Destroyer has cried everytime you've hit her with it! - Agent"
  • Sangvis Ferris - Home Sofa SP-A09: "I love sofas the most! Especially when I'm hanging off of it like this! - Architect ; Careful not to let your hair get caught between the cushions. - Gager"
  • Sangvis Ferris - Multipurpose Table SP-Z08: "This is the third one this month. Whoever sees Architect sitting on the table, kick her off. - Agent ; Especially when Destroyer is sitting on her lap. - Addendum by Agent"
  • S.F. X'mas Eve - Restored Junk Heap: "An ordinary heap of junk that also serves as a trash can when it isn't snowing. But why is Architect laughing so gleefully? Haha, look! Even the love letter some human wrote to Intruder is replicated here!

Story Involvement[edit]

Operation Hypothermia[edit]

Architect surrenders to SMG ThompsonThumb button.pngThompson  and RF WA2000Thumb button.pngWA2000 .

Architect first fought against Griffin along with Gager during Operation Hypothermia,[10] when she targeted the aircraft containing AR Team when they entered the airspace above her Jupiter Cannons proving field in Area S03. Not bothering to check the wreckage for survivors, she continued her tests by targeting structures at random, accidentally targeting the outposts AR Team was trying to hide in, and Gager had to order her to protect their main base and stop firing while she checked for survivors.[11]

Architect detected Squad 404 when they sabotaged the Sangvis surveillance outposts but ignored them at first because her objective was to destroy AR Team,[12] then received an order from Dreamer to use them as live targets for maneuverability testing.[13] To keep Architect from joining Gager in the hunt for AR Team, 404 encircled Architect's lightly fortified base and lured her out, escaping her surveillance before disappearing off the area, making Gager quite angry at her for being fooled so easily.[14] During the last fight to break out of Area S03, Architect commanded her units against 404 again, but Gager forbade her from leaving her base this time so she couldn't get encircled and destroyed before realizing it. Unexpected Griffin reinforcements raided her base while she focused on tracking 404, and with Gager unable to defend her she was declared dead by Agent. But Architect actually surrendered to Griffin[8] and immediately leaked intel about the Jupiter cannons, prompting Griffin to stage another operation to capture one.[15]

Sangvis traitor[edit]

Architect's neural cloud was quarantined for study and interrogation by IOP[16] at Griffin & Kryuger HQ[17] and used in combat simulations alongside Ouroboros to test AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1 's neural cloud after it was destabilized by Elisa.[5] From their analysis of Architect, 16LAB and IOP were able to develop a multi-Doll framework to deploy and use heavy weapons that normal Dolls could not use efficiently, such as mortars, automatic grenade launchers and portable missile and rocket launchers. Though such weapons were illegal for use by PMCs, several of these Heavy Ordnance Corps were eventually fielded by Griffin & Kryuger starting in 2064.[18] When SMG RO635Thumb button.pngRO635  was stored in 16LAB's servers while waiting for the production of a new mainframe body after the Sangvis Ferri HQ battle, Ouroboros managed to motivate Architect to attack her two-on-one,[19] but they were easily defeated by RO's electronic warfare capabilities and confined to a cramped space of the database.[20]

Gager tried tirelessly to save Architect after she was captured, once trying to extract the neural clouds of SMG MP41Thumb button.pngMP41 , SMG StG44Thumb button.pngStG44 , RF G43Thumb button.pngG43  and RF Kar98kThumb button.pngKar98k  to search for intel about Architect before she was destroyed by Kar98k.[16] During the Sangvis Ferri HQ battle, Gager acted outside Agent's purview and tried to recover the traitor ringleader[21] through the Commander and Kalina in exchange for sparing the lives of Griffin Dolls.[17]

Architect tries to make Gager abandon her loyalty to Sangvis Ferri.

After the Paldiski Submarine Base battle and Griffin's return to Area S09, the Commander fielded AR Team and Dandelion to investigate reports of Gager being sighted in Architect's former territory,[22] a ploy from Gager to make Griffin bring Architect to her.[9] As she planned, Architect volunteered to take part in the operation and act as bait to draw Gager out, though AR Team was not specifically ordered to bring her back unharmed[23] and she stayed under AR M4 SOPMOD IIThumb button.pngM4 SOPMOD II 's attentive guard (not wanting to miss a chance to get payback).[24][3] Gager lured RO635, SOP-II and Architect inside Architect's former factory, then ordered AR Team to release Architect under threat of a bombardment with the local Jupiter cannons.[3] Gager's cannon's shot enabled Architect to escape SOP-II, she then recovered a backup weapon from her personal storage, and confronted Gager to entice her in joining Griffin, arguing that her loyalty to Sangvis Ferri only brought disadvantages and that she needed to change and adapt. Gager attacked to capture her instead and Architect was easily beaten, arguing that a princess could not win against her knight. Gager ultimately abandoned her and left, suspecting Architect had lost on purpose to force her further into reconsidering her goals.

When AR Team found the beaten up Architect, SOP-II severed her legs so she couldn't run away again. AR Team expressed their surprise at the depth of the bonds between ringleaders and Architect taunted them, saying that the comradry between SF Dolls was more genuine than between IOP's because they were not made-to-order. This struck a nerve in RO635, who ordered to leave the legs-less Architect behind to be recovered during Svarog's next sweep of the area.[6]

Side Stories[edit]

A Dinergate delivers Gager's Christmas present.

Architect has a minor role in Freaky Pandemic, where she helps the Dolls see through Alchemist's plans.

In A Snowy Nights Capriccio, Gager tags long with Destroyer's infiltration of the Griffin base and has a Dinergate deliver her Christmas present to Architect in her holding cell. Architect apologizes that, as usual, she doesn't have any present to give in return.[25]

Architect is mentioned during the Valhalla event, where she is construed by AR HK416Thumb button.pngHK416 's drunken mind as a social engineering Doll who let herself be captured to plot the destruction of Griffin.[26]