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Gilda Ulrich

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Gilda Ulrich
Gilda Ulrich
Full name Gilda Ulrich
Affiliation Pan-European Union, Rossartrism
Voice actor -TBA-
Artist Unknown

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Gilda Ulrich (吉尔达•乌尔利赫) is the chairwoman of the Pan-European Cooperation Initiative’s Executive Committee and of the Pan-European Convention on Mutual Assistance in Reconstruction (PECMAR), as well as a Rossartrist agent. She was born in West Germany in 2029 and earned her marks on the political scene during the 2052 Weihnachtsmärkte border incident, where she successfully prevented a bloodbath between the local population and the Neo-Soviet troops. In 2063, with the backing of the Pan-European Council, she succeeded Weldon Kurz as chairman when he resigned due to a heart disease. At only 34 years old, she acts as the coordinator of economic institutions in Europe and leads the Pan-European reconstruction plan.[1]

Character Info

Ulrich is a staunch believer in Rossartrism as a mean to rebuild the world after World War Three, and came close to death more than once during her political campaigns.[2] While she's aware that she is often used as a pawn by higher powers, she still dedicates her efforts to save every life possible, even if she's faced with danger.[3] Still, she acknowledges that herself and other Rossartrists have yet to face the worst obstacles mankind will place before them.[4] While her reach is limited outside Bremen, Ulrich has key allies in top agents of the Stasi like K, J and Light.[5][6] While she publicly supports the research and use of Relic Technology, Ulrich believes that people like Angelia and the Commander, not technology, will unify the world.[7]

Story Involvement

Belgrade events

In 2064, Ulrich traveled to Belgrade for peace talks with the plenipotentiary of the Neo-Soviet Council of Mutual Assistance in Europe Vasily Roshchin, replacing the executive officer of PECMAR Mirko Milošević on short notice. This was a move by Milošević to avoid attending the dangerous peace talks, and Ulrich's death would have worked in favor of the Pan-European Union during negotiations for the intercontinental railway construction projects as the Europeans could have put more pressure on the Soviets.[8][9] The meeting was attacked by Paradeus sympathizers, who were quickly dealt with by Statesec agents coordinated by K to show the Neo-Soviets in a good light. Their plans backfired when genuine Paradeus troops launched their assault and quickly thinned out the agents, leaving only Griffin & Kryuger to escort Ulrich to safety[2] while Nimogen attempted to capture her dead or alive.[10]

The Commander's forces retreated to a nearby cathedral used as a shelter, but Ulrich refused to be evacuated alone.[3] K ordered the Commander to extract Ulrich against her will, but they refused the order and forced K to tap into his own backup plans to evacuate the civilians,[11] leaving the Griffin troops to guard the cathedral while Ulrich was brought outside the city by truck under guard by Marlohe, SMG RO635RO635RO635 and AR M4 SOPMOD IIM4 SOPMOD IIM4 SOPMOD II.[12] The convoy was attacked by Nimogen, who captured Ulrich. William immediately offered Statesec to exchange Ulrich's life and the location of 13 covert bases against the access codes for a location named “Base 22”,[13] but Statesec refused and Paradeus simply abandoned Ulrich to be recovered by Griffin[14] and successfully evacuated from Belgrade.[15] The Neo-Soviet salvaged the situation in Belgrade by declaring that Roshchin had died while defending Ulrich.[9]

Bremen events


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After safely returning to her home town of Bremen in Germany, Ulrich invited Angelia to the city and arranged a covert travel to meet her and Task Force DEFY in the city hall,[16] having been tasked by the Rossartrists to recruit Ange and gather data on two of DEFY's Dolls.[7] Angelia accepted the invitation despite being wary of Ulrich being a Paradeus agent only because the Commander thought highly of her. Ulrich thanked Ange and DEFY for protecting Belgrade and tried to get Ange to share some of the intel on Paradeus she had obtained in the Paldiski Submarine Base, but she refused to share intel only until she had reached her own goals. Ulrich pledged to help her, since her actions would benefit the world regardless, and assigned her secretary Morridow and chief of security Wolfgang Hopps to assist her.[5] However, Ulrich knew Hopps was an agent of the German Independence Party and suspected Morridow to be one too, though she didn't know Morridow was in reality a Paradeus agent,[6] but Angelia quickly saw through them and eventually dealt with them herself.[17] Ulrich trusted that Ange would eventually help her and refused K's proposal to use the Commander as a bargaining chip.[7]

Ulrich managed to cover up Angelia's actions at the Flora Institute and the Berle Orphanage,[6] but was summoned by the Bürgmeister and warned not to let Ange disturb the status quo in the Bremen refugees camp.[4] After the riots erupted regardless, Ulrich could not prevent her superiors in Berlin to capture Ange. However, Ulrich's own agents in the Stasi received orders from above to assist Angelia in Berlin.[6]



  • Ulrich is simply called “ambassador” in game files instead of her actual name.


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