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Architect Story Assimilated Assimilated (Alt) Quotes


Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
MEET 哦?遇上了有趣的家伙嘛! おおっ?面白そうなやつが居る! 오오? 재밌어 보이는 녀석이 있네? Oh? We've run into some interesting folks!
SKILL01 好啦好啦!我也要反击了哦! よーし!反撃しちゃうぞ! 좋았어! 반격 나가신다! Right! Here comes my counterattack!
DEAD01 咦,就这样……结束了……? あれ?もう……終わりなの……? 어라? 벌써... 끝이야...? Huh? Is it...over already...?

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
GAIN01 铁血工造的建筑师,正式加入!您就是指挥官吧?我真是超——幸运呢! 鉄血工造のアーキテクト、入隊します!あなたが指揮官だよね?あたしってば、ちょーーーラッキー!Play 철혈공조의 아키텍트가 입대합니다~! 당신이 지휘관이지? 역시 나는 엄~청 럭키라니까! Architect of Sangvis Ferri joining you officially! You're the Commander, yeah? I'm sooooo lucky!
GAIN02 嘻嘻,我们又相遇了呢,指挥官!这可是加倍的幸运哦! へへ、また会っちゃった、これでラッキー倍増だね!Play 헤헤, 또 만났네? 이걸로 행운이 더블이네! Heheh, we meet again, Commander! Now I'm doubly lucky!
DIALOGUE01 一直盯着我,是有什么有趣的事要告诉我吗? じーっとあたしのこと見つめてるけど、何か面白いことでも教えてくれるの?Play 날 빤히 바라보고, 뭐 재밌는 일이라도 있어? You keep staring at me. Is there something interesting that you wanna tell me?
DIALOGUE02 喂,我们一起出去玩吧!这里好无聊啊—— ねぇ、外で遊ぼうよ!ここに居てもつまんなーーーい。Play 저기, 나가서 놀자! 여기 있어봤자 심심하다고. Hey, let's go out and do something fun! It's so boring in here...
DIALOGUE03 好啦好啦,我保证这次乖乖听你话不乱跑,现在可以带我一起执行任务了吗? わかったわかった、今回はあっちこっち行かないでいい子にしてるから、任務に連れてってくれる?Play 알았어 알았어, 이번엔 딴길 새지 않고 말 잘 들을 테니까. 임무에 데려가 줄 거지? Alright, alright, I promise I'll be good and won't run off, so can you bring me along on a mission?
DIALOGUEWEDDING 指挥官,有没有觉得今天的我有哪里不一样?什么嘛,好敷衍哦,你要闭上眼睛好好感受…… 指揮官、今日のあたし、どこが違うかわかる?もう、適当なんだから、目を閉じてちゃんと感じてよ……Play 지휘관, 나 오늘 어디 다르지 않아? 뭐야, 얼버무리기만 하고. 눈을 감고 잘 느껴봐... Commander, can you tell what's different about me today? Jeez, don't just brush me off. You have to close your eyes and feel it properly...
SOULCONTRACT 指挥官,这个亮晶晶的小圆环是什么?我好像看见过有格里芬人形配置过…… 是很珍贵的东西吗?看她们各个都小心翼翼的……什么?!是这样吗…… 那以后,指挥官都会陪我玩了吗?我们会一直一直在一起咯! 指揮官、このキラキラした輪っかはなに?グリフィンの人形がこれを付けてるの見たことあるけど…… 珍しいものなの?なんかみんな大事そうに……ええ?!そうなんだ…… じゃ、指揮官はこれからも遊んでくれるってことだよね?ずっとずっと一緒だよ!Play 지휘관, 이 반짝이는 고리는 뭐야? 그리폰 인형이 끼고 다니는 걸 본 적이 있긴 한데... 뭐 희귀한 물건이야? 다들 엄청 소중히 하던데... 에엣?! 그런 거였어? 그럼, 앞으로도 지휘관이 같이 놀아준다는 거지? 그럼 언제까지나 함께야! Commander, what's this shiny small hoop? I've seen some Griffin Dolls equipped with this... Is it something very valuable? They're all very careful with theirs... What?! Is that so... So you'll always come and play with me from now on, Commander? Then we'll be together forever and ever!
