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Jiangyu Story Profile Quotes


The CM-ENT line of intangible cultural heritage Dolls was jointly developed by Cyber Media and IESCO, with the CM-ENT 2.0B being an improved model of the CM-2.0A. In light of the characteristics and flaws of the CM-2.0A, Cyber Media improved the CM-2.0B's bodily output and equipped it with a sensor control program which is still covered by confidentiality agreements. These improvements allowed the CM-ENT 2.0B to perform various demanding and high-difficulty maneuvers in order to handle a wider range of performance venues. Meanwhile, its neural cloud was retuned to be more youthful and energetic to fit the more creative performance styles of the contemporary period.

In 2055, Daiyan's company purchased Jiangyu. After some ups and downs, her company decided to have Jiangyu switch careers and handle martial arts films, of which she was much more suited for. In 2056, Jiangyu was nominated for her first award in her film career and then joined Project Neural Cloud the following year.

Doll Profile 1[edit]

The arrival of "Jiangyu" can be traced back to the operational performance of her predecessor model, the CM-ENT 2.0A "Daiyan".

After considering Daiyan's incredibly expensive maintenance costs and shortcomings in handling task loads, the company emphasized a need for improved athletic performance and resilience when placing an order for the CM-ENT 2.0B. Cyber Media engaged a designer with a unique personal style for this project who specially adjusted the new Doll model's activity structure, equipped it with mobility modules featuring enhanced agility, and a load control module to balance its output. The adjusted structure greatly shrank the amount of time needed for upkeep, removing the need for additional maintenance work beyond scheduled inspections, which successfully cut down on servicing costs.

In order to match her up to Daiyan, the designer named the new Doll "Jiangyu" and designated the two of them as sisters. The company's plan was for Jiangyu to reach new audiences by compensating for her elder sibling Daiyan's weaknesses. She was to be responsible for small-scale performances and recitals showcasing innovative musical pieces. However, nobody expected the eccentric practices of Jiangyu's designer. All the newly-added modules took up so much computational space that she did not have enough free processing power to support performances. She did not have Daiyan's surpassing manual dexterity; in fact, her excessive physical output resulted in the destruction of many musical instruments.

Records show that Jiangyu broke 11 guzhengs, 27 boxes of strings, and 5 speakers from the date of her awakening to her final concert, as well as damaging the stage from falls 23 times, a figure which surpassed the previous damage incurred by her entire performance troupe combined.

Doll Profile 2[edit]

After many attempts at placing her in various concert roles, the company finally reached a conclusion: compared to Daiyan, Jiangyu was more inclined towards "performances" rather than "concerts". Jiangyu herself tried to find some way to overcome her weaknesses after many setbacks, but was ultimately unsuccessful.

The turning point came during a corporate publicity concert. As a famous guzheng performer Doll, Daiyan would provide accompaniment for the stage show while Jiangyu was assigned to watch her elder sister from backstage. Unlike previous performances, the theme for this venture was "a tribute to classic moments of film history". The company's performer Dolls immediately captured Jiangyu's attention with their exciting performances and description of life on the film set. After watching the behind-the-scenes shots and actor interviews, Jiangyu felt that a brand new world was opening itself up to her.

After watching classic movies countless times, Jiangyu—who had not enjoyed any success in her career—grew more and more interested in film performances. In addition, after seeing how exhausted her elder sister became from one demanding show after another, something in Jiangyu's neural cloud spoke to her. She wanted to find her own path, even if it was just for the sake of reducing the strain on her sister for having to clean up after her.

It was only after watching a movie character talk about "breaking down, to build back up" did a desire suddenly ignited within Jiangyu—the desire to shift careers. Although the work of an actor diverged greatly from that of a guzheng player, Jiangyu was still willing to try and travel down this path. In order to avoid causing her sister to worry about her, Jiangyu submitted her request for reassignment to the company in secret.

Doll Profile 3[edit]

It was not easy for a Doll to gain an opportunity to develop in a new direction, but after considering Jiangyu's purchase price and their prospects of recovering their investment in her, the company finally relented and gave Jiangyu a chance. Soon, Jiangyu received a notification that she would be reassigned to Canada as a "rookie actress".

