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AK-15 Story Quotes

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Elite T-Doll and member of Task Force DEFY. She is seen standing tall and confident with a permanent stern expression. She does not speak often, but when she does her attitude is brash, cold and direct, speaking in short to-the-point sentences. She does not express much of any emotion, but unlike AN-94 who speaks in much kinder words, her favorite subject of conversation is practical issues concerning the operation or preparations for combat. This direct attitude, in combination with her tall stature, has earned her the nickname “the female gorilla” from AK-12.

Main story[edit]

Wolf Pack Project[edit]

AK-15 fights with AR AK-12Thumb button.pngAK-12  to determine the stronger Wolf Pack member.

Paldiski Incident[edit]

AK-15 takes point during Task Force DEFY's fight against Yegor.

Operation Aeneas[edit]