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Full name Baalia
Affiliation Other
Class Guard
Artist Unknown

Baalia or Kamie-Ko (卡咩子, kamiēzǐ), also called Miemiezi or Memeko in game files, is a “sheep-like creature” that's the avatar of Project Neural Cloud's Producer and Sunborn employee Kamie.

Stats / Data[edit]

Baalia Training Machine (Resources Collection)

Baalia is classified as an Object.

  • Shooting Ban (60s) - Unable to move, attack or use skills. The less HP left after 30 seconds, the more rewards to be claimed.

??? (Fool's Duality)

Baalia is classified as a Summon.

  • ???: A mysterious sheep-horned creature and the mastermind behind the April Fools emergency. "The question now is whether we should roast it or fry it after we capture it."


The Baalia Training Machine appears in EXP Collection, as well as in Node Defense battles. During the event Fool's duality, Baalia appears on the field with the other chibis.


All tiles adjacent to Baalia have the Miasma permanent effect, dealing 10% max HP to units on this tile every 2 Seconds. Using Sniper Dolls is the best choice.

In Node Defense, Baalia doesn't attack but drops a lot of Cache Coins until she is defeated.

During Fool's Duality, Baalia is the main target of the fights rather than the chibi with her. Each fight last for 30 seconds, Baalia's life gauge must be brought to zero before it ends and Overkill Damage points are granted for each extra damage dealt. In the Whac-a-Baaah minigame, Baalia's target can be repeatedly punched for extra points.

Lore / Story involvement

Baalia was first introduced in the Beilan Island Shelter Broadcast of 5 February 2021, and makes a notable appearance in the Neural Cloud game ever since beta as a bullying target in the EXP Collection stage. She will mock you if you fail to take her life bar down to zero before the end of the countdown. She is also referenced in the LOFT - Hanging Poster furniture and a lot of Weibo posts.

According to Kamie, Baalia was designed by his team because he needed a Live2D avatar to appear in the Beilan Island Shelter Broadcast devlogs.[1] It is supposedly based on a joke with Kamie's name: the second character in his name (咩, miē) can be read as the bleating of a sheep or goat, so his team designed a well-endowed goat-demon girl and forced him to cross-dress, even adding the feminine 子 suffix to his name (子 is pronouced -ko in Japanese and -zǐ in Standard Chinese. Because using 子 as a feminine name suffix comes from Japanese, her name is transcribed in the English community with a Chinese-Japanese mix as Kamie-Ko, even though the Sunborn staff pronounce it in Chinese). In Global, her name was translated as Baalia, retaining the goat bleating joke with “baa”.

Whether Baalia is supposed to exist as a canon character in Magrasea or only as a joke like Sharkitect in Girls' Frontline is anyone's guess. Her animal features are at least consistent with the representation of virtual Agents.[2]

Fool's Duality

Riko sold Chanzhi an old sheep plushie, telling her it could prevent people from lying to her. The ever-naive Chanzhi hoped to use it to stop people from pranking her on April Fool's, but when she tried to perform the weird ritual to repair the plushie, it spawned an unidentified entity that goes around creating weird chibi doubles of the Dolls incapable of deception. Needless to say, nobody in the Oasis is happy to have a double running around spouting out their deepest thoughts.

After her capture, Imhotep uses her animal communications skill to talk with Baalia and the Professor makes her delete the chibis and let her go with the promise to not cause problems again. Before disappearing, she leaves the message 6LCi6LCi5oiR5Lus5LmL5ZCO5Lya5yaN6KeB55qe, which is Base 64 for “谢谢,我们之后会再见的” (“Thank you, we'll meet again.”).


Alternate expressions


  • One of the questions asked to new members of the Exiles as part of their neural cloud baseline calibration is "Repeat the following phrase–Demon Baalia."