Due to a mismatch between her design concept with her new vocation, Jiangyu encountered some difficulties during her first foray into acting circles. However, this was where her motivation and positive mindset helped support her; to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with her big sister, Jiangyu persevered through countless trials until she was finally given a role of her own.

Jiangyu's initial appearance on the silver screen was not received well. It was hard for a Doll with no prior history in entertainment circles, and one who had changed careers halfway at that, to win the trust of others. When a competitor leaked a video of Jiangyu's less-than-glorious guzheng recitals on media websites, the critics were united in doubting her: could such a reckless and clumsy Doll truly handle the challenges of being an actress?

However, the previews of Jiangyu's debut film "Jazzhound" won over the audience with her heroic portrayal. Even as viewers began to hold high hopes for the film's quality, debate over whether Jiangyu was going to be a capable actress raged on. It was only when the movie hit the theaters that public opinion on Jiangyu began to turn around.

Doll Profile 4[edit]

Through her dedication to learning martial arts and by virtue of her superior physicality, Jiangyu delivered a thrilling performance in the movie and was nominated for the Best Newcomer Award in the same year. As martial arts movies enjoyed a comeback, Jiangyu was booked for one film after another. Her subsequent movies, "Prophetic Sentry", "Deadline Kamikaze", and "Slaughter Zone" gained a wide following at major film festivals. However, just as the audience was looking forward to Jiangyu's next big work, she announced a temporary hiatus from her activities.

According to what is known, the direct reason for Jiangyu's retreat from the spotlight was due to Daiyan being assigned to join Project Neural Cloud. For Jiangyu, the shock of Daiyan leaving her far exceeded her excitement over chasing her dream. With what seemed like no hesitation whatsoever, Jiangyu chose to follow her big sister in being uploaded to the cloud server. Even in Magrasea, Jiangyu's lively nature continued to shine.

The work diaries of the dispatch teams state that Jiangyu was found when a signal similar to Daiyan's was detected in a Null Area. Due to constant shifts in Jiangyu's signal, the rescue team assumed that she was in danger and moved out as quickly as possible in the hopes of retrieving Jiangyu safely. However, when they arrived on the scene, they saw something that ran completely counter to their expectations: Jiangyu had her staff in hand and was entirely focused on beating down several Low Order Entropics. When asked what was going on, she replied, "I saw them bullying a girl just now, so I stepped in... Hm? What happened to that girl? Didn't she follow me?"

Apparently, the agent Jiangyu rescued was a Trader who had already returned to her sector without looking the worse for wear beyond a mild fright.

Doll Profile 5[edit]

Jiangyu enjoyed the same degree of popularity as Daiyan during her life in the Oasis. Besides her fame as a martial arts actress and a movie star, her own nature contributed greatly to this. Unlike the gentle and demure Daiyan, Jiangyu's lively and energetic personality allowed her to blend in easily with everyone from her first moments in the Oasis—although, when the time comes for her to fight, she's also quite the "blender" when it comes to beating up the enemy.

Although Jiangyu seemed entirely ignorant of her own charm, the Dolls she hung around were often drawn to her energy. Nascita, who enjoyed a deep relationship with Jiangyu in real life, was especially aware of this, and the two of them started working together on new productions after being reunited in the cloud server. However, Jiangyu's ties with her sister are more nuanced than her other interpersonal relationships.

Ever since they met again in the Oasis, Jiangyu and Daiyan soon resumed the closeness of their prior lifestyles. Daiyan can always be seen around Jiangyu, whether it's making food, tidying up her clothes for her, or even when the two of them were just moving around together. There was even a popular thread in Oasischan talking about "How I met Jiangyu in the middle of the night in the recreation zone as she was avoiding Daiyan while eating instant food". Naturally, the star of the show in question received quite a long lecture from Daiyan afterwards.

As much as Jiangyu likes to gripe about "Daiyan's nagginess", it doesn't seem to have impacted their sisterly relationship at all.

"It feels like Miss Daiyan can always be found around Jiangyu. Do you think Miss Daiyan's actually a siscon? Hm? Behind me? M-Miss Daiyan?! Ah... Your smile looks kind of scary..."
—From a certain livestream channel in the Oasis