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Yelena Profile Quotes


The A-PST line of TV host Dolls was specially made for entertainment programs by Cyber Media. However, a poor market response and work efficiency that was far below expectations caused the line to be returned to the drawing board for improvement, and the A-PST(Di) was the first of the line's successors. Yelena, as the unit was called, was developed to address the needs of the show "The Voice of Destiny" and in order to solve the two challenges of being a TV show host and a fortune-teller, the development branch designed a brand new data computational framework and packaged it as a divination module. Fundamentally, its purpose was the analysis and processing of large quantities of data. With sufficient data, the accuracy of the A-PST(Di)'s predictions far surpassed those of human fortune-tellers.

However, due to a set of irreproducible circumstances and a collaboration between Cyber Media and Universal Anything Services, Yelena ultimately left the cast of "The Voice of Destiny" and went into the finance industry instead. Afterward, she was recommended to join Project Neural Cloud due to the unique nature of her data processing framework.

Doll Profile 1[edit]

In the early stages of the A-PST (Di)'s development, the development team found that the biggest obstacle to their progress was how exactly they should design the Doll to be an effective fortune-teller. During the brainstorming phase, they debated highly controversial proposals and some that might even have been considered beyond the bounds of conventional logic. Considering elements such as military-grade interrogation routines modified for conversational use or biochemical functions adapted from pharmacological applications were all a sign of their vexation and the proximity to illegality they reached. These debates raged until an intern complained, "Can someone PLEASE tell us what the heck we should do? A fortune-telling Doll is way too abstract of a concept!"

As it happened, posing a question, seeking an answer, and getting a solution was exactly what human beings required of fortune-telling, and having stumbled into the right frame of mind, the design team soon put together a design approach—they would use information collected from fortune-seekers, compile them into a database, filter and select examples for analysis, then obtain a practical answer through scientific and rational means before packaging it in occult terminology. Thus, the design plan for the refurbished A-PST, the A-PST(Di) Doll Yelena, was reviewed and implemented.

Doll Profile 2[edit]

After Cyber Media assigned Yelena to the cast of "The Voice of Destiny" her virtues as a TV show host soon became evident—her stage persona was flawless, her acting abilities were excellent, and she had outstanding control over the audience. Yelena's performance breathed new life into a dated show.

However, this honeymoon period did not last long. After tasting the fruits of her talents, the cast decided to activate Yelena's fortune-telling abilities and reinvent her as a combination of both host and fortune-teller, but then they started running into issues. After she performed a divination, huge contradictions would come up in Yelena's Doll functions and her neural cloud's self-perception. They became so severe that they even began to affect her originally-stable work as a show host. As a result, Cyber Media heeded the cast's request and performed multiple rounds of maintenance and repair on her, but they could not remedy the issue. Since Yelena could not handle being both a fortune-teller and a TV show host, Cyber Media offered to recall Yelena, but ultimately, the show's crew did not take them up on their offer. In order to help improve Yelena's skills, the crew invited the famous fortune-teller Luna to work with Yelena, in the hopes that Luna's fortune-telling would help clear up Yelena's confusion. However, it was this collaboration that ultimately led to Yelena quitting the cast of "The Voice of Destiny".

Doll Profile 3[edit]

In the end, Yelena did not stay with "The Voice of Destiny". After parting on amicable terms with her manager and the cast, Cyber Media arranged for her to transfer into a financial company under Universal Anything's banner, where she and Lam became colleagues. After transferring to a radically different line of work, Yelena initially expected that she would no longer have anything to do with fortune-telling. However, she discovered that not only did fortune-telling still exist, but it had long since become part of everything around her.

Outside of using her database, Yelena discovered the joy of fortune-telling on her own. She began immersing herself in it like an ordinary person, saying things like "My left side lens being a little loose is a sign of good fortune. If my right lens is loose, then fortune-telling is nothing more than mysticism!"

These peculiar neural cloud activities helped Yelena's feelings develop. With her knowledge of fortune-telling no longer limited to the perspective that Luna taught her, she came up with her own approach toward the subject. Although she was limited by her promise to never tell fortunes again, she had already gained a treasure that far exceeded mere fortune-telling.

Doll Profile 4[edit]

Yelena ceaselessly reviewed her own functions and her perception of the world throughout the course of her journey from Cyber Media to Project Neural Cloud. In particular, making friends and interacting with Luna led to Yelena gradually developing a new understanding of fortune-telling and gradually unravelling the cognitive contradictions that used to bind her. Yelena finally discovered her own preferences amidst the sea of information that surrounded her. No longer was she caught up on how she should fulfill the aims that the design team gave her; instead, she approached the problem from the opposite angle, learning how to best utilize her existing functions to develop her own preferences and separate them from her work tasks in a rational manner. From that point of view, the growth of Yelena's neural cloud was much more human-like than the vast majority of Dolls.

That point was affirmed in the most concrete of fashions after Yelena arrived in the cloud server—being a body shaped by the thoughts and desires of a Doll, Yelena's neural projection depicted her as a fortune-teller, perfectly summarizing what Yelena was thinking about at that point.

Doll Profile 5[edit]

Yelena's journey through life has been fraught with ups and downs, and even her career in the Oasis ended up being quite unique. In addition to being a major pillar of the Finance Department, she is also one of the two owner-operators of the Oasis' Fortune-Telling Emporium and the owner of Oasischan's Neural Cloud Emotional Section, which helps agents who have been caught up in logic loops. When Dolls experience logical conflicts, their issues often end up being much harder to resolve compared to those of humans. Yelena's arrival helped a great deal with maintaining the mental health of the Oasis, and the Medical Department once considered giving Yelena an honorary consultant title during their seasonal symposiums. That said, it's unclear whether they wanted to award her the title because of her contributions to resolving mental issues, or because the Medical Department's budget went up by 20% since her arrival.

"Stating problems and solving them. The truth is, what I need to do and what I want to do haven't changed at all. I've simply found a better way to carry out my purpose and my desires."
–"Willow's Doll Interviews, featuring the A-PST(Di)"