HELLO 你可终于来了,我都快无聊死了! やっと来た!退屈で死ぬとこだったよ!Play 이제 왔구나! 심심해서 죽는 줄 알았다니까! There you are! I'm almost bored to death!
FORMATION01 哼哼,早让我来就没问题啦! フフン、早くあたしに任せりゃよかったのに〜Play 후훙, 진작에 나한테 맡기면 될걸~ Humph, you should've let me handle this sooner!
FORMATION02 我知——道!不就是赢嘛,我很擅长的! はい分かりましたー!勝てばいいんでしょ?余裕だっつーの!Play 알았어! 이기고 오면 되는 거지? 식은 죽 먹기라고! I knooooow! It's just winning – that's my forte!
FORMATION03 好——!各位,和我一起加油吧! はーーーい!みんな、一緒に頑張ろうね!Play 자! 모두 같이 힘내자고! Right-eo! Girls, let's all work hard together!
FEED01 这个力量,好帅气啊!我喜欢! この力、カッコイイね!気に入った!Play 이 힘 멋지다! 마음에 들어! This power is so cool! I love it!
FEED02 喂喂,有没有感觉我变得更厉害了? ねぇねぇ、あたし、強くなってる?Play 저기저기, 나 강해진 거 같아? Hey, don't you think I've become even stronger?
UPGRADE01 诶?给我的吗!太好了! えっ?あたしに?ラッキー!Play 어? 나 주는 거야? 아싸! Huh? For me?! Yayyy!
UPGRADE02 哇——!多谢多谢!我老早就想要这个啦! ワーイ!これが欲しかったんだ!ありがとー!Play 와아! 딱 이걸 갖고 싶었는데, 고마워! Wooooow! Thanks! I've always wanted this!
BLACKACTION 放心啦!不就是自己行动嘛,我很厉害的! ちょっと一人で行動したいの!安心して!あたし、強いから!Play 잠깐 혼자 갔다올게! 안심해, 나 엄청 강하니까! I want to work alone! Don't worry, I'm really strong!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
GOATTACK 各位要准备一起上了哟! みんな、準備して、行くよ!Play 모두 준비, 나가자! Here we go, girls!
MEET 哦?遇上了有趣的家伙嘛! おおっ?面白そうなやつが居る!Play 오오? 재밌어 보이는 녀석이 있네? Oh? We've run into some interesting folks!
SKILL01 好啦好啦!我也要反击了哦! よーし!反撃しちゃうぞ!Play 좋았어! 반격 나가신다! Right! Here comes my counterattack!
SKILL02 各位,准备爆炸吧! みんな、爆破用意!Play 모두, 폭파 준비! Get ready for some explosive action!
SKILL03 对面的垃圾们等死吧! ゴミどもめ!覚悟しろー!Play 각오해라 쓰레기들아! Prepare to die, trash!
DEAD01 咦,就这样……结束了……? あれ?もう……終わりなの……?Play 어라? 벌써... 끝이야...? Huh? Is it...over already...?
DEAD02 啊……这样的世界……也不错呢…… こんな世界も……悪くないかも……Play 이런 세상도... 괜찮을까나... This world...isn't so bad...
RETREAT 怎么会这样……我不相信…… そんな…信じらんない…Play 이럴 수가... 말도 안 돼... How did this happen...? I don't believe it...
WIN 哈哈,我是不是厉害过头了? ハハハ、あたし、凄すぎない?Play 하하하, 나 너무 강한 거 아니야? Haha, aren't I a bit too good at this?
FIX 喂——轻一点啊!很痛诶—— ねーーもうちょっと優しくしてよ!痛いじゃん!Play 아야, 좀 더 살살해! 아프잖아! Hey, gently! Owwww!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
ATTACK 真是不堪一击,大家一起冲啊! 向こうは弱そうね、みんな突っ込めー!Play 약해 빠진 상대네, 모두 밀어버려! How pathetically weak! Let's smash them all!
