Heavy Ordnance Corps Chip Matrix

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"We're not at an optimal state yet, commander."

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Chips will be used for HOC units similar to equipment for T-Dolls


  • General describtion of the HOC Chip Matrix
    • Different Forms
    • Origin Pentomino[1]
  • How values are calculated (Chip Maxvalue / 20 is the general first value)
  • Each square of a Chip stands for a value
  • Fill up HOC with some low-rarity Chips first
  • Collect 5-star Chips
  • Fill HOC units with 6-5 square 5 star Chips
  • Are colour bonuses HOC dependant?
  • Backlink to parts of Heavy Ordnance Corps
  • Talk about HOC units which are not able to reach all stats full with Chips
    • Important: Note this on the HOC unit's page, too!

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  1. Wikipedia entry on Pentomino