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Jiangyu Story Profile Quotes

Side Stories[edit]


"I can't sleep yet, I still have work to do..."

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Joyful Reunion[edit]

Jiangyu was intended by her design team to be a second Daiyan, skilled in playing classical instruments including the guzheng. However, she was unable to match the performance of her sister, resulting in poor reviews. Daiyan's attempts to console Jiangyu resulted in an argument due to Jiangyu feeling she was holding Daiyan back. Later, Jiangyu regretted her tantrum, but resolved to find a different way of performing on stage compared to her sister. She convinced her manager to cancel the guzheng performances in favor of attempting to land a role in the film industry. Her manager was successful in securing her an audition for an acting role that required guzheng skills. Jiangyu celebrated, before being reminded by her manager that she was at a disadvantage for not being a professional movie Doll and that failure to secure the role would result in the company seriously considering recalling her regardless of Daiyan's protection.

Jiangyu traveled to Canada for the audition, where her manager introduced her to Nascita, who was willing to mentor her and live in the same dorm as part of the crew. Nascita gave Jiangyu recommendations for actor Doll software and modules to install prior to her audition, in addition to several pointers on how to succeed.

Jiangyu successfully passed the first round of auditions and treated Nascita to dinner to celebrate. Jiangyu thanked Nascita for her essential mentorship, with Nascita noting that Jiangyu’s efforts to break into an unrelated field of specialty had inspired her to continue pursuing her dream of landing a heroine acting role. They began to pack their props and costumes prior to heading out for dinner.