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General info[edit]

Also known as: Terras, 陆生の洲川 and 陆川阁

Has also created designs for Azur Lane.

Artist typically referred to just as 'Terras'. As a contributing artist of Girls' Frontline, he has designed various T-Dolls as well as some of the HOC units, specifically BGM-71, AGS-30, 2B14 and AT4.

Where to find[edit]

洲川Terras worked on the following assets[edit]

The artist may only be responsible for some of the illustrations. Please see the linked page for details.


Thumb button.pngAlma1021 Thumb button.pngSAR-21237 Thumb button.pngSPAS-12162 Thumb button.pngTAC-50222 


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HOC Units[edit]

2B14ID: 33AGS-30ID: 23AT4ID: 52BGM-71ID: 12


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