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User:Veguaniel/List of T-Dolls endorsed and recommended by Veguaniel

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Literally a list of T-Dolls endorsed and recommended by Veguaniel, only a handful of dolls are awarded with this honourable certificate. Dolls are assessed on different criteria, including physical performance, emotional, story interactions/deeds as well as physique. Asorted alphabetically, the list makes references to story, turn away if not wanting to be spoiled! Also not immersive, occasional 4th wall breaking.


"This is classified information!"

This article contains spoilers. You have been warned.

List of Recommended dolls
Awarded dolls Some text Le graph
9A-91 costume1 S.png The cute and attached 9A had always been a personal favourite of mine, and she is the second doll to receive the OATH certificate from me. She appears to be introverted and her friend circle within G&K is rather limited, however this facade quickly crumbles when she approaches the Commander in person, soon one will realise behind this angelic and soft spoken girl, lurks a sly and mature woman, the race to the Commander's heart was over the moment 9A arrives at G&K's door step. Timid in appearance and spoken voice meant 9A is not the best choice for leading an echelon, nevertheless she is still capable of the basics, as demonstrated during Continuum Turbulence campaign. This 4* rated doll can and will perform to the Commander's expectation, on both tasks inside and outside of her field of expertise, and simply because she wishes to do so. The spectacular performance of Nakahara Mai gave 9A the softest voice possible amongst all the playable dolls, combined with the lovely maid costume, 9A is possibly the best T-Doll in G&K to keep by one's side.
AK-12 costume2 S.png Wait... we're not even allowed to command these high quality custom tailored law enforcement grade dolls, how did this DEFY character get in our base?! The fine line between gameplay and game story had been smudged, but you don't really care, because AK-12 is literally all you ever wanted in an assault rifle T-Doll. Latest automatic Kalashnikov franchise rifle, check, art work by one of the OG artist of Girls Frontline, check, literally the most broken AR type T-Doll, check, Silent Cyan costume, Hell yeah! As a member of DEFY, AK-12 might not get as much screen time as the protagonists AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1  or SMG UMP45Thumb button.pngUMP45 , but she surely left a deep impression from the moment she entered the game back in Singularity. After these custom made Bureau dolls flexed their combat superiority, you almost wished that Angie died in CT, just so we get to keep the two DEFY girls. Not a lot of things can keep hold of AK-12's interest, luckily she thinks highly of you, as G&K's base Commander, but watch out, the moment she open those bright violet eyes, this arctic wolf is about to rain a lot of deaths. (P.S. Waki Azumi did a real good job with AK-12's voice acting, 5/7)
AUG S.png Stoic and mysterious, the rainy April departed but the beautiful AUG arrived in May and brought another wave of rain. AUG reeks of death, both her enemies and her own, this fearless T-Doll served as Lieutenant to her squad captain RF IWS 2000Thumb button.pngIWS 2000  in the story. However to ensure mission completion and the safe extraction of her squadron, she paid the highest price a doll can be charged for, she lost her memory of the whole battle, and she did so without doubt and not a single sign of hesitation... By the way her bonus tile is pretty big, and it applies to every type of dolls, for those players who obtained AUG, it is highly recommended to level her.
DSR-50 S.png Yes... no, but yes. You know you probably shouldn't but you just can't help yourself... Yes...
G36 costume3 S.png A personal maid is always welcome, especially someone as competent as G36, from combat to logistics, housekeeping to cooking, G36 covers it all, a multirole doll at it's finest. The arrival of G36 is truly a blessing for all G&K Commanders, for she promised a lifetime of faithful servitude (Or even longer, dolls are strictly speaking immortal... So perhaps an Aeon of faithful servitude? Nice!). G36 presents herself to everyone the same way, kind, caring, competent, but strict, to earn the full respect of G36, you actually have to step up your game. Atlas the seemingly flawless maid has her limits, due to her selflessness G36 often overwork her own body. This is where you as the Commander should step in, those who cares for the others needs the most care, so go spend some time with Sier, learn some basics in T-Doll maintenance, change the fuel filter on the maid with your own hands, after all a master should care for their servants... Being an older generation doll her combat performance is slowly lacking behind, the newer AR dolls are just stronger and stronger, but thanks to Yuzhong we now have a chance of modifying our kind maid, so she continues to deliver A grade service.
G36C costume2 S.png For a civilian model doll to be installed with the strongest defensive system in I.O.P.'s arsenal, life must had been kind of tough for C-chan, for someone as timid as her are expected to soak up incoming damage. She adapted this life quickly though, through the guidance of her sister G36, C-chan slowly developed into one of the most courageous T-Dolls to ever serve G&K, offering her protection to all who are in need of it. The beautiful C-chan is just as kind and caring as her sister, once she is in your base, you're in for a good time, and a long time. By the way her best costume is the wedding dress, buy it and gift it to her, pick the dialog option tells that her she is beautiful.
