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MDR Story Quotes Live2D

For MDR's story prior to joining Griffin & Kryuger, see Kuro/Story and Kuro/Profile.


MDR is a high-energy and social Doll who likes playing video games, gossiping on Grifchan, live streaming with her drone camera and generally causing chaos (which often ends badly for her). Despite her quirks, she has electronic warfare skills[1] and RF Lee-EnfieldLee-EnfieldLee-Enfield described her as "an exemplary T-Doll".[2]

She mostly uses an old-school flip phone, which is "her most prized possession".[3]

Story Involvement[edit]

MDR does not appear in the main story, save for a mention in 8-1N about her dissing forums being cleaned of leaked intel about a sensitive mission, leaving only her messages singing the praise of bullpup designs.

During HG MakarovMakarovMakarov's Neural Upgrade, MDR streams on Grifchan her investigations on a strange creature roaming the base doing chores while avoiding cameras, which is the industrial robot Aelita saved by Makarov.[4]

Seasonal Events[edit]

Far Side of the Sea[edit]

MDR makes an appearance in the seasonal summer event, despite not partaking in the mission proper. She appears during a flashback scene, where she is seen tinkering with her phone in her room. She suddenly sneezes, and comments that she should have turned her biological response functions off. But then she realizes that someone might be thinking of her, adding that it would be a plus if it was the Commander. She expresses disappointment upon learning that it was RF R93R93R93, who asks that MDR return the sunglasses she borrowed some time ago.

MDR learns that R93 will be heading out with a group of dolls for a mission on a deserted tropical island. R93 wonders aloud why MDR doesn't seem too jealous of the dolls going on the operation, to which MDR responds that she is more curious about something else related to the island itself. She mentions that there is a legend of a 'luck-changing treasure' being somewhere on the island, and brings up that there's a thread post 10 pages long about it on Grifchan. R93, who is obsessed with luck and chance, has her interest piqued after MDR says that the treasure can write off bad luck and bring good fortune for the rest of one's life. MDR wishes R93 the best of luck in finding the treasure.

Bounty Feast[edit]

After seeing the files for the retro game The Division circulating on Grifchan while work is scarce, MDR decides to unlock all the achievements and starts playing nightly with AR RFBRFBRFB, but they can't get past a certain mission and MDR is losing interest. RFB still wants to beat the game and decides to find 22 other players to make a full team. To motivate players, the two Dolls announce a tournament for the game with a ten million dollars cash prize on Grifchan.

On the day of the tournament however, they run into sudden disconnects and can't participate.[5] In the end, they only manage to join after the battle is finished.[6]

The Photo Studio Mystery[edit]

The Commander receives a work request to investigate an abandoned mansion said to be haunted. After MDR investigates and finds that strange noises can be heard from the area, they decide to send her as part of a team led by RF Lee-EnfieldLee-EnfieldLee-Enfield with AR Type 56-1Type 56-1Type 56-1 and SMG G36CG36CG36C.[7] MDR happily accepts the chance to take a paranormal picture.[8]

After meeting HG TokarevTokarevTokarev, MG PKPKPK, SMG Sten MkIISten MkIISten MkII and SMG PPSh-41PPSh-41PPSh-41 who entered the mansion to keep from the rain, they realized they could not communicate with the outside. Lee tasked MDR to perform electronic warfare and investigate while the other Dolls replaced the fuse shot by a storm,[9] but when they came back MDR had crashed due to an attack on her Neural Cloud.[2] The culprit, an IA continuing the work of its master after their death, used MDR's encyclopedic memory of rumors about every Doll at Griffin to take control of G36c until it was discovered by Lee-Enfield. MDR was furious that Lee took her phone for her investigations.[3]

Butterfly in a Cocoon[edit]

On Halloween night, MDR is hosting a scary storytelling session with HG SpitfireSpitfireSpitfire, SG Type 97 ShotgunType 97 ShotgunType 97 Shotgun and AR Super SASSSuper SASSSuper SASS, starting with a story about the ghost of the theater actor Miss Passadou, said to have died during a fire at a nearby theater a year prior. When the group is kicked out of the activity room since MDR forgot to book it, she brings her companions and streaming gear to the ruins of the theater,[10] but she gets deathly afraid and runs away when she mistakes an holographic projection of Passadou for a ghost.[11]

After Spitfire turns off the holograms, MDR continues her livestream, telling the story of Passadou to the viewers, while the others start exploring the theater. When MDR realizes they have disappeared, she goes backstage to search for them and find the remains of an AH400 Doll, which they suspect to be a body double for Passadou and hack into her Neural Cloud, uncovering the truth behind the incident and how Passadou sacrificed the Doll and her husband to preserve her reputation.[12] But when MDR checks her stream, she realizes that nobody is watching[13] because the real Passadou is confessing her crimes live on another channel hosted by RF TAC-50TAC-50TAC-50.[14]

One Coin Short[edit]

MDR is not seen participating in the Christmas coin exchange event, but reports the events on Grifchan, once warning that two mischievous Dolls are exchanging coins against presents containing rubbish.[15] She also notifies to the event supervisor SG FP-6FP-6FP-6 the painfully loud music being played by RF SuomiSuomiSuomi in the banquet hall.[16]

The Waves Wrangler[edit]

When MG LewisLewisLewis was selected to board the Aegean cruiser as part of a member of the Paula Snow Fan Club, she invited RF M200M200M200, HG Welrod MkIIWelrod MkIIWelrod MkII and HG ThunderThunderThunder, who helped her with the online vote through the end unlike the rest of the Dolls, as well as MDR. Welrod questioned whether MDR had actually put in the effort during the vote but MDR declared she was "an esteemed member of the gossip club, an exceptional camerawoman, and a multi-purpose, must-have Doll at any meet-and-greet", and helped Lewis recreating scenes from Paula Snow's movies.[17]

