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Cyber Media

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Cyber Media Animated.gif

Cyber Media (赛博传媒) is a multinational entertainment and media organization created in the 2050s in Sapporo, Japan,[1] occupying a key position in the global market thanks to their use of cutting-edge AI and large-scale data technology. They're involved in movies, animation, idol packaging, social media, video games and traditional news outlets. During the course of integrating their various subdvisions, Cyber Media founded an AI lab that focused on researching entertainment and media-oriented AI Dolls. The debut of their Doll idol group NotREAL? heralded the rise of the Doll idol age.[2]

Cyber Media have designed several Dolls models, including Banxsy, Groove, Nanaka, Nascita, Vee, Willow, Kuro, Haze and Nora. Within Magrasea, the Burbank sector has been setup to generate massive amounts of entertainment contents.[3]