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Yelena Profile Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Morning Play Good morning, Professor. The moon has set, the sun has risen, the past is gone, the future has come, and a brand new day has begun.
Afternoon Play You've been working hard today, Professor! Fortune favors the diligent and the cheerful!
Evening Play Whether they're humans or Dolls, their feelings become more sensitive when night falls, and at times like these, we can often uncover certain things which are hidden.
Night Play In reality, "The Voice Of Destiny" would have started airing already. I still have some taped episodes. If you can't sleep, would you like to watch them with me, Professor?
Main Interface Voice Play Hmm~ Something good's going to happen to you soon, Professor... Hehehe, that wasn't fortune-telling; it's merely the result of analyzing the collected data available to me. You don't believe me? Then please look forward to it.
Play You wish to know your fortune? I can't decide your future, Professor, but I believe the tapestry you weave will be more dazzling than the result of any divination.
Play Asleep already? Honestly, you've left yourself wide open to me.
Play Would you like to go look around elsewhere? I've already committed the layout of the entire Oasis to heart. After all, it's useful information!
Interactive Voice Play Humph, there's no need to guess. Your intentions are written all over your face!
Play Hmm, that won't do. Peeking at the cards ahead of time is a great taboo of fortune-telling.
Play Mhm? Is there something you want to do?
Relationship Dialogues Play What kind of fortune would you like told? Your marriage prospects? Your career? Honestly, I'm a little surprised. I didn't think someone like you would be interested in fortune-telling, Professor. All this time, I've told fortunes for people who have had no confidence in themselves or their lives. Perhaps this might reveal a hidden side of you... Hehe, are you feeling nervous? I was just kidding. That said, while I might be unable to continue telling fortunes in reality, I have a chance to use it to bring some joy and laughter to others on the cloud server at the very least. That seems pretty good too.
Play You think my previous style of fortune-telling was not lying to, but rather helping people? ...Your attitude seems quite different from the others, Professor. Of course, I think so too. Not everybody has the courage to face life head-on. I simply want to give them the strength to do so in this way. They don't even need to believe it. It's enough if they think, "My fortune says my luck is going to get better", even for just a moment.
Play This won't do, Professor. It might be ancient history, but I still used to be the host for a popular show after all. However, you don't seem the least bit reverent, and that makes me feel hurt and frustrated. Why don't we perform a little reading? I might be a bit rusty, and I might get some things wrong, but it'll be fun, don't you think? Now, between the two of us, who do you think will first become a fan of the other?
Play You want to know why I don't do fortune-telling in the real world anymore? That's because I accepted the challenge of a great fortune-teller and lost. Anyway, I don't regret accepting that challenge even if I've lost the right to involve myself with fortune-telling or even talk about anything related to it. That stuff is not important, because that was the first time I threw away the pure logical tools granted to me by my systems and instead used the emotional side of my neural cloud to embrace the study of the occult. Although it didn't turn out too well, I was very happy. Fortune-telling really is fun.
Play What drew me to the occult was its strange and subtle logic and its ability to influence the neural cloud. Because of a single guess or phenomenon, we search our hearts endlessly to find some meaning for it and to validate it, which in turn spurs us to move forward. It's just like this very moment, Professor... Right now, there are many ways to interpret the self-image you have chosen to project, but I'm willing to magnify your air of mystery so I can wholeheartedly accept its charm. Professor, how do I look in your eyes?
Moods Play Fufufu.
Play Oh?
Accept Play
Agree Play
Appreciate Play
Feeling Play
Oath Play A divination is merely a glimpse of the whole and not the whole itself. I can see a fraction of future possibilities, but the full scenery of the future remains as murky as always. Will you bear witness to it with me? You and I, traveling together, turning the future into the past and the murky into the distinct.
Obtain Play I'm grateful to destiny for guiding us to this encounter. My name is Yelena, and if you feel lost or wish to unburden yourself of anything, you can feel free to have a chat with me. I would be glad to hear you out.
Neural Cloud


Neural Cloud

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Potential Breakthrough Play The thread of destiny that I can see has grown sharper.
Neural Expansion Play There are more things I can influence now.
Max Neural Expansion
Play I will do my best to guide the thirst in others for the future so as to witness more happy endings.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Join Team Play It can't be helped. I'll agree to it this time.
Battle Start Play Let's see, how will the gears of fate turn this time?
Ultimate Skill Play This was the predicted outcome.
MVP1 Play Everyone's hard work led to this outcome.
MVP2 Play I was merely a piece needed in the puzzle of victory.


That's right... This is... the Tower...


I'm doing this for your sake.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Christmas Play Found you! Merry Christmas! Mhm, are you surprised? Given my understanding of you, I figured that during a major festival, you'd prioritize taking care of others' affairs. Honestly, having such a hardworking superior is quite vexing, so I had no choice but to find you first. This is your present! Please accept it!
Halloween Play Fufufu, good evening, Professor! Please don't tell me you don't have candy ready. If that really is the case, then you know what your destiny tonight will be like even without me saying anything, right?
New Year Play The future of one year is written in the passing of the last, so what direction will you steer the new year in? I'm looking forward to seeing it, Professor. I hope you'll leave me a seat to witness it with you.
Tanabata Play The crescent moon is bright, and the night sky is clear. Although it seems as though the stars present a myriad of faces, the truth is they're actually rather bland and monotone. Do you find that banal? Many romantic tales and legends are merely the product of the human imagination, yet these fantasies have had a concrete impact on us. So tell me, Professor, do you think our destiny lies in the stars or in our hands?
Valentine Play Fate is like a box of chocolates. Even if you have an idea of what it tastes like from the wrapping, the moment when it enters your mouth will always surpass your expectations. Come, Professor. Open this chocolate and taste the flavor of our relationship for yourself.
Player's Birthday Play There won't be any fortune-telling today, only well-wishes. Happy birthday, Professor. Your future is filled with unlimited possibilities, so you don't need me to state predictions or give advice for it. In the days to come, I'm sure your life will be more exciting than I could possibly imagine.