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Base Facility
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Organization Overview



Dormitory is the living place for all Griffin personnel. Whenever they aren't on a mission, they usually can be found here doing anything they like; be it talking with their roommate or simply sleeping. Dormitory will display the occupant, guest, and Commander avatar. They can interact to each other through simple gesture and emoji bubbles.

Gameplay-wise, Commander can interact with characters displayed there, like picking up and dragging them around. Commander can also pops the heart bubble to raise their affection which can be done once a day.

Two dormitories are available at the beginning. Additional rooms can be unlocked by purchasing the infrastructure through the shop, up to 14 rooms. Commander can only purchase additional room equal to the number of echelon slots available.

General Feature[edit]

Dorm Customization[edit]

Commander can customize how each dormitory looks with available furniture and pet. Furniture can be obtained through procurement or event reward, while pet can be adopted from rescue station or event reward. Decorating dormitory doesn't only make it looks better, but only raise the comfort level, which will determine the battery regeneration speed.


Commander can offer gift the occupant with various item. Commander can give costume, raising their level via combat reports, or raising their affection with dessert.

  • Receiving desserts and costumes will increase T-dolls Affection in various degree. Battle Reports won't affect Affection;
  • Desserts can be obtained by returning furniture (by clicking the "delete" button in warehouse menu). 5-star furniture will yield Strawberry Cheesecake, 4-star Ice Cream Cone, and 3-star Lollipop.

Battery Dispenser[edit]

Every scheduled time, Commander can collect battery generated in the dorm. The amount is tied to the total dorm comfort level. The higher the number is, the faster the battery will be regenerated.

Friend Visit[edit]


Players can obtain furniture, T-doll costumes and gifts from Procurement.

  • There are two kinds of Gacha pool: Event pool with 10 Item Token.png for each draw and 100 Item Token.png for 11 draws; Regular pool with 6 Item Token.png for each draw and 60 Item Token.png for 11 draws;
  • Neither pool has a guarantee policy;
  • Draws from Event pool will have an additional Exchange Coupon. Exchange Coupons can be used in exchange for all furniture and certain T-doll costume in current Event pool. Exchange Coupons will be converted into procurement coins in a ratio of 1:1 at the end of each Procurement Event;
  • Draws from Regular pool won't result in additional Exchange Coupon;
  • With the v1.12 update, players will have an additional ID Avatar as giveaway for a 11-draw.

Drop rates[edit]

According to an official statement[1] the drop rates are as follows.

3-Star 4-Star 5-Star T-Doll costume
54% 36% 8% 2%

V1.12 Update[edit]

With v1.12 update, Dormitory now has two additional rooms: Rescue Station and Data Room, and one new currency Battery. Players can use batteries to upgrade various facilities and purchase certain items.

  • Players can find a condenser in their displaying dorm (usually Dorm no.1, but can be set to other dorms) from 11:00 ~ 14:00 and 17:00 ~ 20:00 GMT+8, and from that condenser Batteries can be collected.
  • The capacity of the condenser is based on the amount of the dorms players unlocked. Capacity = Amount of unlocked dorm x 80. [2] Uncollected batteries can be stored in condenser until it reaches its limit.
  • Condenser gets recharged during down time. The amount of batteries you can get from condenser is depended on dorm's overall cosiness level. Battery Amount ≈ 40+10 x Number of unlocked dorm + (overall cosiness level/2000 ). Players can collect 1/3 of that amount during 17:00 ~ 20:00, and full amount during 11:00 ~ 14:00.[2]
  • As for v1.12 update, Dorm no.9 and no.10 are bugged. They don't contribute in battery recharge.[2]


Uses of batteries:

  1. Upgrade facilities in Rescue Station, Data Room and Fairy Lodge;
  2. Used by Kalina to write Combat Reports or Special Combat Reports. 3 batteries for each report;
  3. Purchase Pets. 600 batteries for each pet.

Ways to obtain batteries:

  1. Collect from your own dorm, collect them from recharge tank in the dorm set to visitors at 11:00-14:00, 17:00-20:00, and 22:00-01:00 UTC-8 (server time);
  2. Collect from friends' dorm. Maximum 10 times a day;
  3. Daily quest No.27.

Social System[edit]

Players can visit other people's dorm. The secretary of players' choosing or the commander's avatar will be their representative in other's dorm.

  • When visiting other's dorm, players can choose to leave a "Like" and have 10 friendship points in return. Up to 100 friendship points can be earned this way daily.
  • Players can also collect batteries from their friends' dorm by visiting them. The amount of batteries one can collect from a friend is dependant on the amount of dorms one's friend unlocked[3]. Players can collect batteries from friends up to 10 times daily. Collectable batteries replenish at 03:00 and 15:00 GMT +8 everyday. Player A can only collect once from player B due to recent bug fix, and each player could be only collected by ten different player 10 times per reset.

Fairy Lodge[edit]

Once players have unlocked their first fairy, the Fairy Lodge will be available for upgrading Fairy mechanics.

Fairy Room Facilities
Facility Functions
Mountain Fortress Used to unlock higher facility levels
Train Station Increase Regeneration Rate (x points in y hours) of Fairy Energy
Warehouse Increases the Fairy Energy Storage limit
Weather System Increases Fairy Experience conversion rate

Upgrade requirements are listed as following,

Level Time to level up Batteries required (Mountain Fort) Batteries required (All other stations)
Lv. 0-1 0:01 10 5
Lv. 1-2 0:05 75 50
Lv. 2-3 0:30 150 100
Lv. 3-4 1:00 225 150
Lv. 4-5 2:00 300 200
Lv. 5-6 4:00 375 250
Lv. 6-7 8:00 525 350
Lv. 7-8 12:00 675 450
Lv. 8-9 18:00 900 600
Lv. 9-10 24:00 1200 800

Associated Quest[edit]

  • Daily Quest No.27: Collect batteries from friends dorms five times. Reward: 20 batteries, 10 Commander Experience.


  • It is unclear why Kalina needs batteries to type reports.
  • The need for Battle Reports is so high that it sparked the "Overworking Kalina" joke.