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Full name Patience
Affiliation Sanctifier
Class Specialist
Artist Unknown

Patience is a Lesser Sanctifier enemy in Project Neural Cloud. There is an Entropic version of this enemy.

Stats / Data[edit]

Patience is classified as Melee, AoE, Evasive.

  • Survival Instinct - Basic Dodge increased by 25%. For every ally units fallen in battle, Dodge Rate is increased by 10% and Hashrate is increased by 30%, up to 4 stacks.
  • Rapid Slashes (6s) - Slashes at a random enemy, dealing Physical Damage equal to 150% Hahsrate to the target and all enemies along the path. Units damaged by this skill has their ATK reduced by 25% for the next 5 seconds.


Patiences appear as advanced enemies in Sanctifier-centric stage.