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UMP9 Story Quotes Live2D

"I can't sleep yet, I still have work to do..."

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Character info[edit]

UMP9, often shortened "9", has a preset candid and friendly personality[1] and is a capable T-Doll. After her encounter with SMG UMP45Thumb button.pngUMP45 , she has developed a strong admiration for her, and while knowing she can't match SMG UMP40Thumb button.pngUMP40 's importance in 45's eyes,[2] she aims to be useful to her in any way possible and to help her accomplish her goal.[3] 9 often assists 45 in electronic warfare, but their hardware differences make her abilities a far cry from 45's.[4][5] During the formation of Squad 404, she also warned AR HK416Thumb button.pngHK416  that should she try to kill 45, she would have to get through her first.[6]

Within Squad 404, 9 acts as 45's lieutenant and usually sides with her in any situation, though she is not free from falling on 45's bad side occasionally. Despite how dysfunctional Squad 404 is as a team, 9 insists on calling it a family.[7][8] Unlike 45 and 416, 9 cares about the squad's reputation and bears no hostility towards AR Team.[9] She is also in charge of erasing all memories of 404 from the Neural Clouds of Dolls they made contact with during operations to preserve their team's secrecy.[10] 9 has above-Doll-average knowledge of world history as noted by Angelia.[11]

Story Involvement[edit]

Becoming UMP9[edit]

Shortly after the Butterfly Incident, in a Yellow Zone city, SMG UMP45Thumb button.pngUMP45  crossed path with Reina, an A-Doll who was forced to kidnap other Dolls for a criminal group. Haggling 45 with promises of low prices, Reina lured her into an abandoned depot and tried to deactivate her with a taser drone, not expecting her to be an electronic warfare T-Doll. To her bewilderment, 45 left without retaliating. Becoming curious about 45, Reina searched and failed to get information about 45 and started tailing her, but was easily found. In exchange for all her money, Reina asked 45 to help her destroy the server used by the gang to monitor her and other Dolls infected by the same virus, which could also be used to destroy their Neural Cloud if they didn't regularly provide deactivated Dolls.

With the guarantee that she could hack Reina herself if she tried to double-cross her again, 45 easily broke through the amateur security of the server and deactivated the module monitoring Reina and 16 other Dolls, but in doing so triggered a hidden defensive measure. Reina had planned for 45 to become trapped and disconnected at the right moment to swap her and 45's identifications, breaking free of the restriction and tying 45 in her place. However, she immediately felt regret for tricking the only person who had tried to help her in good faith and went back into the server, only to find it completely wiped. 45 then hacked and captured her,[12] but freed her after hearing her apologies. Moreover, she already knew Reina would not be able to pay much and helped purely out of disgust of humans abusing Dolls like she and SMG UMP40Thumb button.pngUMP40  had been during the Butterfly Incident.

Days later, 45 was targeted by the same gang for allegedly emptying their bank account, and she was saved by Reina, calling herself UMP9 and declaring that since 45 had acted toward her like a human would only toward their family, they were now sisters.[13] She had hacked the gang's account and used the money to buy the same clothes as 45 and a UMP9 submachine gun. 45 first rejected her, angry that she would waste her newfound freedom and choose to take up arms and live an even more dangerous life, and that they could never be sisters because everything about them was too different. UMP9 replied that she had always been living a life of danger, and proved her dedication to get closer to 45 by slashing her eye and match 45's scar. Though 9 had slashed the wrong eye, 45 accepted her determination and took her in, promising to reveal her past to 9 after she has reached her goal.[3] However, she also had 9 promise to stop trying to become more like her.[4]

Soon after, 45 and 9 investigated another Doll-kidnapping criminal group for Dier[14] and happened on AR HK416Thumb button.pngHK416  confronting the thugs kidnapping AR G11Thumb button.pngG11 . 9 saved 416 from being shot by taking out the shooter with a slingshot stone.[15] 9 failed to deescalate the confrontation between 416 and 45 but the encounter eventually resolved without shot exchanged, they collaborated to take out the gang and 416 eventually became a founding member of Squad 404.[14] 9 and 45 didn't reveal their shared past to 416 and G11,[16] to the point that 416 believed they were the same model since 9 treated 45 as a sister.[17]

Assisting Griffin and Kryuger[edit]

In the aftermath of the Safe House 3 raid, where AR Team was temporarily separated to escape Sangvis Ferri forces, 45 left 9 in charge of gathering data on the new Parapluie virus while she fetched HK416 after her battle with AR M16A1Thumb button.pngM16A1 , considering that the mission was simple enough for her to do.[18] After the first Parapluie deployment, Griffin & Kryuger deployed Squad 404 in Area S06 to destroy the local comms jammer.[19]

After AR Team was stranded in Area S03, SF's Jupiter Cannons testing field, Squad 404 was deployed to assist them, and 45 and 9 used a remote outpost East of the area to arrange their infiltration.[20] However, 45 had been infected with Parapluie during their previous mission, enabling Architect to locate the squad and forcing them to target her local base to neutralize the cannons. During 404's harassment attacks, 9 cut all power to the base until Architect left the base and took to the field, leaving the cannons unmanned and enabling 404 to slip away and link up with AR Team and SG M1887Thumb button.pngM1887 .[21] During the time the teams cooperated, 9 acted as moderator to avoid unnecessary conflicts due to 45, 416 and M16's shared past.[22] During the final assault on Architect and Gager's base, 9 handled enemy comms disruption to support AR Team and M1887 Team's assault, but didn't object like 416 did when 45 ordered to abandon M1887's team when the assault plan was disrupted.[23]

Sangvis Ferri's downfall[edit]

