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G36 Strategy Story Quotes Live2D


She is definitely not angry, she is just focusing, she is actually very kind![1]

(Note: Imoko is one of the more active artists who regularly revisit her past work, posting additional artworks of G36, answering questions regarding character settings, as a result G36's character personality settings are regularly updated. As an early released T-Doll, Imoko was given a certain degree of freedom in terms of character settings when given the freelance contract of designing of a character matching G36 assault rifle.[2] To an extend G36's character setting feels more complete and well chiselled when compared to most other playable dolls.

Since the official employment of Imoko within Sunborn (MICA) circa 2018-19, it is possible that she have more influence on G36's character settings than most other artists with their own creation, even when she isn't part of MICA's story team. However Imoko had made comment that if the game script were to conflict with those character settings and posts she made for G36 on social media, then whatever the game states will be canon.[2] Much of this page's contents are based on Imoko's Weibo/Twitter posts and subject to change when they are updated by the official story team.)

G36 assumed the role of the Commander's maid, she addresses the Commander as "Master". Differ from G41 who also addresses Commander as master, G36's relation with the Commander is servant/master rather than as pet/master. She is kind but also very serious by nature, a notably strong will, despite knowing that she is not perfect she still treats her work with respect and pride. She is proud of being able to serve and help her comrades, but as for enemies, they are viewed as rubbish that needs to be cleansed. Despite looking very formidable on the official art, she is actually a kind and caring maid, being the elder sister of SMG G36CThumb button.pngG36C , she is specially kind to her, the two sister dolls frequently interact with each other in story and in character quotations.

Being engineered based on G36 rifle in real life, AR XM8Thumb button.pngXM8  also interact with G36 in various parts of the story, however the in XM8's case she is more of an estranged sister, the two often get into arguments over small disputes, this is partially due to XM8's inconsiderate personality. Imoko had also gone ahead and adopted XM8 as G36's other little sister, unofficially that is.

Her overall serious/mean demeanor and slightly angry appearance is due to that she is known to suffer from hyperopia, she need to focus more to see objects close by without her glasses, the act of squinting gives her a slightly fierce look. The pair of glasses she wears in the Petit Waitress skin was apparently given to her by the Commander (In this case Imoko, she is also a player of Girls Frontline).

Imoko comments that in the Petit Waitress outfit damaged art her tears are not from her being hurt in combat, but from the ripped outfits, a lost shoe and most importantly the damaged pair of glasses, she cherishes deeply for everything the Commander have given her. The more mature version of G36 is tougher, both physically and mentally, she would continue to fight even under critically damaged conditions under her strong will.

In her quotations she mentions specific procurement for the Commander, official character setting would comment that she often have the role of procuring specific items for other T-Dolls when she is out shopping.

Her culinary skills are worth noting, she specializes in western cuisines as mentioned in the secretary quotes, additional servings are fried sausages! Imoko would comment she is not very good at oriental cuisines. Despite her "cannot be scared" demeanor, she find it difficult to deal with decapodal crustaceans such as crabs, since it is less often used in western cuisines. As for arachnid creatures such as spiders that appears during her house work, she can pretend they are rubbish and proceed with the cleaning.

Even though she frequently performs culinary activities, she does not have distinct food smells on her, this is because she keep a large set of spare uniforms and washes them regularly. It is also to be noted that one should never touch G36's fresh laundries, otherwise there will be dire consequences.

She is good at singing, but she only sings when she is alone, while cooking or hanging laundries. She will halt her singing immediately after detecting any form of living sentient organisms within hearing vicinity. Imoko suggested examples of songs that she frequently sings, one of which is ナージャバージョン by G36's CV Koshimizu Ami.

In game G36 is shown to be operating the weapon with her left hand on the default art, operating with her right hand on the Bartender costume, reflecting that G36 rifle in real life can be operated ambidextrously, indicating that T-Doll G36 is also ambidextrous.[3]

Story Involvement[edit]

G36 was mentioned during chapter 1 night missions. G36 as a character has a large amount of costume story involvements, her costume 'Bartender' described her side story interactions during the 2017's Opera Princes, costume 'Pure White Cornflower' described her involvement in 2018's Sweet Oath, costume 'Fifty Days with G36' told the story of 2018's Beach Warriors. As part the 4th batch of modifiable T-Dolls, a side story is added to accompany G36's 5* modification.


