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Assault Artillery

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This article is written from a Lore perspective. It contains spoilers and different reference materials might be contradictory.

The Assault Artillery combat platform (“强铣兵(Assault Artillery)”作战平台) is a type of combat vehicle created to fight ELID infected.[1] It was used against ELIDs during the First Beilan Island Incident,[2] but later against human targets during World War Three and the First Antarctic War.

The research that would lay the groundwork for Assault Artillery started 60 years before it was conceptualized, as the Soviet Union and the United States started scrambling for relics technology during the Cold War.[3] The need to protect against Collapse Fluid radiation spurred the development of the Weight Bearing system by the United Nations Relic Science Agency, which was used as the base concept for models AA-01 and AA-03 of Assault Artillery.[4] The United Nations Medical Research Institute of the Falkland Islands would become an early site of discoveries on the artificial linkage technology for Assault Artillery.[5]

However, Weight Bearing was not meant for combat operations and engineers ran into problems when trying to reduce weight and optimize the circuitry layout. These problems later spurred the development of the new AAX series,[4] which is the model presumably used during World War Three. Assault Artillery indirectly participated in the development of Tactical Dolls, as the innovative TD-01 model of Westchester United Electronics Manufacturing Company was developed specifically to replace human test pilots for experimental Assault Artillery platform.[6]

Four AA-02 “Sinner” Assault Artillery bipedal armored assault platforms were used by KCCO during the Paldiski Base events.[7]