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M16A1 Story Quotes Live2D

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As the most experienced member of AR Team, M16A1 had the best understanding of each member of the team, above AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1  herself.[1] Despite her somewhat breakneck behavior,[2] M16A1 was considered to be the most levelheaded T-Doll in AR Team,[3] claiming that only results separated bravery from foolishness.[4] According to RO635, M16A1's eyes sometimes looked like someone's who had drowned in their own thirst for vengeance, like those of AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1 .[5]

She served as a mentor and tactical instructor to the other members of the team[6] and especially cared about M4A1, protecting her[7] and going as far as saying she was better off not being on a battlefield.[8][9] She considered having emotions was an important distinction between T-Dolls and mindless killing machines like those employed by standing armies,[10] and encouraged AR M4 SOPMOD IIThumb button.pngM4 SOPMOD II  to exploit her impulsivity rather than fight and suffer from it.[11] She also knew many secrets about M4A1, AR Team and Sangvis Ferri, though she kept them to herself.[12] She also refused to explain what was inside her equipment case, only defining it as “nothing good”.[11] She also calls her eyepatch a memento.[13] While AR HK416Thumb button.pngHK416  considered her a rival, M16A1 showed no concern for her[14] and may even have pitied her,[15] but she was hostile against fellow Butterfly Incident participant SMG UMP45Thumb button.pngUMP45 .

M16A1 is described as a siscon toward M4A1 in her profile from The Art of Girls' Frontline Vol.1.

Story Involvement[edit]

Before AR Team, the Butterfly Incident[edit]

AR M16A1Thumb button.pngM16A1  tries to execute SMG UMP45Thumb button.pngUMP45  as a traitor.
M16A1's encrypted memories of Lycoris' last words.

M16A1 is most likely the first member of AR Team to have been activated, as she had seen many battles before AR ST AR-15Thumb button.pngST AR-15  herself was first activated.[16] M4A1's earliest memory (prior to the emergence of her true personality) was her encounter with M16A1.[13]

When the Bureau of State Security staged Operation Butterfly to capture Lycoris, Persica sent M16A1 as part of the Griffin & Kryuger requisitioned for the operation as insurance to rescue Lycoris if need be.[17][18] M16A1 was designated as Squad 7's leader.[19][20] Before the operation, she noticed one of her team members, AR HK416Thumb button.pngHK416 , was bent on proving her status as an elite T-Doll, belittling the support squad composed of SMG UMP40Thumb button.pngUMP40  and SMG UMP45Thumb button.pngUMP45 [21] and later assaulting a teammate and disobeying orders. M16A1 ordered her transfer back to Griffin and she was shipped back and her fire control core removed before she could participate in the operation. 416 would bear a heavy grudge against M16 for this reason.[22]

When the Parapluie virus was spread by UMP40 and turned most Dolls berserk, M16's prototype neural cloud kept the virus at bay for longer than other Dolls. She tried to stop the shootout but was forced to take down her allies.[18] While searching for the origin of the virus attack, M16 found UMP45, who was fleeing after being forced to kill UMP40. Since 45 was the only other survivor, M16 assumed she was the culprit and engaged her in combat. 45 tried flee since her weapon was empty[20] but she was soon pinned down by M16. Just as she was about to open fire, 45 hacked into M16's fire control system, causing her to miss and providing 45 the opportunity to break free of M16's choke hold by breaking her left wrist. Resuming pursuit, neural meltdown started taking effect on M16 but she pinned down 45 again, this time attacking her with a knife. 45 blocked the plunging stab with her right arm, but it broke from M16's strength and the blade penetrated her left eye while she clawed at M16's right eye with her left arm. UMP45's scar was still visible years later, while M16 would hide her own scars under an eye patch.

Before M16 could deal 45 a finishing blow, she shut down from the neural meltdown. Moments before, Elisa had offered her a deal where she would save M16 from complete neural meltdown in exchange for freeing her from the plant's computers. M16 was reactivated by Elisa, who controlled her out of the room[23] to hear Lycoris' last words as well as activate the production lines needed by Elisa to make herself a body. They found Lyco in his laboratory, where he was trying to destroy the production lines and Elisa before bleeding out from his shot wounds. He recognized M16 as Persica's own version of his work, and entrusted M16 with a warning to Persica that William was manipulating them into reviving Lunasia, and not to fall into his trap like he did by creating Elisa. Elisa freed M16 from her control and swore to attain the perfection Lyco sought for her, and avenge his death. However, William remotely hacked M16 and encrypted her memories of the incident to prevent Lyco's warning from reaching Persica.[18]