"This is classified information!"

This article contains spoilers. You have been warned.

Special Delivery to Sector S09[edit]

SMG MP5Thumb button.pngMP5  was tasked with resupply and Intel collection mission into the newly regained Sector S09, delivering goods and special procurement for T-Dolls who are currently undercover in the sector. All the resupply items were procured by G36, resupply list as following:

  • RF WA2000Thumb button.pngWA2000  - Ice cream (Chocolate flavor)
  • HG P7Thumb button.pngP7  - Extreme spice chili "Viper" / Tomato Ketchup
  • MG MG4Thumb button.pngMG4  (Actual recipient AR HK416Thumb button.pngHK416  & AR G11Thumb button.pngG11 ) - Ice cream (Rum flavor)

Digi-mind Upgrade Story: G36[edit]


"We're not at an optimal state yet, commander."

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G36 lead an echelon of combat dolls in battle, however she was critically damage, both physically and emotionally. The turn of events eventually lead to her receving upgrades and modifications.

Stage 1[edit]

With her echelon's position soon to be overran and enemies' long range striking units about to move in to position, G36 ordered them to retreat, XM8 was smart enough to do so but however RF PSG-1Thumb button.pngPSG-1  wanted to greed one more shot despite the retreat orders given. "Just a little bit more...", "PSG-1, retreat now!" G36 issued her order once again. "She's pretending not to hear it, your orders don't mean anything in a real fight..." XM8 mocked her squad leader. PSG aimed carefully, pulled the trigger and struck bulls eye on the enemy lead unit, right when the enemies locked on to her. G36 dived towards her squad member and saved her from the shot, that however put her out of action... XM8 finished delivering the report to Kalina regarding how her squad leader was so heavily damaged, PSG's shot crippled the enemies' command chain a little and that did help their echelon's escape.

Three hours later G36 woke up and slowly regained consciousness in the repair room just to find Kalina near by mumbling to herself: "This is not good... the weather is terrible, we need at least three days for the spare parts to be shipped here...", G36 made Kalina aware that she had awaken. "Ahh! The reboot sequence finished?", G36 greeted Kalina properly, asked why she looked so distressed and offered her service if she needs help. However before G36 can finish her sentence Kalina interrupted her: "You see, G36... you have to stay on standby at the base for these two days...". Kalina further explained that her left arm appears operational but it is missing a few critical parts and as for now, it cannot handle any real tasks let along combat, due to the poor weather conditions she won't even be able to get spare parts nor spare dummy units for a couple of days.

G36 accepted this and commented on the light headed feeling she got, "Mmmm... your braid was also damaged together with your arm. Your squad couldn't recover the broken parts because they had to retreat in a hurry.". G36 understood what this meant, Kalina reminded G36 to rest and not to worry about others for now, as it is an order coming directly from the Commander, delivered the message, Kalina left the repair bay to proceed with other tasks. Left by herself, G36 made an attempt to lift her weapon, her left arm made some unpleasant mechanical noise, but her rifle would not move. G36 is still a little bit unwilling to accept this situation, she mumbles to herself saying that there must be something she could do, something she could help others with, especially in a dire time like this...

Stage 2[edit]

PSG arrived at the cafe after hearing from G36C the whereabouts of her echelon leader. Springfield greeted PSG, however G36 is not there, Springfield would however be happy to deliver any message PSG leaves. Having heard the base announcement message, Springfield understood that PSG is short on time as PSG was called for a new mission assembling in ten minutes. PSG's message for G36 is an apology, Springfield also heard about the turn of event yesterday, a standard reconnaissance mission, but unfortunately stumbled upon a large contingent of enemy units, and G36 was critically wounded while trying to cover a squad members. PSG expressed that she wants to boost G36's morale a little bit, since that she was acting rather strangely the even before the mission, it felt like she was troubled by something lately.

The announcement broadcast called again, Springfield comforted PSG, saying that she shouldn't blame herself too much for what happened, after all defeating the enemies at the last possible moment was quite an astonishing feat, after the encouragement, PSG departed to her mission brief. Not a moment later the Commander entered the cafe for his usual break, caught sight of PSG departing and eventually came to understood that PSG was here regarding what happened to G36.

