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MDR Story Quotes Live2D

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition あらら~ あんたは指揮官だ! グリフィンタレコミ掲示板ではなかなか有名人! 後で写真撮ってアップしてもいい?Play Oh my? You're the Commander! You're famous on the Griffon Anonymous Message Board! Can I take a picture of you to upload on there later?
Secretary 「ブルパップこそがアサルトライフルの究極形だ! 反論無用!」 …送信!Play [Bullpup is the ultimate form of assault rifle! Don't @ me.] ...Send!
この携帯は通販で買って、自分で改装したものたんだ。どう?指揮官でも見たことのないタイプだろう? ボタンは引き金を引くみたいに、さっぱりした感じがするぞ。Play I bought this phone off of the internet and modded it myself. What do you think? Never seen a phone like this before, have you, Commander? The buttons feel just as awesome as a trigger!
「こわい! まさか指揮官にこんなことをするなんて…!」 …事情をしないと、送信するぞ!Play [I'm scared! I didn't think the commander would do this sort of thing to me...!] ...I'll hit "send" if you don't stop!
Secretary (post OATH)
つうかさ… 昨日の釣りスレはまた指揮官からしかレスがなかったんだよ… まぁっ、まさか私に同情しているわけじゃないよね?!
Hey... how come only you replied to my bait thread again yesterday... Y-You weren't taking pity on me, were you?!
Oh my, are you really serious, Commander? If the Anonymous Message Board gets wind of this, they'll surely think this is just an urban legend. Let me take a photo so those idiots will have nothing left to question~
Greeting 指揮官、何か新しいネタあるんすか?Play Commander, is there anything new going on?
T-Doll Produced 「昇進者が来たよ! つかえるかどうか見てみる?」 …送信!Play [A promoter has arrived! Wanna see if she'll be useful?] ...Send!
Joining an echelon 戦友だから、後は相互フォローをよろしくね…Play 'Coz we're both battle buddies, let's follow each other's accounts.
Enhancement 私の限界を試すつもり?Play Do you intend to test my limits?
Dummy-linking えへへ… これで掲示板のアカウントがもっとつかえるよ。Play Ehehe... This way I can use more message board accounts.
Logistics (start) 遠征の最新情報を知りたいなら、掲示板の生放送で見よう。Play If you wanna know the latest information on the operation, just check the live broadcast on the message board.
Logistics (end) まって。入港の前にちょっと写真を撮らせて… おけー。Play Wait. Let's take a photo before our arrival... okay.
Autobattle 余裕余裕… 今すぐ片づけるぞ。Play Easy Peasy... I'll finish it right now.
Title 少女前线! ドールズフロントライン!


소녀전선! Girls' Frontline!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission 戦い方を知らない人がいたら、私を見習ってね。Play If there's anyone who doesn't know how to fight, just follow my lead.
Starting a battle 華麗な戦いをやりましょう。掲示板で生放送中だぞ!Play Let's have a splendid battle. Live on the Message Board!
Skill activation おいおい、これは攻撃の内に入らないぞ。よく見よう!Play Hey hey, this isn't going into the attack. Watch closely!
この程度で済むと思うなよ!Play I don't think that was enough!
こりゃあフォロワーが何人増えるかなぁ?Play I wonder how many followers I'll get after this?
Heavily damaged あらら~戦況は不利かな?皆にシェアしようか?Play Oh my~, so this battle situation really is disadvantageous? Should I share it?
Retreat やれやれ、掲示板の奴にすごい叩かれた。Play Good grief, I just got beat up by these guys on the message board.
MVP 「また勝つんだ~ギャハハハー~勝つ過ぎで困っちゃうよ~」……送信!Play [I won again~, kyahaha~! ~Winning too much can get you in trouble~] ...Send!
Restoration 「こいこい、ルーキども。このベテランが戦術修理を教えてあげるぞ。」 …送信!Play [Come here, rookies. This veteran will teach you tactical repair.] ...Send!
Attack Play

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween 指揮官...人形の幽霊って見たことある?ネットにそういう写真があるんだよ。でも幽霊と人形はどう見分けるんだろう?Play Commander...have you ever seen the ghost of a doll before? You can totally find them on the net. Then again, how do you tell the difference between a ghost and a doll?
Christmas 「クリスマスプレゼントゲット!羨ましいだろう?」…送信!え?指揮官、まだ「…」してないの?早く早く!Play [Getting my Christmas present! Ya jealous?] ...Send! Huh? Commander, you still haven't found a present to give me? Hurry up, hurry up!
New Year's Day 新年は国によって日付は違うっすよ。今使ってる西暦は古代ローマからのもので。最初はたった十ヶ月だったんだ。その時のローマ人は、三月の新年を祝ってたらしいっす。


The calendar used depends on the country. The one we currently use was derived from ancient Rome. At first, there were only 10 months. It seems that Rome at that time celebrated the new year in March.
Valentine's day きゃははは~!指揮官は本当に人気者だね~。掲示板には指揮官に贈ったチョコの写真がいっぱい乗ってるよ~


Kyahahaha~! The Commander really is popular~. I'll post lots of pics of all the chocolates you received on the image board~
Tanabata 指揮官見ろ!ネットで織姫と彦星の写真があるんだ。これに願えば…きっと適うよね?!


Commander, look! There's pics of Vega and Altair on the net! It's your wish... to do this right?!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
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