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Full name Odette
Affiliation Entropics
Class Sniper
Artist Unknown

"This is classified information!"

This article contains unmarked spoilers. You have been warned.

Odette was a Sector Administrator of Sector Pierides in Magrasea along with her big sister Odile. Odette was created with a strong will in contrast to her meeker but sensitive and creative sister.[1]

Stats / Data[edit]

Odette is classified Ranged, AoE and Physical DMG.

  • Eroding Inundation: After HP falls below 50%, the damage dealt by [Corroded Realm] is doubled.
  • Annihilating Featherbolts (20s): Takes flight, entering [Airborne Concerto] for 11 seconds. While in this state, fires Featherblades towards a random enemy every 1.5 second(s). Featherblades deal damage to enemies in the 7 tiles surrounding the point of impact, dealing Physical Damage equal to 320% ATK. When duration ends, descends, exiting [Airborne Concerto]. During Skill, gains a Shield equal to 10% Max HP. If this Shield is broken, immediately ends Skill and exits the [Airborne Concerto] state, taking 60% more damage during the next 6 seconds. [Airborne Concerto]: Cannot be selected by Normal Attacks from melee units.
  • Corrupted Paradise (8s): Spews Entropic Liquid towards a random target, dealing Physical Damage equal to 300% ATK to enemies on the way and turning any tiles made contact with into [Corroded Realm]. Non-Entropy units on [Corroded Realm] will take Damage equal to 2% Max HP every 2 seconds. If a unit stays on this tile, each instance of damage will be increased by 2% Max HP, maximum 10% Max HP.
  • Reaper's Black Wings (10s): Shields self with wings for 12 seconds, gaining a Shield equal to 10% of Max HP during this time. If the Shield is still active after 4 seconds, deal Physical Damage equal to 560% ATK to all enemies; If the Shield is broken, Skill ends immediately and deals no damage, causing Self-Damage equal to 10% Max HP.


The fake Odette is the final boss of Critical Cascade, fought in Stage 20. A much weaker form appears in Stage 21.

Lore / Story involvement

After the Magrasea backup was cut from external communications, Pierides started withering without the regular transfer of operands by humans. Odile considered the Trader Collective's offer to duplicate some of the art pieces to resell in exchange for operands, but Odette refused and instead accepted from a stranger a flower that would generate operands.[2] Odile was wary at first but she let Odette convince her. Eventually the flower entirely corrupted Odette, who merged with Odile's Tertiary Layer to corrupt her, and the flower opened the Data Fracture enabling Pierides to be claimed by the Entropy virus.[1]

During the Entropic attack on Rossum, Black Swan partitioned her neural cloud to transform Lower Entropics into a clone of Odette and manage the battle within Rossum.[3] Odette took Turing hostage to prevent Hannah from firing the High-Density Operand Railgun and destroy the Entropic invasion,[4] but Hannah used the special ability of the Rossum administrator to exchange place with a Rossum agent to take Turing's place, then used one of Antonina's hacking programs to take out Odette.[5]



  • Odette and Odile are named after characters of Tchaikovsky's ballet Swan Lake, who are respectively the Black and White Swan.


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