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Goliath Assimilated
Full name Goliath
Affiliation Sangvis Ferri
Released on CN (歌利亚), TW, KR, EN, JP (ゴリアテ)
Chibi animation

Click the marked area to switch between animations. For details regarding animations, please see Animations on the Wiki.

"Goliath" model automated kamikaze. Nicknamed “Beans” by players.

Sangvis Ferri's kamikaze robots. Previous attempts to keep these models as pets has resulted in disastrous failure.

Stats / Data

  • Classification: Machine
  • Accuracy: N/A
  • Attack range: Contact (1 unit)
  • Health: Moderate ~ High
  • Armor value: N/A
  • Evasion: N/A
  • Movement speed: Moderate


Goliaths first appear in Deep Dive and make a reappearance in Singularity, as well as a cameo in Isomer as "abandoned Goliaths" that can be used to alter the map. Goliaths also make their presence known in Chapter 11. The Chococalorie Bomb variant appears in Love Bakery.


Essentially acting as a damage check, Goliaths are slow-floating units that will explode upon contact after a 1 second delay. The resulting explosive damage will either critically damage an echelon or put them out of commission. The simplest way to clear them is to simply output enough damage to defeat them before they can reach any T-Dolls. Since, these units move predictably in a straight line, easy actions such as repositioning an echelon unit out of a Goliaths' pathing or using stuns and slows to stall any collisions, can be an effective strategy for Commanders with weaker team compositions.

The Goliath+ variant is much more dangerous.

Lore / Story involvement

A Goliath was successfully used by HG MP-446Thumb button.pngMP-446  to fend off Executioner and Scarecrow in her Neural Upgrade story.