Griffin Recollection/Shining Star

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Griffin Recollection C121.jpeg

Featured T-Doll[edit]

Old Dream Star Stone Reward[edit]

Point Reward Image Details
50 Concert Ticket

Avatar icon
C121 Avatar.png It doesn't have any value right now, but it will shine someday.
150 First Live Performance Memorial Poster

Furniture (wall)
C121 Furniture.png No matter how long has passed, they will always remember that moment. All their efforts had been worth it for that moment when they stood on stage, their hearts filled with dreams, anticipation and passion.
250 Gilded Namecard

ID card background
C121 Cardbackground.png Even if you're not all that famous, your namecard needs to look good. Who knows when it'll end up becoming a limited edition deluxe item that your fans will buy at a high price?
400 Cheering Lightstick

C121 Cosmetic.png An employer is not obliged to support their employees' dreams, but if you're willing...
500 Morning Star

Friends talk
C121 Friendstalk.png Unlocks the girls' private conversation when they took their group photo. After completing the proper group photo placement, you can return to the main base screen to listen to it.