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Choco Story Profile Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Morning Play Having some sweets in your breakfast will keep you energetic all day long!
Afternoon Play Ugh... I've had too many cookies, cakes, and chocolates... My stomach is so full...
Evening Play I'm home~! There's plenty of sweets waiting for me to enjoy~!
Night Play *stomach growling*
Main Interface Voice Play Dolls don't get fat! So, it's fine no matter how many sweets I eat!
Play The bean paste jelly... It's too sweet! It's messing up my taste simulation components... ¥ # $% * &
Play Professor, have you fallen asleep?
Play Professor, would you like to see the sweets I made today?
Interactive Voice Play Woah!
Play Nya? Professor, would you like some candy?
Play Hmm...
Relationship Dialogues Play Aww... I was just curious... I'm not stealing from the fridge! I saw someone putting a big chocolate cake in the fridge a while ago, so I just wanted to see it in the flesh for myself. There's no way I was planning to eat it at all...
Play Ugh... I'm dying from the heat! I've walked less than 200 meters, but my whole body is soaked in sweat already... Oh, if only I can enjoy a chocolate parfait and an ice-cream cake, in a car with air-conditioning for 24 hours... Well, that's not the most realistic, is it?
Play Yesterday, I learned a new dessert recipe from Centaureissi! Well, it's technically not a brand new recipe. If you burn the cheesecake a little to caramelize it, you get a Basque cheesecake! Now then, Professor, here. How is it?
Play My dream is to open my own patisserie one day! I want it to look lovely and sweet, so people will feel hungry the moment they set foot inside. Then I'll fill the big shelves with my favorite sweets! Chocolate mochis, chocolate cookies, chocolate rolls, and chocolate lava cakes that overflows with sauce the moment you bite into it!
Play I'll start working on my dream the moment we get back to the real world! Professor, may I have your support? You only need to cheer for me! Besides, when the patisserie opens, I'll let you taste all the sweets for free!
Moods Play Teehee.
Play Woah!
Play Ugh...
Accept Play I see! I understand now!
Agree Play Is that so!
Appreciate Play Amazing!
Feeling Play Yes, indeed!
Oath Play Once the oath ritual is over, will you come and host a dessert party with me?... Eh? You will? Really!? Yay! I can't wait!
Obtain Play Hey there, I am Choco! Professor, are there any sweets for me to enjoy here?
Neural Cloud


Neural Cloud

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Potential Breakthrough Play I can eat more sweets now!
Neural Expansion Play It's dinner time! I'll show you what I can do!
Max Neural Expansion
Play Professor, please let me know when you have something you'd like to eat! No matter what it is, I'll have it ready for you!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Join Team Play Aw no... I haven't finished my food yet!
Battle Start Play Time to work!
Ultimate Skill Play I'll beat you till you start seeing stars!
MVP1 Play Mission complete! *stomach growling* Ah... I'm hungry again.
MVP2 Play Yay! Victory!


No, Not like this...


Guess I'll have some sweets while I'm on duty.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Christmas Play Thanks for the food, Professor! Ah, I'm so full... but is it really okay for me to finish off the whole Christmas dinner before the others arrive?
Halloween Play Give me treats... or I'll trick you! For example, I'll steal all the candies from your room! I won't leave a single one for you, Professor!
New Year Play These round-shaped rice dangos are a New Year's specialty food! I have replaced the bean paste fillings with nuts, chocolates, and mango slices to better suit the taste of people today! Professor, make sure to give them a try!
Tanabata Play Are these special candies only made for Tanabata? This is the first time I've seen these sweets made in the shape of birds and flowers, but it looks real tasty!
Valentine Play Woah... Professor, what happened? You look so pale! I should share some of my chocolates with you to cheer you up! Which one do you prefer, coconut flavor or lemon cookie flavor?
Player's Birthday Play Professor, to celebrate your birthday, I'm sharing these limited edition snacks from my personal collection with you today! Check these out!