PSG didn't miss G36 by much, G36 actually went on a fetch task for Springfield just two minutes ago, however she bumped in to XM8 outside the store room and the two quickly clashed into arguments. Despite being an advanced model with great performance, XM8's lazy and carefree attitude had always irritated G36, with the base announcement message broadcasted and XM8 still wandering around away from the briefing room, G36 finally spoke up against her carefree squad member's attitude, "There was always a limit to a T-Doll's ability, you should take a good look at yourself instead of forcing yourself to do what you cannot and getting blown up for it.". XM8's snarky remarks had truly angered G36, she raised her hand about to discipling her squad member, but just to hesitate and stop her hand in mid air. G36C makes an entrance and interrupts the two, confused by what she is witnessing, 36C inquires about the situation. G36 snapped back to her usual self, apologized and left the scene to finish her delivery.

"Phew..." XM8 sighs with relief after narrowing escaping her fate of tasting the back of G36's hand, 36C inquires about what just transpired, "Nothing much really... what's up with your sis recently... is she finally at her limits?". 36C criticizes XM8, saying that she know full well that G36 isn't at her best right now, XM8 really shouldn't provoke her like this. "Well, someone has to make the first step, unless you have a better plan?", 36C is speechless after hearing this.

Stage 3[edit]

G36 recalled XM8's words and lost in thought. Commander later found her spacing out in the corridor. He asked her what's wrong, and offered to lend her an ear, saying that it's his duty as a superior to help his subordinates solve their problem. Springfield joined the talk and invited them to talk in the cafe. G36 began to talked about her problem, and the Commander listened carefully. "Becoming stronger isn't a personal matter, but it is something that relies on everyone's strength." Commander asked her to take the digimind upgrade, and she accepted it.

Stage 4[edit]

In the Griffin base, G36 came to see the Commander after being noticed of a new mission. Commander surprised about her drastic change and asked if she's not going to reattach her braid. "I’d like to keep this hairstyle. Both as a keepsake of this incident, and a reminder to myself," she answered. The next day, XM8 visited the cafe and smelled something weird but pleasant. G36C told her that it came from the gardenia flower that her sister brought upon completing her mission. G36 added that a young boy he escorted yesterday gave it to her as a thanks and surprised XM8 by her change of appearance. Then G36 thanked XM8 that her harsh words gave her the push to took the decision to became stronger. "I want to change my habit of taking everything onto myself and work with my comrades more often... That way, I should be able to do more things, just like when I’m with the Commander."

Costume story: Bartender[edit]

G36 was chosen to accompany the Commander during the Phantom of the Opera stage play.

Without a T-Doll's mechanical body physique and any form of bike riding (At least not riding at this speed) experience of the past, the Commander was left staggered after getting off MG AEK-999Thumb button.pngAEK-999 's sports bike. G36 approached after seeing her Master arriving at their rendezvous point, she is not in her usual G&K issue outfit, her attire is a set of nicely tailored suit instead, the Commander did not recognize her at first. The two entered the theatre where HG ContenderThumb button.pngContender 's play was screened, G36 offered to refurbish the Commander's physical appearance, the high speed biking session did effect the Commander's imaging, such as the wind-blown hairstyle and messed up outfits, on top of disorientating effects to the neural senses, with a messy attire like this, the Commander risk being rejected from entering the theatre.

G36 lead the Commander to the restroom, in the corridor G36 mentioned that the Commander should probably perform a full body check-up to ensure the body functions remains nominal, she also mentioned that she will have a 'word' with this rampaging biker who offered the ride. Arriving at the dressing table, the Commander is astonished by the amount of items G36 carried with her, items such as wet towelettes, foaming cleansers, hair wax and even what appears to be a miniature clothes iron were all presented on the table. The Commander comments on how she is able to carry all these things despite she is wearing a tailored suit with very little carrying capacity, to which G36 replied saying it is a classified technology information, but she is willing to put forward a request to the HQ and have appropriate personal demonstrate it to the Commander.

