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Stechkin Story Quotes

"We're not at an optimal state yet, commander."

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Neural Upgrade[edit]

Notebook - Mystery of the Bewitching Figure (Miss Camellia's Special Service costume)[edit]

Bookshelf of Memories - Becoming a Star[edit]

Mail - Sweet Morning Greetings on White Day (Love Bakery)[edit]

Dear Commander,
Good morning! Aren't you happy to see me the moment you open the door in the morning? Judging by your look of dismay, I gather you've forgotten to get me a White Day gift? It's okay, I happen to have a wish; I hope you cna make it come true, and I'm sure it'll take you no effort whatsoever!
... D-Don't say no so fast! I'm not asking you to buy all the stuff I have in my shopping cart or to double my salary! There's something more important than money to me... All I want... is your ownership on White Day.
Wow, you agreed to it? So I really own you from head to toe today? Hooray! No backing out, okay? (Opens Grifchan) "Attention to those who want to spend White Day with the COmmander! I'm auctioning off the Commander's time hour by hour to the highest bidder!"
Heheh, I'll be raking in the big money! ... Hm? What's with the scowl? Won't you praise me for my impressive business acumen? Okay, okay, I'll give you 10% of the profit, no more! ... Huh? It's not about the money? What else could be the matter other than money?
Ah, could you be angry because I don't seem to treasure the opprtunity to spend time with you? Heheh, you misunderstand. I've obviously saved some of your time for myself...

Stechkin, who is busy counting money