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Martha Meitner

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Martha Meitner
Martha Meitner
Full name Martha Meitner
Voice actor -TBA-
Artist Unknown
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Professor Martha Meitner (玛莎•迈特纳), also known under the nickname Laplace (拉普拉斯) and target designation Capita (死罪, lit. “Capital Offense”), is an American Relic Technology scientist formerly affiliated with the Relics Agency, and later an important member of Paradeus. She was instrumental in the creation of Nytos.


Meitner studied at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore along with Gray Blackwell and was a rising star of the Relics Agency until she was fired for conducting unethical experiments during the Holy Grail Project. She fled the United States to the Neo-Soviet Union and two years after the start of World War Three, in 2047, was sent with her daughter Sana to the small town of Beslan to teach introductory physics. She survived Operation Eternal Flame, the massacre of Americans in the town by the Beslan Guard Regiment, and made uneasy friends with Anna Tsoi, who gave her the nickname Laplace, from Laplace's Demon. She did not stay long in Beslan but returned to the United States, where she participated in the creation of the Dog Tag System and Daybreak Squad.

After Sana died during a terrorist attack in Beslan, Meitner pursued experiments to resurrect her by restarting the Holy Grail Project under the name Hela Project, initially with the help of Blackwell. Ironically, it is Blackwell who introduced Meitner to Rudolf von Oberstein, who eventually recruited her into Paradeus, defecting from the US and returning to Europe. Blackwell soon judged that the Hela Project was contradicting the Hippocratic Oath and stopped supporting Meitner. One of Meitner's test subject was Ramzan, Anna's brother, who was turned into Ganglati. Despite her efforts, the progress of the Hela Project was very slow and clones of Sana never replicated the child as she envisioned.

In 2051, the United States conducted Operation Couatl and deployed Daybreak Squad to the Southwest Pacific to capture Meitner, who was known under the name Laplace and target designation "Capita". The mission was a failure and Meitner escaped.

Character Info

Meitner is a cold and ruthless woman who believes science shouldn't be slowed down by ethics, demonstrated by the enormous amount of test subjects she discarded over the lifetime of the Hela Project. She talks bluntly and easily disregards social conventions, making her very unfriendly. According to herself, she only discovered she would make a bad mother after giving birth to Sana and neglected her, but paradoxically went to extreme measures to resurrect her after her death.

Story Involvement

In 2064, Meitner resided at Avernus in the Dead Sea near Berlin. After Angelia's capture, she used her as a test subject and performed brain surgery on her, manipulating her memories along with RPK-16. She apparently successfully fled Avernus before it was destroyed at the conclusion of the Battle of the Dead Sea.



  • The boiler suit she wore in 2047 is identified as one of the suits used during the Holy Grail Project according to the event exclusive furniture “The Holy Grail”. Her chibi also appears on the furniture “Image of the Past” from the same event.