The Commander quickly diverted the topic away from this after hearing this reply, the next topic of debate is regarding G36's attires, he made comments stating she appears more like a butler, G36 replied that this is strictly speaking a covert operation but they are still out representing G&K as a company, this outfit was her choice in the end. Upon closer examinations of her attire, the Commander is even more astonished and proposed that one might wish employ G36's service as a Butler if she is no longer a T-doll, G36 replied that she will put this offer to consideration after her retirement from service one day. With the Commander's appearance restored, the two entered the auditory to enjoy screen play.


During the rest session G36 was ordered to patrol outside the auditory, at this point SMG ThompsonThumb button.pngThompson  contacted via radio. She brought some bad news, bombs have been located in the VIP lounge on the second floor, she also caught sight of a couple of suspicious personal sneaking nearby, she thinks they are the saboteurs and she is following them to see what they are up to, G36 will have to handle the bomb diffusing task. Hearing this, G36 worked her way up to the VIP lounge, she swiftly located and gathered all the bombs she found, she estimates that the amount of explosives can easily cause serious damage to the structure. During her bomb diffusing work the sound of children crying reached her ears, she discovered a lost boy who was separated from her parents while the guests were leaving the building. She is unable to leave the boy by himself but she still have a few bombs to diffuse, she comforted the boy and promised that she will help him find his parents after she finishes her work, the boy stopped sobbing and agreed.

15 minutes later G36 finished her diffusing work, she deposited the bombs in a container and marked it for reclamation when the audiences departs the theatre. She contacted Thompson to exchange situation reports, Thompson said she followed the suspects back to their HQ, but the cops claimed all the credits. She also commented on one of the grunts revealed the amount of bombs in the theatre, a total of eight bombs were planted, one more than the amount G36 diffused. Thompson urged her to hurry, before the next set of guests sits down for the following screen play.

G36 immediately returned in the lounge in search of the last bomb, she looked over all the previously checked places as well as new possible locations. She sets her gaze upon the large and soft sofas in the president room of the VIP lounge, after brief search along the edges she quickly located the bomb hidden inside the sofa, the bomb panel display timer is less than 30 seconds! Knowing that there isn't enough time to diffuse, she suddenly remembered an artificial lake right behind the theatre, she decided to dispose the bomb there. She sprinted at her top speed towards the window at the end of the hallway, opened the window and launched the bomb outside. The little boy from earlier saw G36 and asked "Are you leaving now?", G36 didn't have time to react, she reached the boy and dived towards him, shielding him from the imminent blast wind.

"This is the live wire of the explosive... That was a close one, but I will protect everyone."

The corridor glass windows shattered with the bomb detonation, broken shards launched everywhere, G36 got up and checked whether the boy was hurt or not, seeing the boy almost at tears again, G36 quickly made up a lie: "Sorry that stage effect gotten a little out of hand.", she also offered her napkins for the boy to dry his tears, the two now departs to find the boy's parents as she promised.

After the operation the Commander found G36 again outside the theatre, seeing that she suffered minor scratches from the flying glass shards, the Commander expressed worries when heard the bomb detonation after knowing G36 was tasked with bomb diffusing work. G36 suddenly felt ashamed of herself for disappointing the Commander by missing out a bomb, the Commander comforted her saying her task was complete, she saved a theatre building and prevented a lot of possible civilian casualties. To convince G36, the Commander pointed to the other side of the street, the boy G36 rescued earlier can be seen next to his parents, he is waving at G36 before their departure, "Thank you- Onii-chan Big brother-". Both the Commander and G36 was shocked by this sudden remark, "...", "Don't you want to go and explain this?", "I'll let it slide... This time.", after a day of successful acts, G&K dolls and their commander returned to their base.

Costume story: Pure White Cornflower[edit]

In attempt to advertise G&K, a few T-Dolls was chosen as wedding dress models, G36 was one of them.

During an unusual mission, instead of being used as weapons for war, G&K T-Dolls were used as costume models for wedding dress photography. One of the chosen candidates was G36, the Commander caught her lost in her thoughts on the sofa in the corridors of the photography studio. Seeing her master's arrival, G36 regained her focus and was about greet the Commander properly, the Commander stopped her, claiming that it must be uncomfortable in the outfit so there is no need to be so formal right now.

