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Griffin Memories

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Griffin Memories (格里芬往事) is a side-stories system in Girls' Frontline added with version 2.0600 on August 2020. It is the successor to the Notebook costume stories.


Bookshelf of Memories episodes.
  • By tapping on the new furniture Bookshelf of Memories or the new button at the bottom right corner of the screen in the Data Room, Commander can read the records of T-Dolls' past stories.
  • Collect Dream Astralites by completing objectives such as collecting T-Dolls featured in the recollection story, leveling them, increasing their affection and oathing them, and collecting their skins.
  • As you collect Dream Astralites, you unlock new stories and rewards such as furniture and Commander customization, revealing new sides of T-Dolls that were previously unknown.


C121 - Becoming a Star[edit]

P38’s been frustrated recently. Although she’s gained some measure of fame on a certain music site, and even been invited to work with others as a lead singer, upon meeting MDR - the event organizer - for the first time, the former immediately wrote her off as “overly plain”! And so she approaches HK45 in order to become more dazzling...

C122 - Weekend Poker Night[edit]

Not long after completing a mission, Lee-Enfield comes to the Cafe and meets Springfield, who seems to be agonizing over something. Springfield produces a deck of cards and tells Lee that this is the usual weekend poker night for herself and a few other rifle T-Dolls...

C123 - Operation Starchaser[edit]

Team Grizzly prepares a welcoming party for their newest member, AK-Alfa, but things don't quite turn out as they imagine. In order to break the ice, Grizzly decides to give it a little more...

C124 - Her Smile[edit]

One is a spiritual safe harbor, working in the Cafe, another is a reliable adjutant working in the base. Rumors say that Griffin' overall logistics department boasts two super-Dolls who are masters of their respective fields and who work together on occasion. With the two of them around, Griffin's comfortable daily life is assured... But from time to time, curious people have asked - which of them is better?