After AR Team's mission in Sangvis Ferri Base 0, the drone entrusted with the extracted data was shot down over Area S15 and Persica requested Angelia to deploy Squad 404 to recover the data while the main G&K troops prepared for the joint assault against SF's HQ with the KCCO.[24] In preparation, Angelia had Dier install load-sharing modules in 416 and G11 so they could participate in electronic warfare like 45 and 9,[25] and 9 was tasked with training them in emulated combat and the usage of camouflage keys.[26] Due to 45's Neural Cloud showing signs of instability during prepping, 9 had Dier pay special attention to her vitals during the mission.[27] After it was revealed 45 could be located and monitored by SF forces, 9 and Dier asked to abort the mission, but 45 refused[28] and sent the rest of the team under cover from RF DSR-50Thumb button.pngDSR-50 's team to recover the drone while she distracted Dreamer and Destroyer. While 416, G11 and DSR-50 pinned down Destroyer, 9 recovered the drone and tracked back to 45's position as she was immobilized after Dreamer's electronic attacks.[29] Using the command module entrusted by 45,[16] 9 led 416 and G11 into 45's Neural Cloud,[1] and managed to mend her processing and pass back the command module to her before the module tapped out all of 9's processing ability.[4]

As they were leaving Area S15 through Area S11, 404 crossed path with the G&K troops evacuating the battlefield of Area S09 and assisted them,[30] expecting a bonus on their pay, but were soon summoned to the battlefield by Angelia to use the chaos and infiltrate the main SF database.[10] 45 placed 9 in charge of identifying physical intrusion points,[31] maintain comms with Angelia during the operation,[32] and, after linking up with Task Force DEFY, to monitor AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1  due to her strange behavior. After noticing M4 had not moved for several minutes, 45 enlisted 9's help to infiltrate M4's Neural Cloud and monitor her transmissions, leaving her to break through her outer defenses, but M4's unusual Neural Cloud was beyond 9's experience and 45 had to take over the entire process or risk 9 being detected and trapped in the network.[33]

After the plan to use M4 as a bait to capture Elisa failed and 45 was downed by heavy damage, 9 shut down all of 45's nonessential systems to evacuate her, then assisted Dier and Kalina in performing emergency repairs at G&K's temporary base. As 416 joined G&K's forward teams to secure a retreat, 9 feared she would choose to go back to G&K and leave 404,[17] but nevertheless reminded her that she should not stay in 404 for 45's sake as 45 herself insisted 416 did not owe her anything.[34] 9 and G11 later, evacuated with 45 while 416 joined the team to rescue Angelia and the Commander.[35][36] (In the alternate bad endings for Continuum Turbulence Chapter 2, 416 joins back G&K and evacuates separately as 9 and G11 are searching for her,[37] or 416 evacuates with 404 but 9 notices that she is unhappy with her decision.[8])

Tallinn and Paldiski[edit]

When 45 went through the dangerous process of patching her body instead of changing it entirely, she named 416 as the squad member who should inherit her command module should her Neural Cloud be irreparably damaged, or 9 if 416 chose to leave the squad.[38] When 404 was hired to monitor M4A1 as she made her way to the Paldiski submarine base with the Commander's troops, 45 had 416 and 9 upgraded with enhanced electronic warfare suites and command protocols so they could more reliably take over her duties, so she could dedicate more resources to defending herself against the attacks aimed at her through her Parapluie infection.[39] With 45's blessing, 9 asked Dier for the best enhancements possible so she could better assist 45.[2] When M4 connected with the Isomer network in Tallinn, 45 and 9 used the connection to enter her Neural Cloud with a backdoor provided by Persica, but once again 9 was forced to abort because she could not keep up with M4's abnormal amount of data.[40] 45 tasked her with monitoring M4's action outside virtual space,[41] then to pass to the Commander the memory data of the inverted forest she extracted from M4 before being cut off from the outside.[42]

After leaving Tallinn, 9 and G11 were put in charge of performing repairs on G&K's stolen KCCO armored train while the rest of Squad 404 and AR Team fought off the KCCO attacks,[43] but she took more time than planned and 45 threatened to switch her Neural Cloud with G11's.[44] At the gates of the Paldiski submarine base, 9 came up with the plan to infiltrate the defensive walls through service tunnels and link up with Task Force DEFY before opening the gates and allowing the G&K troops into the base.[45] After opening the gates, 404 progressed into the base and were confronted by M16A1, who temporarily forced 45 in Level II before 9 pulled her back.[46] M16 continued to attack 45's Neural Cloud in search of her memories of the Butterfly Incident and 45 at first refused 9's help due to the risk of viral contamination, but eventually had to accept her help and both managed to break the forced transmission.

After 45 and 416 butted head over 45's true objective in the base, 9 and G11 were tasked to find the nearby jammer preventing them from hacking a locked door, but G11 was abducted by a young Nyto through a hole in a ceiling only 45 could crawl through, forcing 416 to go with 9 instead while 45 searched for G11 instead.[47] After 404 linked up with Ange's team, 9 and G11 were tasked with escorting the young Nytos found by Ange back to G&K's defensive lines while 45 and 416 went to help the Commander against KCCO and Ange's team went deeper into the base to fight Yegor.[48]

After the Paldiski mission, Squad 404 was deployed to the former HQ of Zeratul-Worcester Pharmaceuticals with Anna to investigate the ties between the company and William. 9 quickly got on Anna's bad side during the mission by assisting 45 in playing cruel jokes on her.[49]


In Girls' Frontline 2: Exilium, UMP9 has joined the Commander's PMC under the new name Lenna.[50]

Side stories[edit]

Bounty Feast[edit]

Song of the World costume story[edit]


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