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Groza possesses a cool and professional personality, shows no signs of weakness in battles, prideful and confident in her own abilities. But when approached during none-profession times, she can prove to be quite an interesting character with peculiar hobbies, evidence provided from quotations her hobbies include music, wine drinking and culinary. Unfortunately she is not very good at keeping a regular sleep pattern.

Story interactions would suggest Groza is frequently associated with other Russian T-doll, primarily HG MakarovThumb button.pngMakarov  and RF Mosin-NagantThumb button.pngMosin-Nagant , as well as HG SPP-1Thumb button.pngSPP-1  during Operation Cube.

Story Involvement[edit]

Groza have minor interaction with the main story line and major interaction with Operation Cube.

G&K HQ Meeting[edit]

Groza made an appearance in chapter 3 night mission where Makarov was tasked with a not-so-honorable rescue mission.

Along with Mosin-Nagant, Groza was summoned to G&K HQ to stand guard while an important meeting was going on. Groza knew about HG Nagant RevolverThumb button.pngNagant Revolver 's situation, she briefly exchanged words with Mosin who was also on the post for guard duty. Knowing that her sister have gone MIA deep inside a dangerous sector filled with Ferri elites, Groza comforted Mosin by informing her a commanding officer is overseeing the rescue duty and Nagant Revolver is likely to return unharmed. Moments later Nagant Revolver returned to the HQ.

Operation Cube[edit]

Groza is a core character in Operation Cube, she serves as a reconnaissance unit in Area S06 and the bodyguard of SPP-1.

Mosin Nagant Digimind Upgrade[edit]

Groza made a minor appearance in Mosin-Nagant's Digi-mind upgrade back story.

The group of Russian T-doll Mosin-Nagant was part of recently came to discover a homeless kitten near the base and have decided to secretly feed it, that kitten itself however caused quite a scene during one of Commander's speeches. However for Mosin she had other concerns, other more important concerns, she is not her usual self recently, many of her friends have clearly noticed her overly cheerful behaviour is just an act to hide her stressed self.

Groza was the first one to notice and spoke of this, she pulled Mosin away from the T-doll group and talked with her privately, she asked Mosin whether something has happened specifically to her that caused her abnormal behavior and does she wish to talk about it. Unwilling to reveal anything, Mosin pretended she does not know what Groza could be referring to, Groza gave up on her inquiry attempts immediately after.

Eventually when Mosin returned to her usual self and finally received her Digi-mind upgrades, the base have also taken that homeless kitten into the rescue centre and now became part of their dorm, the group was about to hold meetings and vote for what name the cat should have, Groza's proposal is just simply name the cat "Commander".

SV-98 Digimind Upgrade[edit]

Groza made an appearance in SV-98's Digi-mind upgrade back story.

Prior to an important operation, SV-98 was busy studying the region terrain and marking potential vantage points for long range engagements. Soon she was joined by SVD who claims she is wasting her time, the battlefield is ever changing and SVD advised her to improvise on the get go. "Why are you two still up? Or do you volunteer to wake me up before the mission starts?", Groza joined the two and urged them to rest before the operation, SV-98 claims she will soon, SVD and Groza returned to their bunks after the brief conversation.