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Antonina Story Profile Quotes


H-01, a network technology research Doll developed by 42Lab, is equipped with a large number of 42Lab's proprietary cutting-edge technologies. H-01's data processing and computing performance levels have both reached the industry's top standards.

Antonina belongs to the 42Lab Cyber Security Department, where she works on information security research. She is responsible for dealing with corporate cyber vulnerabilities, setting up virtual network defense systems, and tracking down hackers attempting to illegally invade network systems. As a senior cyber security engineer, Antonina has participated in multiple confidential advanced projects of 42Lab.

After the initiation of Project Neural Cloud's testing, 42Lab sent Antonina to join the test to ensure the project's success.

Doll Profile 1[edit]

As the chief cyber security expert of 42Lab, Antonina has been required to attend many social events. For this reason, she downloaded various information on social etiquette and proper wording, and practiced until she was able to diplomatically handle all kinds of situations.

Therefore, Antonina has been taking on a persona in front of most people, as the lively and lovely "Anna". Only those who know her well can get to know the real her as "Antonina". It is also for this reason that whenever someone calls her "Anna" in private, Antonina always corrects them, in an attempt to clearly distinguish herself from her persona.

Since Antonina's actions are, in a way, interpreted as a representation of 42Lab's stance, she cannot express her attitudes and opinions in public. To compensate for that, Antonina has been active under multiple fake identities in private, some of which even became famous in the industry for being abnormally active with outstanding capabilities.

Doll Profile 2[edit]

Antonina often receives challenges from all around the world, some of which are for fame and riches, while others for showing off.

Antonina had never taken a liking to them. Not because she disliked these actions, but because they posted a threat so insignificant, she did not have it in her to answer those challenges.

For this purpose, except for basic security systems, Antonina prepared a Deep Learning AI to deal with these annoyances. The Neural Network of this AI was in reality copied from Persicaria by Antonina.

Usually, the AI learns through observing Antonina's work, taking care of any leaks that can bypass security measures for her. As a result, many of the outside world would often claim that they had broken though 42Lab's network security systems, only to be discovered and swiftly taken down by Antonina. None would know that their opponent was merely an AI.

Doll Profile 3[edit]

Antonina only made her identity public once, during a previous operation. It was an operation against a super-virus that swept through the world. Developed by an anti-doll organization, the program was extremely destructive to a Doll's neural system and could erase or even rewrite basic logic. In the first month of its spread, nearly 20,000 Dolls around the world were infected and destroyed. This incident angered many Doll security network experts, who spontaneously banded together to develop disinfecting programs and new anti-virus logic architectures.

Antonina was the first to deliver a perfect solution to this crisis only one week after the virus started to spread on a large scale. She not only developed a program that effectively stopped the destruction process, but also an anti-virus program for emergencies.

At the end of the following month, Antonina, together with the temporary response team set up by the International Criminal Police Organization, tracked down the virus' developer and successfully solved the crisis.

Doll Profile 4[edit]

Antonina's daily routine is quite odd. It is rare even among Dolls. Just like human otaku programmers, Antonina never abides by the schedule set up for dolls, and she's even printed a card that said "Staying up late is harmful to the body, which is why I stay up all night" and hung it up on the door of her office.

Although a chaotic schedule is less harmful to Dolls than living humans, Dolls are still not entirely immune to its impact. Antonina once stayed up 84 hours, both working and playing without any rest. This led to a complete breakdown of her neural system at the subsequent work summary meeting.

For this reason, 42Lab had strengthened its penalties for these insane programmers, but nothing could stop them from digging their own grave.

"Maybe I can't do anything about the schedule, but to say I can't do anything about the supervisory programs? It's all just a few clicks away."
—An anonymous poster on 42Lab's Internal Forum. The poster is suspected to be a cyber-security department member.

Doll Profile 5[edit]

[Authorized View]

[Record, Code-235██████341]
[Date: 205███]
[Record object: anna_h01]

The project has reached its final stage.

In the previous experiments, ███ has far exceeded our expectations. From the threat-elimination effectiveness to self-learning and self-correcting abilities, it has displayed above-average performance.

With adequate follow-up technical support, ███ is already capable of taking on the responsibility of ensuring Magrasea's ultra-cloud cyber security.

Meanwhile: ███ has displayed above-average performance as well, though it was comparatively inferior to ███.

There is no denying that ███ has potential, but the possible risks should not be ignored.

Whether it may realize evolution functions on its own, or fall into the hands of potential third parties through certain means, ███ could potentially bring us unwanted danger. It is also theoretically the only one capable of threatening the existence of ███.

Before taking our next steps, further discussion is advised.