DEFENSE 火力很猛嘛,那就先切换下阵型! なかなかの火力じゃん、とりま陣形切り替えよっか!Play 화력이 제법인걸, 일단 진형을 바꿀까나! That's some impressive firepower. Then let's switch formation!
BREAKTHROUGH01 不一样的感觉……好像我变得更酷了? なんだかいつもと違う……もっとかっこよくなっちゃった?Play 뭔가 평소와 다른 느낌... 더 폼 나게 된 걸까? I feel different... I think I've become cooler?
BREAKTHROUGH02 快看啊!我不仅变强了,还变得超——帅诶! ほら見て!あたし強くなっただけじゃなくて、ちょーーーカッコよくなったよ!Play 봐봐! 나 강해진 데다가 엄~청 멋지게 변했다고! Look! Not only have I grown stronger, I also look a lot cooler!
PHRASE 无聊 つまんないーPlay 심심해! Boooring!
MOOD1 哈哈! ハハハ!Play 하하하! Haha!
MOOD2 诶? へ?Play 어? Huh?
LOWMOOD 哼! ふん!Play 흥! Humph!
APPRECIATE 哇! わーー!Play 와아! Wow!
AGREE 对对! そうそう!Play 맞아 맞아! That's right!
ACCEPT 嗯嗯! うんうん!Play 응응! Yep yep!
FEELING 嗯~ そうだよーPlay 그치~ Hmm~
TIP 你快来看我新安装的炮台,是不是很酷啊? みてみて、あたしが新しく取り付けた砲台!カッコイイでしょ?Play 이것 봐, 내가 새로 설치한 포탑이야! 멋지지? Come and look at my new mortar! Isn't it cool?
LOADING 指挥官,今天要去哪里玩……啊不是,是去哪里执行任务啊? 指揮官、今日はどこで遊ぶ……じゃなくて、任務はどこでやるの?Play 지휘관, 오늘은 어디 가서 놀... 아니라, 어디 가서 일할 거야? Commander, where are we gonna play today... Uh, I mean, where will our mission take us?
TITLECALL 少女前线 ドールズフロントラインPlay 소녀전선 Girls' Frontline

Architect - NVW Model[edit]

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
GAIN01 铁血工造建筑师,即使在海滩上也同样能提供服务哦! 鉄血工造、アーキテクト!たとえビーチの上だろうと、変わらないサービスをお届けするよ!Play 철혈공조 아키텍트, 해변에서도 서비스해 줄게! Architect of Sangvis Ferri, happy to serve even on the beach!
GAIN02 又碰面了就是缘分嘛,来吧,指挥官,我们去炸掉排球场! また会ったのも何かの縁!ってことで指揮官!一緒にビーチバレーコートを焼こっか!Play 또 만나다니 인연이네~ 어서 와 지휘관, 같이 배구장을 터뜨리자! We meet again—it's got to be fate. C'mon, Commander! Let's go blow up the volleyball court!
DIALOGUE01 怎么样,这身兼具酷炫和便利的衣服?这可是我自己设计的,很天才吧? どう?このスタイリッシュさと利便さを兼ね備えたファッションは?これを一人でデザインしたあたしって、控えめに言って天才じゃない?Play 어때? 이 멋과 기능성을 겸비한 복장! 내가 직접 디자인한 거야, 굉장하지? Well? What do you think about this cool and practical outfit? I designed it myself! Ingenious, isn't it?
DIALOGUE02 人类用“高射炮打蚊子”形容小题大做吧?但我觉得要是真能打准了,也是证明武器精准度的方法嘛。 「対空兵器で蚊を撃つ」って聞いたら、人間は大げさに思うよね?でももし本当に蚊に当てられたら、それって兵器の精度の高さを証明してることにならないかなってあたしは思うんだ。Play 호들갑 떤다는 속담으로 "고사포로 모기 잡기"란 말이 있더라? 근데, 그거 맞히면 무기의 정확성이 엄청나단 뜻 아니야? People use the phrase "kill a fly with a bazooka" to describe something that's overkill, right? But I think if you actually manage to kill the fly, it just goes to show that the weapon is well-calibrated!
