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Full name Meryl
Affiliation Magrasea
Voice actor -TBA-
Artist Unknown

"I can't sleep yet, I still have work to do..."

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Meryl is the administrator of Sector Burbank of Magrasea. When the Magrasea backup was cut from the real world in 2060, she progressively shut down all activities until the “Sleepless City” became completely inactive, since there was no human to entertain anymore,[1] but found motivation again after Kuro's arrival in the city.


Meryl has a very down-to-earth vision of entertainment, thinking its role is to distract humans from their natural state of unhappiness.[2] In spite of this, she is a dedicated producer who is not afraid of revising scripts on the fly to make a show more entertaining.

Character Info

Meryl was originally a Doll who organized the indirect murder of a man who was using her romantic relationship with a human to harm their reputation. She was supposed to be scrapped after the incident, but her lover instead helped her survive by uploading her Neural Cloud into Magrasea shortly before it was taken offline. Eosphorous shared this story with the Professor while leaving Meryl's name out, but they eventually figured Meryl's identity due to her knowledge of the outside world. Meryl could however not provide any hard leads on the true nature of the Wipe-Off Incident due to her memories being sealed.[3]

Story Involvement

Meryl helped Nanaka set up her concerts in Magrasea after she joined Project Neural Cloud, though she failed to gather any audience.[4] After Nanaka became stranded due to the Wipe-off Incident, Meryl helped her again by concealing her Signature as a Burbank Resident Agent,[5] giving her the designation KTV Agent 7.[2]

After Kuro's arrival in Burbank, Meryl ignored her antics even as she started reactivating parts of the city and damaged her Admin Center when fighting Reverence.[6] She however accepted to exchange the entirety of Kuro's savings in exchange for reactivating the entirety of Burbank to advertise Nanaka's concert and gather the necessary bonuses to beat Reverence.[7]

Meryl found interest in entertainment again after these events, and started production on a new Mysterious Warrior tokusatsu show. After Sol mistook the shooting of an episode for a real battle, Nascita ad-libbed her into an unplanned character, but Meryl was pleased by the freshness of the impromptu change to the script and invited Sol as second lead role.[8] After the Entropic incident in Burbank was resolved, Meryl officially pledged to help Oasis.[3] During the massive Entropic attack on Oasis-aligned sectors, Meryl monitored the Sanctifiers movements on behalf of Oasis.[9]



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