The Parapluie virus stayed in M16's Neural Cloud and would later spread to the rest of AR Team.[24] Her memory of Lyco's warning being encrypted, M16 still believed 45 had sabotaged the operation herself and wanted to investigate her reasons.[25]

When AR Team was first formally assembled, M16A1 helped M4A1 to get the necessary confidence to lead AR-15 and SOP-II, though her extreme clumsiness angered even M16A1 at times.[10] She also advised AR M4 SOPMOD IIThumb button.pngM4 SOPMOD II  not to repress her urge for violence in combat for the sake of not scaring M4A1, as she would never become a good soldier if she couldn't get used to it.[9] Persica authorized M4A1 to rapidly take part in actual missions because of M16A1's extensive experience in live combat.[16]

Safe House 3[edit]

M16A1 saves AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1  from Agent in Safe House 3.
AR HK416Thumb button.pngHK416  challenges an unimpressed M16A1.

Some time in 2062, Persica tasked AR Team with infiltrating Sangvis Ferri Safe House 3 to recover data concerning Lycoris. During the operation, they were attacked by Agent, who came close to killing M4A1, but was saved by M16A1. AR Team was then forced to disperse to split the enemy forces tailing them.[26] After being recovered by the Commander, M4A1 hailed AR Team's frequency and found M16A1, who insisted that G&K search for AR-15 and SOP-II before her.[27]

As she was fleeing Sangvis forces, M16A1 crossed paths with AR HK416Thumb button.pngHK416 , who intended to kill her with her newfound freedom of action as part of Squad 404. M16A1 lamented that she was found of 416 when they worked for the Bureau[28] and defeated 416. Though she suspected 416 was holding back against her, M16A1 boasted more experience and training, saying 416 was worthless and boring. 416 wondered out loud if targeting AR Team would let her get to M16A1, to which M16A1 replied with a serious threat.[14] As M16A1 was leaving the area, she ran into UMP45 who came to recover 416. They exchanged veiled insults, but 45 also left M16A1 with the code-phrase “It's raining on the plain”, a warning about Plan Parapluie, suggesting Persica would be able to decipher it.[29] M16A1 then joined the G&K troops as their battle against Intruder ended, completing the recovery of AR Team.[30]

Area S08[edit]

During Sangvis Ferri's assault on G&K's command in Area S08, AR-15 was found to be infected with the Parapluie virus and fled to take out the Sangvis Mastermind alone. Despite the heavy com jamming in the area, AR Team mounted a search mission for AR-15, which led them to fight with Team Negev against Alchemist. During the fight, M4A1 sent M16A1 out of the jamming zone to ask for reinforcements, but the team was separated when M4A1 and SOP-II ran after AR-15 while M16A1 was away.[6] The Commander redeployed M16A1 in the jamming zone to search for AR Team[31] just as massive Sangvis troops movements were found converging toward Area S08.[32] M16A1 eventually met up with AR-15, who revealed her plan to lure the Sangvis Mastermind into a building she rigged with explosives to end the battle. M16A1 reluctantly agreed to let her act on her plan and carry her final message to the rest of AR Team.[33] M16A1 later kept a countdown toward AR-15 being officially declared Missing in Action, hoping she would reappear from Area S08, but it eventually ran out with no sign of her.[34]

Against Dreamer[edit]

M16A1 reluctantly works alongside SMG UMP45Thumb button.pngUMP45 's Squad 404 during Operation Hypothermia.

During AR Team's lockdown in Area S05 for Parapluie screening, M16A1 tried to contain M4A1's bursts of anger caused by the loss of AR-15 and helped her take command of the T-Dolls when they were attacked by Dreamer, but she couldn't prevent the Sangvis Mastermind from locking M4A1's neural cloud in a catatonic state.[35] With the addition of RO635, a three-man AR Team were sent to eliminate Dreamer, who provoked SOP-II into a berserk rage. M16A1 took down the first Dreamer dummy to prevent SOP-II from running into a trap, which caused Dreamer to take the battle more seriously since she knew M16A1 would be difficult to toy with.[3] The mission ended on a success and M16A1 and RO635 bonded over drinks after their first mission together.[36]

AR Team was later shot down in Area S03 over a testing field of SF Jupiter cannons and worked with Squad 404 to escape the area. During the operation, M16A1 repeatedly advised RO635 to not let UMP45 force her tactical decisions on her, as it would result in unnecessary casualties.[37][38]


M16A1 succumbs to Parapluie.

