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There's nothing here, really.

My work primarily revolves around checking and updating the Japanese quotes for the dolls, and sometimes adding the partial English translation for them as well. When the new VA batch is released, that would be the busiest time for me. That being said, I'm still learning, so mistakes are unavoidable. Often I put the wrong kanas or kanjis or missing a few words since I couldn't hear what they say properly, especially on the doll that doesn't speak clearly or have weird or annoying accent. Yeah, kanji sucks.

Most of the dolls have their Japanese and English quotes filled for now, except for those who still waiting for the next VA batch. Recently I found new toy to play with, a template to add furigana that appears on top of the kanjis. I think that would came in handy, so I decided to try adding them as well. I'll do it little by little.

Been playing this game for years now. So far, I only oathed one doll named AR G36Thumb button.pngG36  on 17 July. She's one of the reason I started playing this game, though I needed around 7 months to obtain and maxed her everything before I could ring her. I want to get more copies of her, so I can put every single skin that she has for each of them. There's no plan to ring any other doll from now, as I'd rather use my diamond to buy her skin or upgrading the infrastructures.

You can find me on Wiki Discord under the same name. And if you're willing to lend a hand to contribute to this wiki, that would be a great help.

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