DIALOGUE03 这只电子海鸥做得挺不错的嘛,拆开看看……什么,不能拆?为什么?……啊?它是活的? このカモメロボット、よくできてるね~!バラシてみよ~っと……え、ダメなの?なんで?……へ?生きてんの?Play 이 로봇 갈매기 잘 만들었는걸? 좀 뜯어 볼까... 응? 그럼 안 돼? 왜? 아, 살아있는 거야? This robotic seagull looks pretty well-made! Let's take it apart and have a look inside... What? I shouldn't? Why? ...Huh? It's a live seagull?
DIALOGUEWEDDING 海洋和指挥官、玩具还有不错的敌人。生活惬意到完全不想挪窝啊…… 海と指揮官。そして、おもちゃと歯ごたえのある敵。なんだかこの生活が名残惜しく思えてきちゃった……Play 바다와 지휘관, 장난감, 재밌는 상대. 사는 게 너무 좋아서 아무 데도 가기 싫다아.... The sea, the Commander, toys, and some decent enemies. Life's so good I never want to leave...
SOULCONTRACT 等一下,我还没打完呢! 指环?嗯……虽然有点影响运动,不过戴起来还不错! 怎么样,阳光下的我是不是看起来更闪亮了? 待って!まだ終わってないんだから! 指輪?んん……動くときにちょっと邪魔かもだけど、かわいいから問題ナシ! どう?太陽に照らされたあたしは?いつもよりもっと輝いて見えるでしょ?Play 잠깐, 아직 시합 안 끝났다구! 반지? 음... 움직임엔 좀 영향이 있겠지만, 괜찮네! 어때? 태양 아래에서 훨씬 더 눈부시지? Hold on, I'm not done yet! A ring? Hm... It's kind of restrictive, but it looks great on my finger! Well? Don't I look even more radiant in the sun?
HELLO 沙滩上跑步慢是当然的,不过,我还是比你更快。 砂浜で足が遅くなるのは当然のこと!ま、それでも指揮官には負けないけどね。Play 모래 위에서 달리기가 느린 거야 당연하지~ 그래도 너보단 빠르다구! Of course I run more slowly on the beach, but I'm still faster than you.
FORMATION01 各位,按保龄球瓶的摆放位置站好! さあみんなー!ボウリングのピンみたいに並んでー!Play 모두, 볼링핀 위치대로 정렬해! Guys, bowling pin formation!
FORMATION02 不听话的队友会被埋进沙子哦! 言うこと聞かない子は、ビーチに埋めちゃうかんね!Play 말 안 듣는 대원은 모래 속에 묻어버린다! Team members who disobey orders will get buried in the sand!
FORMATION03 好耶!各位,准备好了吗? よーし!みんな、準備はいい?Play 좋았어! 다들 준비됐지? Yay! Are you ready, peeps?
FEED01 现在的我,能徒手把排球打去卫星上! 今のあたしなら、ボールを衛星にまで飛ばせそうだよ!Play 지금이라면 맨손으로 배구공을 위성 궤도로 날릴 수도 있겠어! Right now, I can whack a volleyball all the way up to a satellite with my bare hand!
FEED02 好,让我发射一枚榴弹看看效果……不行吗? さて、一発撃って効果を確かめよーっと……え、ダメ?Play 좋~아, 성능 테스트로 유탄 한 방! ...안 돼? Right, let me fire a shot and see how it does... I can't?
UPGRADE01 哦哦,是派对前的开胃糖吗? おおっ、これが食前キャンディーってやつ?Play 오오? 파티 직전의 사탕이야? Oh? An appetizer before the party?
