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Antonina Story Profile Quotes

"We're not at an optimal state yet, commander."

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Antonina is a taciturn hacker who is devoted to her work. Unlike Croque, she is a hard-workers and will force her back to work if she catch her slacking off. Like Persicaria, she is a workaholic and already crashed from working and gaming for too long without rest in the past.

With strangers, Antonina will fake a friendly attitude and take the nickname "Anna", but with friends she lets her true mind speak and insists they refer to her as "Antonina", as her true self.

Main Story[edit]

Wipe-off Incident[edit]

Prior to the incident, Antonina received the code for the Neural Cocoons from an anonymous source as a mean to save the Neural Clouds of the Dolls. Lacking time, Antonina was forced to strip down the minds of her companions to their bare Neural Core to make them fit in the Cocoons, leaving many memories and processing capabilities behind as Neural Fragments.


PNC Chapter01 CG001.png

After waking up in the Null Area, Antonina evaded the patrolling Sanctifiers and reached Sector Rossum and used her knowledge of 42LAB cyberdefense schemes to enter. Turing noticed her arrival and offered to help her find her companions if she used her cyberdefense skills to hamper the Sanctifier's reach in Rossum. Antonina worked with Turing and Hannah to find ways to fight the Sanctifiers.

However, they failed to find an vector of attack before Faith launched an investigation on Turing's processes after finding she was protecting the Exiles, and when the weakened Exiles could not beat her, Turing sacrificed herself to save Hannah and trick the Sanctifier systems into destroying Faith.

After securing the help of Sector Rossum, Antonina brought up the topic of the Professor's identity, saying she wouldn't trust them openly like Persicaria did just because they helped the Exiles.


After receiving Neumann's call for help, Persicaria and the Professor went to investigate the Operand Black Hole in Sector Enigma as the agents with the most resilient Neural Clouds, leaving Antonina in Oasis as their mission controller. When they ran into Angelus, Persicaria re-sent Neumann's distress call as a disguised emergency call for Antonina, who mounted a fighting force to help bring down the Sanctifier.

Email - New Year 2023[edit]

Happy New Year

Dear Professor, Anew year is about to begin. I guess we spent quite a lot of time around each other last year. A human uploading their own mind to the cloud server to save a bunch of Dolls... My past self from a year ago would never have believed a story like that. However, I have to accept that as fact now.
I've taken everything you've done for us into consideration. Regardless of anything else, I trust what I've seen for myself. We might not be the same, but... we're on the same side, at least.
In any case, thank you for all the hard work you've put in for the past year, Professor. This is a gift that everyone prepared for you. Please accept it and lift your spirits so you can struggle to the bitter end with us.