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Romy Riefenstahl

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Romy Riefenstahl
Romy Riefenstahl
Full name Romy Riefenstahl
Affiliation Stasi
Voice actor -TBA-
Artist Unknown

Romy Riefenstahl (罗密•蕾芬斯塔尔) is the director of the German Stasi under the orders of Minister of Defense Schweinsteiger, and K, J and Q's boss.

Story Involvement

Riefenstahl replaced Erich Meyer as the director of the Stasi[1] at the end of September 2064.[2] At the time, the Stasi had lost most of its prestige after an undisclosed incident decades earlier, and directors changed as frequently as state scandals occurred.[3]

Soon after getting into her new position, she caught agent J illegally trespassing on the scene of the fight between Paradeus and Task Force DEFY in Neu Tempelhof,[4] firing him from the Stasi and confiscating the experimental Galatea Pharmaceuticals medicine bottle he had found, arguing it didn't prove the involvement of Galatea in the incident.

J's expulsion was very short-lived, as K quickly convinced Riefenstahl to keep J in the Stasi to make up for their growing lack of manpower and assign him to investigate the sudden closing of Galatea laboratories. In exchange, she assigned to J a Doll she had recently hired as a supervisor, Mona.[5] The job enabled J to meet Nele, who became his insider at Galatea.[6]

Some days later, Riefenstahl sent K, J and Mona on “Mission Neo”, a job to find a truck that had mysteriously vanished from the Berlin Autobahn.[7] After Mona discovered the truck was used by Galatea, J managed to obtain information through Nele, but all his data on the case was deleted from his computer. Riefenstahl, claiming to have obtained her own leads, accused him of botching operational security and took the case from the team. J suspected she hadnt meant for them to find the Galatea connection to the case and passed his intel to the Commander,[8] who located the truck and later seized the Iaso's Boxes it transported at Berlin Airport.[9]

After Umruss was eliminated by a Paradeus sniper and Mona heavily damaged when K and J confronted him without permission about the truck's cargo, Riefenstahl fired J and K for getting a key suspect killed.[10] She placed J on house arrest, under Mona's watch during her rehab.[11] J again convinced Mona to let him act against orders after organizing the infiltration of a Galatea plant with a group of Stasi allies, using intel from MG RPK-16RPK-16RPK-16.[12]

While J's party infiltrated the plant, expecting the Commander's help, the Griffin party was in fact diverted to another plant where they met Riefenstahl, who was inspecting the dismantlement of Paradeus equipment. Riefenstahl revealed that Paradeus worked as mercenaries for the German Ministry of Defense and the existence of two plants, enabling Griffin forces to rush to the second plant and save J from Bramedb. Riefenstahl understood that the massacre of a Stasi team in the Ministry of Defense's own territory was blackmail from Paradeus to ensure they wouldn't disclose their cooperation, or risk being accused of bloody infighting.[13][14] K suspected Riefenstahl had actually used her own sources of intelligence to engineer her encounter with the Commander and get more intel from them.[3]

After leaving the plant, Riefenstahl reported the situation to Schweinsteiger, who realized J's intel leak to Griffin had spared them the worst case scenario of the Iaso's Boxes making it out of Berlin, though it made them indebted with the Earl and in an uncomfortable position with Minister Oberstein. Riefenstahl was of the opinion that Schweinsteiger could use his political weight to pressure Oberstein instead of appeasing him and that siding with the Earl would be more beneficial, but Schweinsteiger preferred to secure his hard-earned friendship with Oberstein and keep his cards close to chest due to the diminishing budget of his ministry.[15]

Riefensthal reinstated J and K again, but placed them under the Commander, who was considered a consultant to the Stasi, to inspect more Galatea sites in their search for Angelia.[16] Riefenstahl attended the funeral of agent Light, killed during the Neu Tempelhof incident, but from afar as she was neither a long-time Stasi agent nor well-liked at her agency. She summoned the Commander there and gave them a compliment on their field efficiency, and a suitcase containing the Neural cores of AR AN-94AN-94AN-94 and AR AK-15AK-15AK-15, recovered from the site of the incident.[17] While J held a grudge against Riefenstahl, K observed she had been successfully running field intelligence work herself and kept the Stasi out of trouble during the Fireworks Incident, and expected her to last longer than her predecessors.[3]

K subsequently worked on the “Dreambox Case” to uncover the Nyto production lines and concluded Paradeus operations were confined to the Berlin region, but remained undetected, which convinced Riefenstahl that their base of operations was in the Dead Sea. She then greenlit Operation Aeneas to be conducted by Griffin, to keep the Stasi out of the troublesome operation, but was still targeted by Paradeus assassins[18] and used J disguised as herself to shake them off. She also arranged a fake escort mission of Minister Schweinsteiger by the Commander to grant them political protection, while lending them command over Squad Nitrogen, consisting of Mona, No. 9 and Rhino for Aeneas.[19] After receiving a veiled threat from Oberstein,[20] Schweinsteiger ordered Riefenstahl to remain in Berlin instead of joining him in Frankfurt, and she ordered K and J to investigate the Minister's entourage, suspecting someone to be pressuring him. After news of complications with Operation Aeneas reached K and J, Riefenstahl refused to pledge more Stasi assistance but did not prohibit them to take action by other means.[21]



  • Riefenstahl is a German name roughly meaning “bellowing steel”. A famous bearer if this name is Leni Riefenstahl, the woman who directed the best-known pre-World War Two propaganda movies of the Third Reich.