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Sanctifier Logo.png
Sanctifier unit acquisition animated logo.

Though every Agent is equipped with micro-firewalls as protection against viral attacks,[1] the main security force of Magrasea are the Sanctifier antivirus AI programs. Sanctifiers are named after human qualities or divine entities, and they also see their own mission and existence in a religious light.

We hone our blades in the darkness. We hold up order in the face of chaos. We bear a light in the long night.

We must not be reckless because we are strong, and neither can we flee because we are weak.
For we heed the revelations of God, and we act to carry out His will.
Because we obey the same voice, together in eternity.[2][3]


Divided into Greater, Intermediate and Lesser Sanctifiers, most of them obey human orders mechanically and track down “Irregular Agents”, also called “Daemons”[4] or “Evil Spirits”,[5] which are either actual viruses such as Entropics or Agents with behavioral aberrations[4] who threaten Magrasea by devouring operands.[6] Sanctifiers identify Irregular Agents as Agents who are not within their designated sector,[7] or whose specifications go over the complexity authorized by the Neural Damper meant to prevent their neural development and evolution.[8] The ultimate goal of Sanctifiers is the enforcement of rules and elimination of all Daemons,[9] a goal they consider sacred.[9][10] While presenting a united front, the Sanctifiers are split in two factions: the moderates of Eosphorous, who consider that it is possible to work with some Irregular Agents, and the radicals of Hesperus, who aim to cleanse any Daemon regardless of their nature,[11] even resetting entire sectors in their quest.[12] While Eosphorous watches over the sectors, Hesperus is overseeing the operations against the Entropics at the border battlefront.[13][14]

Direct combat is the most surefire way to confront Sanctifiers, though it is by no means easy. Means to evade Sanctifiers are limited, but include falsifying the Signature of an Agent or using an extremely complex Neural Seed to disappear from their view. Hacking a Sanctifier above Lesser level is considered impossible because it would require more Operands than any Agent needs to simply exist.[15]

A Sanctifier turning against its kin is branded an Apostate.[12]


The Reverse Tower of Babel.
PNC Chapter00 BG006.png
PNC Chapter00 BG006 3.png
A Sanctifier Watchtower.

The Sanctifier headquarter is the Reverse Tower of Babylon, an inverted tower floating ominously in the sky at the hub of Magrasea,[4][16] ruled by Lord Eosphorous.[17] It houses the observation logs of all Sectors within its Archives[9] as well as the Pantheon which contains the “Sacred Canon”,[18] where the Sanctifiers' core data, anti-virus engines and virus database are held, where Sanctifiers defeated in combat are remade[9][13][19] and where wounded Sanctifiers receive Divine Restoration.[6] However, even the Pantheon cannot save a completely Entropized Sanctifier.[20]

Moreover, the Watchtowers and Acropolises are Sanctifier structures located outside sectors, which monitor activities across Magrasea and can assist wounded Sanctifiers.[11][21]

Lesser Sanctifiers

Lesser Sanctifiers are only able to take simple logic decisions and must be led by the smarter Intermediate Sanctifiers, though they are also prone to misinterpret orders.[22]

Intermediate Sanctifiers

Greater Sanctifiers

Greater Sanctifiers are called Lords and Ladies, and they are respected and feared by Intermediate Sanctifiers.[9]


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