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Choco Story Profile Quotes

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Choco retains the happy-go-lucky attitude of AR FNCThumb button.pngFNC  and her love for chocolate. However, Choco doesn't show the same childish selfishness FNC does.

Main Story[edit]

Choco is a supporting character during Chapter 3: Energy Sector - Helios.

During the Wipe-off Incident, Choco's Neural Cocoon landed in Helios and she became trapped in the reset loop of the Arche Pyr Project, manning a local bakery. She met Eucharist, who decided to repay her for selling her chocolate by explaining that she could keep her memories between resets by adding Energy Herbs to her chocolates. She later met with Zion, then with the rest of the Exiles when they became trapped in the sector during reconnaissance.

Choco's data processing abilities helped Croque solve the issues plaguing the Arche Pyr Project and lead it to completion.

Side Stories[edit]

Heartfelt House of Cocoa[edit]

Choco and Willow had conspired together to set up the Oasis’ very first Valentine’s Day in order to promote Choco’s chocolaterie. Choco had ordered an entire warehouse of ingredients from Miss Riko in preparation for the event. However, a week later her business had not increased despite Willow having published an article regarding Valentine’s Day in the Magrasea Weekly. The other Dolls had misunderstood the holiday and were causing trouble for the Professor instead. The Professor discovered Choco and Willow’s plan and requested Willow to fix the situation with a new article making clear the meaning of Valentine’s Day. Choco initially teared up over the plan being ruined, as she wouldn’t be able to sell her chocolate and therefore would have to eat all the ingredients alone. She then realized that this wasn’t so bad after all as she would enjoy the delicious sweets herself, but the Professor intervened stating that they personally would make and give chocolate to everyone in gratitude for their work in the Oasis. Choco inquired about the logistics of making that much chocolate, with the Professor planning to have other Dolls participate as a joint project.

Later, the Professor promised to have a date with Choco. They visited Choco’s Chocolaterie the morning of the date, only to have Choco toss them a mixing spoon and a bowl of butter. She frantically asked the Professor to start mixing, demanding them to get an even texture within 15 seconds. Shortly afterward, they completed their work together as they waited for the chocolate to set. Choco explained that the tempering of the chocolate and mixing of the ingredients needed to be timed just right, as being even a second off would result in a different taste. Choco was making chocolate for the Professor as a return gift; she was a professional confectioner so she needed to make the best possible chocolate for the Professor, at least three times tastier than the Professor’s own chocolate.