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AGS-30 Live2D
AGS-30 Atlant
Gun Information
Full name AGS-30 Atlant
Country of origin USSR[1]
Manufacturer KBP Instrument Design Bureau[2]
Game Information
Index 2
Faction Griffin and Kryuger
Manufacturer WAVE
Voice actor -TBA-
Artist 洲川Terras
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN, JP

Unit introduced initially with the general Heavy Ordnance Corps feature.

How to obtain[edit]

DORMITORY Obtainable by collecting fragments in dormitory. See Heavy Ordnance Corps for more information.

REWARD Not obtained as a reward.


 Support Range
 Ammo (refill)
 Ration (refill)
3 nodes 60(x1) / 600(full) 80(x1) / 400(full)
Shelling Damage
27 78
Defense Piercing
49 144
Shelling Accuracy
67 198
Reload Speed
130 386

Ranking bonus[edit]

Promotions above five orange stars will give the HOC unit a bonus to its stats. The stats for each iteration are as follows:

Iteration Lethality Σ 24 Pierce Σ 36 Precision Σ 51 Reload Σ 79
1 ★★★★ 2 15
2 ★★★★ 4 8
3 ★☆★★★ 3 8
4 ★★★★★ 3 6 12
5 ★★☆★★ 4 13
6 ★★★★★ 12
7 ★★★☆ 4 10 12
8 ★★★★ 16
9 ★★★★☆ 8 16 16
10 ★★★★★ 18

Chip Set Bonus[edit]

The minimum stat values of all installed Chips to reach the stat cap are listed in the following table. Please see HOC Chip Matrix for further details.

Lethality Pierce Precision Reload
42.4 52 48 93.2





Weapon Background[edit]

The AGS-30 Atlant is a Russian-designed automatic grenade launcher. Following the unpleasant defeat during the First Chechen war, the newly reformed Russian army was in need of new weapon concepts and combat tactics. KBP instrumental design bureau produced AGS-30 on their previous grenade launcher AGS-17, it's development was at result the usage of the AGS-17 in Afghanistan, the KBP Instrument Design Bureau immediately began work on the new grenade launcher. The Russian army needed a weapon that could easily flush militants out of their fortified building hideouts, levelling them in seconds. AGS-30 entered service around 1995 and officially adopted in 2002. Adopted by the Russian Interior Ministry Troops.

Similar to AGS-17, AGS-30 is also a blowback operated automatic grenade launcher, capable of launching 30x29mm calibre grenades at 400 rounds per minute. AGS-30 however provides better mobility, longer range and better accuracy during firing, covering up to 2100 metres of effective range. Significantly lighter than its previous version but far more advanced and powerful, the AGS-30 uses approximately 40% less parts, weighs 30 kg loaded. AGS-30's feeding mechanism is similar to its predecessor, it uses AGS-17's grenade belt, consist of 29 grenades per belt, AGS-30 however has access to a drum magazine, which simplifies the process of logistics. Another improvement to the weapon is its ability to stay undetectable by the enemy—reduced sound when firing, reduced flash and the lightning speed of the grenade make the AGS-30 very hard to detect.

Light weight and easily assembled on the field, it can be deployed within 30 seconds and operated from almost everywhere, attaching it to a window, mud and grassy surfaces. The weapon is typically operated by a team of two or three members, but it can be carried and operated by just one person. The new design proved to be reliable and lethal. Aside from infantry usage, AGS-30 can also be attached to combat vehicles such as APCs as a top mount weapon. Which it will receive access to larger capacity munition chains and more accurate aiming.[1]


  • Out of all the HOC's currently, AGS-30 is the only HOC who have received names by their artist, very subtly in a picture. Their name actually makes up the Acronym for the weapon they're operating, Alina, Galina and Sonya.
  • They're the first HOC to receive Live2D model.