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Girls' Frontline Concerts

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Girls' Frontline Orchestra

2018 illustration by Artist:多元菌.

A symphonic concert of Girls' Frontline Original Soundtrack took place at the Shanghai Oriental Art Center on 19 October 2018.[1][2] Another concert took place in Japan at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre on 8 August 2019,[3] the first Vanguard Sound concert in Japan.[4] Exclusive merch like Griffin & Kryuger pendants were sold during the events.

2018 concert Dolls instruments:

2019 concert Dolls instruments:

Gunblaze Jam

A live concert of Girls' Frontline ECHOES titled Gunblaze Jam with the voice actresses of HK416, G11, UMP40, UMP45, MDR and SPAS-12 was set to take place at the Hulic Hall in Tokyo on 27 June 2020 but was cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic.[5] The event was replaced by an online live titled Operation Calling on 18 December 2020.

Gunblaze Jam artwork.jpg

Girls' Frontline Music Festival

Music Festival 2023 splash.jpg

This two-hours live performance took place at the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center with broadcast on Bilibili in the evening of 15 July 2023. Exclusive goodies for those attending in person included inscriptions to the third closed beta for Girls' Frontline 2: Exilium, SMG RO635Thumb button.pngRO635 's “Monochrome Jungle Bird” costume, AR QBZ-191Thumb button.pngQBZ-191 -branded Moondrop wireless earbuds, and various articles of merchandising.[6] A new gameplay video for Girls' Frontline 2 was revealed at the end of the concert.[7]