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Entropic Ranko

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Entropic Ranko
Entropic Ranko
Full name Entropic Ranko
Affiliation Entropics
Class Sniper
Artist Unknown

Entropic Ranko is an Entropic enemy in Project Neural Cloud. She is the corrupted version of Ranko.

Stats / Data[edit]

Entropic Ranko is classified as Special.

  • Death Spiral (4s): Releases a bolt of entropic lightning that initially deals Operand damage equal to 200% Hashrate and bounces to the closest enemy target after hitting. It can bounce up to 3 times and damage is decreased by 50% after each bounce.
  • Dark Tide Bulwakr: Generates an HP Shield based on 300% Hashrate after Auto Skill inflicts 15 instances of damage. When the SHield is broken, deal Operand Damage equal to 250% Hashrate on all enemies within a 1 tile radius and stuns them for 1 seconds.
  • Entropic Mitosis: Every ally unit that dies permanently increases the number of times Death Spiral can bounce by 1.
  • Baneful Calling (8s): Knock back enemies within 1 tile and deal Operand Damage equal to 250% Hashrate to all enemies on the field, then summon up to 6 Entropic Owl Statues around self at random positions. Entropic Ranko's Auto Skill is not affected by the Entropic Owl Statues.


Entropic Ranko is the boss of Inverted Mordent Resonance Stage 4. NPCs Sol and Nascita are provided in the player's team for this fight.