When Paula Snow appeared in the flesh, chased by illegally armed security robots, the Dolls got involved and MDR planned to wipe the memories of the robots to cover their tracks until Thunder threw them into the sea.[18] In a display of professionalism Welrod found uncharacteristic, MDR agreed with Lewis to investigate mafia presence on board for the passenger's safety and was put in charge of electronic support, hacking into the CCTV to warn the other Dolls of incoming passengers while they investigated cabins.[19]

After they neutralized the criminals and Paula Snow made away with the diamond she was targeting as a lady thief, the Dolls and especially MDR thoroughly enjoyed the free desserts and full access to first-class facilities the captain offered them as thanks.[20]

Notebook Stories[edit]

Rise of the Witches (Spirit Trap costume)[edit]

Sweets and Surprise (Cocktail Observer costume)[edit]

The Commander brings MDR among other Dolls as part of the security detail for a cocktail party, hoping that exposing her to high society will set a good example to correct her attitude. But MDR's perception of cocktail parties has been skewed by watching too many action movies, and she ends up complaining that there is no violence or gossip-worthy events to livestream, and isn't interested in starting a career as a gourmet streamer by raiding the buffet. While checking the online posts of other Doll attendants on her phone, MDR detects an IFF jammer nearby and traces it back to AR AK-12AK-12AK-12.

Partly for the excitement and partly for her job as a security agent, MDR confirms that AK-12 has not been screened at the entrance. She discreetly tries to take a picture of her but is instantly seen and must retreat. She then runs into AN-94 and sees that she is recorded as a Griffin Doll on the attendance list despite never having seen her. Taking advantage of AN-94's awkwardness, MDR insists to take a picture with her and is about to upload it to Grifchan to check her identity when the Commander notices them and clear the DEFY Dolls of suspicion while clearly displaying their lack of trust in them. The covert nature of the DEFY Dolls appeals to MDR, who recognizes fellow creators of chaos.

Tailing her, MDR catches AK-12 talking the Commander into playing a round of Texas Hold 'Em. The Commander is about to deny them but MDR intervenes and convinces the Commander to let the Griffin Dolls defend their honor against DEFY's provocations, and proclaims herself a member of AK-12 and AN-94's team for a three-on-three against AR K2K2K2, RF G28G28G28 and RF M99M99M99. AK-12 refuses MDR's help at first as she believes she could have convinced the Commander without her help, but MDR reveals how AK-12 snuck into the party by hiding into AN-94's luggage and AK-12 becomes interested enough in her to grant her exclusive filming rights to the events.

Before the game, MDR hurriedly reviews the rules and techniques of Texas Hold 'Em, realizing too late she didn't know of to play, and ultimately decides to rely on cheating by using her drone to film the table. She eliminates K2 and declares herself Goddess of Gambling to her stream, but the Commander takes down the drone and calls out her cheating, kicking her from the game.

In the weeks following the party, MDR sets up poker games at the Griffin base but ends up owing money to scary Dolls such as SMG ThompsonThompsonThompson and having to beg for stream donations to pay them off. The Commander also assigns her to be RF TAC-50TAC-50TAC-50's roommate so she can rein her in.[21]


In The Undead Dolls, MDR dubs RF PSG-1PSG-1PSG-1 "the unluckiest noob monster in history" on Grifchan after she fails to scare most of her targets.[22]

In White Album, in the aftermath of the rowdy Valentine's Day banquet, after HG StechkinStechkinStechkin's Grifchan post about a mysterious woman in the Commander's room at night[23] was censored, MDR quickly reuploaded it with a clickbait title and earned herself a five-day ban.[24]

Bookshelf of Memories[edit]

In Becoming a Star, MDR invites the "Morningstar" band made of HG P38P38P38, SMG Spectre M4Spectre M4Spectre M4 and HG HK45HK45HK45 to livestream with her after their debut performance gathers the attention of the Griffin base.[25]

At the start of Her Smile, MDR attempts to quickly take a picture as Kalina passes out from overwork at the cafe and is instantly shot down and sent to get help by RF SpringfieldSpringfieldSpringfield.[26] As usual, she is the first customer to enter the cafe the day AR G36G36G36 swaps jobs with Springfield, but she quickly retreats when she realizes the situation.[27] She does the same the next day, keeping to her habit of trying to get the drop on any unusual event during opening, and is frightened to see G36 again, but this time Springfield announces the new menu G36 will be helping with. MDR quickly spreads the word online about the event and tries to order extras to resale in case they were limited items.[28]

Mail - Yo! Surprised? It's me, MDR![edit]

Good morning, Commander! Well? Aren't you surprised to find that I'm the first Doll to wish you a Happy New Year today?
Haha! So am I!
You know, the competition among us Dolls for who gets to send you the first felicitation is really fierce.
It's not like I didn't want to do it, I just thought I wouldn't stand a chance fighting against the others.
The catfight can get pretty crazy...
But who would've thought that this year... A tried to sabotage B, B tried to sabotage C, C tried to sabotage A... It was every Doll for herself, and it turned into a stalemate.
In the end, Miss Springfield went down the list of applicants, and haha! The chance somehow got passed down to me! Those absolute dorks! I suppose when lions fight, it really is the wolf that dines well!
Oh, I was so busy laughing at them I almost forgot the point of this message.
Happy Chinese New Year, Commander!
Now hand over the red packet!



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