G36 had done all the shots in this area, her photographer left to procure scenes for the next shooting session and asked her to remain here for. G36 is not in her usual self today, the Commander asked whether the work was to the photographer's satisfaction, G36 replied saying that she is unsure since she have never done anything like this before, she felt into deep thoughts again after this. There is clearly something on G36's mind today, the Commander inquired whether there were any problems during the photo shooting, after regaining G36's attention from her wondering thoughts for the second time. To which G36 comment saying that the photographers have been nice and everything is proceeding smoothly, at least for her that is. G36 asked how the things were going on the Commander's end, she can still check for dangerous articles within the studio such as explosives while she is in between shooting sessions, the Commander stated that they will be informed if abnormal situations were to develop, for now just concentrate on the photo shoots.

A studio worker approached and said: "Everything is prepared Ms G36, sorry we've kept you waiting, let us continue the shoot.", "Ok, so I will be going now Master." G36 stood up, reached for her dragging wedding dress skirt. "I will get that for you." the worker said. "Ahh, right.", just a slight gaze towards the back, making sure her skirt was not touching the floor, she proceeded towards the booth at the end of the corridor. Sensing that something is definitely amiss, the Commander sneakily followed G36 into the booth.

"The next shot will be on the bay window! Ms G36 please take a seat on there." the photographer said. G36 approached the bay window, the height of it is almost over her chest, just when she was about to climb a worker stopped her: "Wait Ms G36, that's too dangerous!", "Don't worry... I think I can do it.", another worker handed over a chair, "We can't let our clients do such a dangerous and difficult task, you are the client here, let us handle it.", G36 agreed to it. She climb on the bay window, sat down and posed in the motion the photographer requested. She gazed upon the Commander, the Commander waved, she quickly looked away. Couple of photos later the photographer said it is no good, G36 looks way too tense in the photos, could she smile like in the shots this morning, G36 couldn't reply. The photographer asks whether she was tired from the work, whether she needed a rest, upon hearing these words a studio worker went to fetch a bench from the booth, the Commander offered help.

Seeing the Commander getting worked up for her, G36 lost some of her usual composure, she quickly stood up and expresses that she can carry on working, there is no need for a rest. But she seem to have forgotten she is still on the bay window, she lost her balance and was about to fall. The Commander reacted quickly and caught the falling G36, she felt right into the Commander's arms. Very embarrassed at this point, she apologized for her rash actions, the Commander just told her to get some rest and he will speak to G36 about this privately. The two sat down on a sofa in the studio, G36 remained quiet while the Commander attempt to soothe her emotions. The corner of her eyes appeared slightly red, she apologised for her sub optimal performances, while the Commander just wishes to know what is happening to her.

"Found this petal still stuck in my hair after we came back, I'll keep this as a souvenir."

G36 replied that she felt she might not be the best candidate for the mission today, she didn't do a lot ever since she arrived at the studio, whether be dressing or make-ups, the studio workers had it all covered, all she was told to do was sit down and pose. The Commander realised G36 being such a busybody everyday serving everyone else, to have her change position from serving to being served, it is obviously difficult to adjust. The Commander apologised for not being able to understand her uneased feelings sooner, the Commander explained that this work is an important advertisement opportunity for G&K, the studio workers are trying their best to relegate duties from the models, so that the models can focus on posing and photo shooting.

Soothed and comforted, G36 walked back to the shooting stage. She stopped half way through, she thanked the Commander for being with her at the studio today, to which the Commander replied it was an honor to see her in such a lovely dress. G36 stopped for a second, the tears had yet to dry from the corner of her eyes, she then revealed the most genuine smile. This moment was captured by the photographer and this piece of memory was forever recorded by the picture.

Costume story: Fifty Days with G36[edit]

A handful of hardworking and high contributing T-Dolls of Neo G&K were chosen for a beach vacation, G36 was one of them.

After what seemed to be an eternity of hard work, the Commander finally earned a well deserved summer holiday, but it certainly did not feel like a holiday, after all the Commander have to choose a place to go and a list of T-Dolls to accompany him. To an extend the preparation work before the trip is just as long-winded and painful as the campaign in Sector S09 a couple months back... The Commander wondered around the base procrastinating and lost in thoughts, eventually he found himself caught by G36 as he stepped in the G&K staff kitchen.