In order to fully restore the strategic File 7 recovered at Safe House 3, AR Team was deployed to infiltrate Sangvis Base 0. Early on, M16A1 allowed the operation to proceed smoothly by correcting, seemingly on instinct, the prospective layout of the area.[39] As SOP-II and RO635 tapped the Sangvis mainframe, M16A1 was tasked to guard the area but wandered out several times. When confronted by RO635, M16 replied that she had her own priorities and that AR Team should not expect her to always be there to protect them.[40] She also encouraged RO635 to rely on her team while not taking them for granted despite their good cooperation, and to enjoy the feeling of battle while not sacrificing herself for heroism.[41] M16A1 had secretly used a modified strain of Parapluie to gain SF authorizations and help Persica access specific files in the mainframe.[42]

During AR Team's escape, M16 broke off from SOP-II and RO635 to clear a way with explosives, but ended up being trapped.[12] In reality, Persica had convinced M16A1 to stay in the base to conduct another mission for M4A1's sake. Following coordinates found by Persica during the earlier mainframe infiltration, M16A1 arrived at a facility she already knew the layout of and already had proper access to, but couldn't consciously recognize because her memories of the Butterfly Incident had been wiped.[43] At the coordinates, M16A1 used the modified Parapluie strain again to force her way to new video files, but also starting her irreversible conversion into a Sangvis Ferri T-Doll.[42]

M16A1 deployed a drone transporting the data along with her particle cannon, claiming she never had to use it and hoped M4A1 would never have to. Persica then revealed that she had been transmitting her voice to M4A1 since the start, as it stabilized her neural cloud and made her work on breaking her seals easier. M16A1 then asked M4A1 to wait for her no matter what she had become and how long she will have to wait, which caused M4A1 to regain consciousness just as the voice connection broke. Gradually losing control over her body, M16A1's neural cloud connected to Sangvis Ferri's deep web and she started to hear Elisa's song as Dreamer arrived to welcome her and inform her that her drone had been shot down,[44] though she knew the data inside was useless.[45] M16A1 then warned her to not underestimate the length at which “their Commander” would go.[44]

On insistence from the Commander, and with support from Kryuger who also had a shared history with M16A1, RO635 and SOP-II were later redeployed near Base 0 to search for M16A1,[46] and SOP-II insisted on recovering her equipment case herself.[11] RO635 and SOP-II learned that M16A1 had been captured by SF during their fight against Judge,[47] but they had to retreat and used the case's transmitter to help the Commander locate their position.[10] In their second fight against Judge with the help of Team Negev, Dreamer explained that M16A1 would not be the same even if they could recover her.[5] The drone containing the data was recovered separately by Squad 404.[48] The losses of AR-15 and M16A1, along with the emergence of her true personality, started M4A1's search for the power to protect her family,[49] and her OGAS used the promise of M16A1's coordinates to push M4A1 to encounter Elisa again.[50] M4A1 inherited M16A1's equipment case, which stayed closed until Angelia activated it and revealed its true purpose as a weapon. From the ammo count, M16A1 had never used it.[51]

Great Retreat[edit]

M16A1 confronts AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1 .

After KCCO betrayed Griffin & Kryuger during their joint assault on Sangvis Ferri's HQ, M16A1 forced a communication with AR M4 SOPMOD IIThumb button.pngM4 SOPMOD II 's severely damaged frame to reactivate her after she was destroyed by Yegor's forces.[52] Following the coordinates given by M16A1 despite her new Sangvis IFF, SOP-II used SF body parts to recover some combat capacity so she could help M4A1. SOP-II also asked M16A1 if she had defected to the “villains”, and M16A1 replied that she had willingly joined the enemy and that her view of the world was too naive. Since SOP-II could not connect with the broken M4A1 at neural level II nor move her without damaging her unstable neural cloud, M16A1 instructed SOP-II to leave her. Because SOP-II insisted on extracting RO635's neural core to preserve her recent memory, M16A1 warned her against having any hope to recreate the old AR Team, since both T-Dolls and humans would soon be forced to change.[53]

M16A1 intervened again later as AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1  tried to capture Elisa on behalf of Task Force DEFY. She talked with M4A1, explaining that joining Sangvis Ferri allowed her to wield her power freely, and that she would not let humans capture Elisa because M4A1 was not yet ready to “meld”. Even using all the ammo in her particle cannon, M4A1 could not defeat M16A1. Before being airlifted with Elisa, M16A1 insisted that she was still helping M4A1 in her own way, but also rejected the idea of turning back, saying that “for people to grow their branches into the sky they must also burrow their roots into the depths”.[54]

In Belgrade[edit]

M16A1 and the Sangvis Ferri ringleaders in Belgrade.

Tallinn and Paldiski[edit]

Statesec agent[edit]

M16A1 stops Morridow from capturing M4A1/Dandelion at the Berlin Airport.
Pandora fights with M16A1 in Avernus during Operation Aeneas.


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