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Story Involvement[edit]

The Photo Studio Mystery[edit]

Far Side of the Sea[edit]

MDR makes an appearance in the seasonal summer event, despite not partaking in the mission proper. She appears during a flashback scene, where she is seen tinkering with her phone in her room. She suddenly sneezes, and comments that she should have turned her biological response functions off. But then she realizes that someone might be thinking of her, adding that it would be a plus if it was the Commander. She expresses disappointment upon learning that it was RF R93Thumb button.pngR93 , who asks that MDR return the sunglasses she borrowed some time ago.

MDR learns that R93 will be heading out with a group of dolls for a mission on a deserted tropical island. R93 wonders aloud why MDR doesn't seem too jealous of the dolls going on the operation, to which MDR responds that she is more curious about something else related to the island itself. She mentions that there is a legend of a 'luck-changing treasure' being somewhere on the island, and brings up that there's a thread post 10 pages long about it on Grifchan. R93, who is obsessed with luck and chance, has her interest piqued after MDR says that the treasure can write off bad luck and bring good fortune for the rest of one's life. MDR wishes R93 the best of luck in finding the treasure.