"Guten Morgen, master.", G36 greeted the Commander and sensed his troubles, she offered her help to her officer and delegate some of his burdens. There are only a few T-Dolls in G&K are as hard working and earnest as G36, the Commander shared his concerns with his trusted maid. "How about... we go to the beach for the holiday?", G36 suggested, since everyone had seen a beach on movies, but to see a real unpolluted beach front in real life will surely boost the morale. Coming to an agreement, G36 quickly agreed to help the Commander with the holiday preparations too, but after she delivers today's breakfasts, she departed after bowing to her master.


Everything went so much easier with G36's help, the very next day the Commander and the group of selected T-Dolls found themselves arrived at a real beach. G36 is in her summer outfit, she reported to the Commander on the beach front. The day will go according to schedule, T-Dolls can spend the day at their will, other than the planned group activity at night the Commander is also free to suggest activities through out the day. As for meals, G36 had prepared everything from lunch to snacks, dinner will be provided by the company on the plane.

The Commander asked whether G36 will be enjoying herself, she may be dressed up for the summer but it doesn't look like she came here for a holiday. "Of course not, I came here so I can continue to assist everybody, I will continue to serve so that everyone can have a pleasant holiday.", the Commander asked her to relax a little, after all she was on the list of invited T-Dolls. Being the kind hearted T-Doll she is, she merely commented that she will continue to assist everybody, prepare snacks, set up shades, she is happy as long as everyone else is happy. Even though the Commander told her she needn't be as tense as everyday, he felt like G36 didn't changed her mind, after all if she finds joy in assisting others, no one should take that happiness away from her, G36 departed to carry on her tasks.


But soon the Commander had to step in. "Commander--! This is bad!", HG P38Thumb button.pngP38  ran across the beach in panic, as the Commander is enjoying his slush ice with MG AmeliThumb button.pngAmeli , "G36 short circuited herself!", hearing this, the Commander jumped up on his feet and followed P38's lead... She is under the shades of an umbrella, her condition looked terrible, "G36 are you ok? Can you hear me?", the Commander approached the heated maid. G36 apologised for troubling her master, it would appear she overheated herself, she expressed that she will get back to work soon, she still has so much work to do. No matter what the Commander says, the maid is unwilling to abandon her post, even though she is in this kind of conditions. "If anything happens to you, you won't be able look after everyone, everyone will be looking after you.", the Commander finally convinced the maid to rest, by asking her to sit right here and view the ocean together, with him.

"Before that Commander...", the maid has one more request in mind. "I made two extra ice slush, those two T-Dolls are our guests right...?" G36 points at the two DEFY dolls who are currently enjoying a friendly volley ball match against the G&K dolls, "Please deliver these to the two, we must leave a good impression of G&K for our guests...". The Commander departs to deliver the ice slush, how can we make G36 relax a little? He thought about this question on the way there and on the way back, he could not figure out an answer. When the Commander returned, G36 is already looking a lot better.

"Feeling better are we? Did you view the ocean like I asked?"

"It's beautiful, I never imagined there are places like this in real life...", the maid continued, "I also never imagined I'd be assigned under a caring Master like you..."

"Ehh... Not only I fainted, I also caused quite a bit of trouble for everyone... I have to plan some cooling solution ahead next time."

Cooled down a little, the maid prepares to continue with her work, the Commander expressed his concerns, he can still physically feel the heat emitted from the maid. "Don't worry, I won't push myself over the limit, Master. I will face my work with my best conditions, have faith in me.", she said as she faced the Commander, her azure eyes shone even brighter than the ocean behind her. She quickly returned to her work after the brief conversation.


It is good that she did not experience any more overheating problems for the rest of that day... After the volleyball match, the dolls enjoyed the rest of their holiday, ate more ice slush, swam in the ocean, prepared and enjoyed a bonfire at night, listened to a live performance of an aspiring idol...


Returned from the holiday, the Commander is now facing an additional bill, after all the holiday dolls did cause a little bit of devastation to the environment while enjoying themselves... The Commander felt a little bit dizzy after seeing the digits on the bill... G36 approached the Commander, "Are you ok Master, you don't look very pleased.". The Commander said there are nothing to worry about, after all they are back to the everyday work. "Your expressions tells me something is troubling you... Did we not agree to delegate some of your duties to me?", Looks like to stop overworking our G36, we have start from to stop overworking ourselves... With this newly added bill, the short summer holiday came to an end.