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Jiangyu Story Profile Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Morning Play Good morning, Professor! Big Sis always used to say, "A day's meeting starts in the morning" ...Wait a minute, did I get that wrong again?
Afternoon Play Wonderful weather we're having today! Come out and play with me today, Professor! You have work? But staying cooped up indoors all the time is so boring!
Evening Play Let's have instant noodles for dinner tonight; all we need is hot water and a few minutes and... Ah, don't tell Big Sis that I was snacking on instant noodles!
Night Play Are you staying up to watch movies? I want in too! Hm... Why does this scene look so familiar... Wait a minute, isn't this me?!
Main Interface Voice Play Yeeart! Haiyah! Hooah! How do you like my staff skills? Unbeatable, aren't I? Ah, wait! Don't get too close! I'm worried I can't stop in time–
Play I'm back from doing my rounds, Professor! It's okay, I beat up all the Sanctifiers I met. "Did you check if they were friend or foe first?" Um... I just beat them all up, Professor!
Play Has Big Sis been okay lately? She should be pretty happy with how peaceful the Oasis has been.
Play Mmmmmm... My joints are going to rust if I keep sitting here!
Play This way, this way–I'll lead you around!
Interactive Voice Play Stand as straight as a pine; sit as firmly as a bell! You won't push me over that easily!
Play Want to spar with me, Professor?
Play Ehehe~
Relationship Dialogues Play Before I came here, I thought the Oasis would be a boring place, but as it turns out, it's got a full set of facilities. Top marks for that. I particularly like the athletics field; it feels like I won't get tired no matter how many laps I run there. Want to join me for my next morning exercise session? After all, "time spent sharpening your fangs isn't wasted when you're chopping firewood." Wait, did I quote that saying wrong again?
Play When I lived with Big Sis in the past, she kept nagging me with fancy sayings, and over time, they stuck in my head. Well, no, they half-stuck in my head; unfortunately, I'm not as bright as her, heh. I'm not as good at cooking or coordinating my wardrobe as her, and I don't live as fancy a life as she does. Still, I've got strengths of my own; I'm very low maintenance. As long as I have food to eat, a place to stay, and room to run around, I'm content.
Play Eh? I've got work at the Security Department? Are you finally willing to let me lead my own team? This is great! You're the best, Professor! Don't worry, don't worry, I promise I'll listen to instructions, and I won't run around or act hastily! What am I going to do if I run into something suspicious? I'll inform you right away! What will I do if I meet a Sanctifier? I'll try to communicate with them! And if I meet Entropics? Kill them instantly! Ehhhh? That's not right? Wait-wait-wait-wait, let me try again. Give me another chance, just one is fine!
Play Whum– Who's there? Oh, it's you, Professor. Why do you look like you've seen a ghost? Have you forgotten that I started out as a guzheng performer Doll? The thing is, those dorks in Cyber Media were single-mindedly focused on raising my body's agility but forgot to give my neural cloud enough computational space to handle it... Which was why I couldn't take over from Big Sis and ended up being a martial arts actress instead. Do I think it's a shame? Of course not. Rather, I'm glad that I don't have to sit on my ass playing the zither all day long. It's really liberating. It's just that sometimes, I think that if only I'd been able to do my job well, Big Sis' project wouldn't have gotten axed...
Play When I was overseas by myself, I sometimes thought, "What on earth am I even doing on this path?" The thing is, I'm very dumb, so I couldn't come up with an answer no matter how hard I thought. All I did was make myself more frustrated. Things being what they are, there's no going back now; all I can do is walk the path of a martial arts actress to the very end. Fortunately, I've always been good at putting my head down and charging forward at full speed, and now I've got you backing me up, Professor... With that being the case, I'm even more determined to make a name for myself. I'll become number one to show everyone just what I can do, until I'm strong enough to protect anyone I want to protect. Therefore, you need to back me up all the way, okay, Professor?
Moods Play Ahahahaha!
Play Ehhhh?!
Play (Whimper)
Accept Play Got it!
Agree Play I see~
Appreciate Play Awesome!
Feeling Play Not bad!
Oath Play Eh? Is this true... Are you really choosing me? But why me...? (Groans) I probably won't get it even if you take your time explaining it to me... Ahem. In any case, you're saying you want to go forward together with me, right? Don't worry then. Physical strength is one of my few virtues, so... so no matter how far you go or what hellish places you end up visiting, I'll always be there with you, Professor.
Obtain Play Jiangyu, reporting for duty! Hm? You want to know the meaning of my name? Explaining it is too annoying; go ask Big Sis about that!

Neural Cloud


Neural Cloud.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Potential Breakthrough Play My body's becoming more limber!
Neural Expansion Play Pay attention to your speed, power, and technique... I'll remember it all.
Max Neural Expansion
Play Now I'm "unrivaled under heaven!"

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Join Team Play I'm heading out for a walk.
Battle Start Play Let's heat things up!
Ultimate Skill Play My mighty staff sweeps away all before it!
MVP1 Play Give me ten more!
MVP2 Play That was barely enough for a warmup.


I was tricked...


Ehhhh–Don't you have anything that takes place outdoors?

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Christmas Play I've got a little secret for you, Professor... The truth is, Santa Claus is from our country. It's true! You gotta believe me! In the past, when I used to stay with Big Sis, I'd always get Christmas presents, but after I went overseas by myself, I didn't get them anymore!
Halloween Play All manner of ghosts and demons, begone! Hm? I'm dressed like a monster too? But that's all because Big Sis made me wear this outfit. In that case–Get ye gone, you bald old monk! Jiangyu the Jiangshi has arrived!
New Year Play Happy New Year, Professor! Big Sis and I were about to go out to make new year wishes. Want to come with us? I bet we could have a snowball fight or something with you around.
Tanabata Play This is yours, Professor. This is my handmade... er... panda embroidery! I bugged Big Sis to teach me how to make this for three nights straight! Wait, why does it only have one black eye left? (Pout) This stuff is hard...
Valentine Play Here, Professor, this is peanut-and-caramel chocolate, my favorite. They say eating it replenishes your energy quickly, and it's a popular snack down in the studio. Aiyah, don't touch it with your bare hands. You eat it like this–(snap) Here you go, half for you!
Player's Birthday Play Happy birthday, Professor! I wanted to make something yummy for you or go back to my old job and play something on the guzheng for you the way Big Sis would, but neither of those turned out well... So I thought and thought and finally decided to go with something I was good at! This is an autographed data disc containing my debut movie. Want to watch it with me? Just for today, I won't complain one bit, even if I have to keep you company indoors all day long!