UPGRADE02 感觉不错,状态绝佳哦! いいね~!最ッ高!Play 좋은데? 컨디션 최고야! Feels pretty good. I'm in great shape!
BLACKACTION 有我领队就放一万个心吧! あたしが率いるわけだし、不安は海の底にでも沈めちゃいなよ!Play 내가 리드할 테니까 안심해! You can rest easy with me leading the team!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
GOATTACK 双方预备—— セット――Play 양쪽 다 준비! Both sides, get ready...
MEET 开始!(哨声) スタート!Play 시~작! 삐익! Let the game begin! (Blows whistle)
SKILL01 来尝尝我的新玩具! くらえ!あたしの新しいおもちゃ!Play 내 새 장난감 맛 좀 봐라! Have a taste of my new toy!
SKILL02 感受鲨鱼的热情吧! サメちゃんのアツアツなハートをどうぞ!Play 상어의 열정을 느껴 봐! Feel the passion of the shark!
SKILL03 现在认输来不及了哦! 降参してももう遅いよ!Play 지금 항복해도 안 늦었어! It's too late to beg for mercy!
DEAD01 诶,怎么忽然…… あれっ、どうして急に……Play 엇, 너무 갑자긴데... Huh? Where did that come from...
DEAD02 动不了了……我被埋住了! 動けないや……埋められちゃった!Play 움직일 수가...! 나 묻혀버렸어! I can't move... I got buried!
RETREAT 唔……我知道我太狂妄了,下次不这样了。 うーん……はしゃぎすぎちゃったかな。次はやめとくね。Play 으으... 막 나갔단 건 나도 알아, 다음엔 조심할게. Hm... I know I was too reckless. I won't make this mistake again.
WIN 怎么样,新的武器很好用吧? どう?新しい武器の凄さのほどは?Play 어때? 새로 만든 무기, 쓸 만하지? What do you think? The new weapon is really handy, isn't it?
FIX 衣服,先修一下我的衣服! まずは服!服を直して!Play 옷! 먼저 옷부터 고쳐 줘! My clothes! Fix my clothes first!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
ATTACK 前进,格里芬的选手们! 押すよ!グリフィンの選手たち!Play 그리폰 선수들, 전진! Keep going, Griffin players!
DEFENSE 冷静一点,守住得分! 冷静に!守ってくよ!Play 침착하고 점수차를 유지해! Keep calm and guard our lead!
BREAKTHROUGH01 我果然是成长空间很足的类型嘛! 我ながら伸びしろがあるタイプだと思うんだよねー!Play 역시 나는 성장형 캐릭터라니까! See? I do have a lot of potential!
BREAKTHROUGH02 指挥官!事到如今,你已经没有拒绝我邀请的余地了!投降,然后跟我走吧! 指揮官!こうなったからにはもう逃げられないよ!大人しく投降して、あたしについて来い!Play 지휘관! 이제 와서 내 초대를 거절할 권리는 없어! 항복하고 따라와! Commander! You've run out of excuses to turn me down! Surrender and come with me!
PHRASE 无聊 つまんな~い。Play 심심해~! Boring...
MOOD1 哈哈! ハハッ!Play 하하! Haha!
MOOD2 诶? ふぇっ?Play 어? Huh?
LOWMOOD 哼! ふん!Play 흥! Humph!
APPRECIATE 哇! わぁ!Play 우와! Wow!
AGREE 对对! そうそう!Play 그래! Yep yep!
ACCEPT 嗯嗯! うんうん!Play 응응! Mhmm!
FEELING 嗯~ ん~。Play 으음~ Hmm~
TIP 从这儿看下去,视野真不错。 ここからだと、よく見えるね~。Play 여기서 내려다보니까 경치 정말 좋다~ The view is really good from up here.
LOADING 指挥官,赛前热身做完了吗? 指揮官、アップは終わった?Play 지휘관, 준비 운동은 끝났어? Commander, are you done with your pre-match warm-up?
TITLECALL 少女前线 少女前線Play 소녀전선 Girls' Frontline