K2 costume1 S.png Beneath Anmi's cute art style and Fujii Yukiyo's youthful voice, hides K2, the doll that represents the standard issue rifle for South Korea. She might not look like it, but she is a reliable senior, K2 is a seasoned veteran with quite a long service record. K2 won't hesitate to do what needs to be done, be it leading her juniors into battle, or dance as the star of the prom.
K5 costume1 S.png She is only here because I like lpip's art style... my poor K5 must have been stabbed and shot by Mk23 so many times now...
KSG S.png The stoic and solitary KSG, while the other dolls were playing around, she trained herself, while the other dolls were pranking each other on Halloween, she trained herself, now that S09 is swarming with KCCO and Paradeus forces, you have the audacity to beg her for help? She'll help of course, KSG always delivered whatever you asked, and whenever you ask. Do you want stuff done? Go to KSG, she will get it done for you. And after she is done, she will go back to training herself, so the next time you ask of the same task, she'll get it done in half of the time. Want someone to keep your blood thirsty MGs in check? KSG will handle it. Need someone to take shots head on? Leave it to KSG. Pesky Paradeus Gundams being too strong? Might want to send rifle dolls for that, KSG can't deal with those guys(yet).
LWMMG costume3 S.png It was literally by chance that LWMMG landed the hunting impulse skill, which saved her from the fate of being just another 2* fodder doll, well maybe the tile shape helped too. The fact is LWMMG is a high performing T-Doll, even if she doesn't think so herself. The greatest weakness for LWMMG, is the fact that she is socially awkward, her excessive selflessness had caused great pain for her friends and she can't even seem to realise it. With a bit of help from her big sisters, she was shown the correct way to interact with her friends and received a chance of digi-mind upgrade. LWMMG is now a dependable and reliable T-Doll who serves G&K.
M950A costume1 S.png Oh hey, one of those cheerful HG dolls, cool stuff!
MG5 costume1 S.png MG5 is strong, both in will and physique, she represents the finest 7.62mm calibre medium machinegun to ever grace NATO's arsenal, and she is most eager to prove herself in battle. A bit like KSG in a sense, incidentally the two have great bonus tile compatibility, cool stuff right? She wasn't kidding about herself being a weapon of all situations, above average stats, a passively procced skill and armor rating bonus tiles allows her to be in pretty much any SG/MG formation. Though one do have to be mindful around strong physiqued dolls designed to carry machineguns around.
Mk23 costume3 S.png This cat knows how to find her way into you, and will literally do anything to keep other HG T-Dolls away from you, including and not limited to hissing, shooting, stabbing, claw slashing, name calling and Golyat bomb throwing, if you're not careful you might just end up caught in the crossfire.
Mk48 S.png In the name of all entities holy and divine, Tachibana Rika's voice acting is literally flawless match for Mk48 (Refer to Halloween voiceline). The prideful, sexy, soft spoken and alluring Mk48 is also the physical manifestation of the concept danger. She can be difficult to for other dolls to get along with because she belittles everybody all the time, but she don't really care, she's just here for a fun time. The high performing Mk48 never fails to deliver the combat result you want, point her a direction and she will mow down everything that moves, for fun of course. If you like dangerous characters she is perfect, be mindful though, the moment you chose to open your heart to her, you'll realise she is the absolute worst type to fall in love with. The problem arise upon closer observation, Mk48 love her punishment game, both giving and receiving, but her body is strong but not robust, not enough to withstand the level of fun she wants to have. Mk48 belongs in the center of the stage, with all the spot lights shone on her and her alone, she is a raging fire, burning up everything around her, and eventually burning out herself, keep her safe, and cherish her while you still can.
MP7 costume1 S.png A beautiful shade of cherry crimson that graced our arsenal. The colour red usually represents youthfulness, liveliness and sunniness, MP7 fills all three categories. A smart T-Doll, it doesn't take long for MP7 to fit herself in within your base, be it making friends with the other dolls, or carrying out your missions with pinpoint precision. I don't actually consider her swimsuit costume story as canon, since I did not obtain SG AA-12Thumb button.pngAA-12  for a long time, theres no way she would be the no.1 contributing doll in battle if she isn't even part of my base... So the rough story goes as... MP7 is the top contributer in battle! She goes on the trip with a happy mood! She studied the art of ocean swimming within minutes and completed the side assignment from Persica! She tag teamed with AR G41Thumb button.pngG41  in the volleyball match against the overpowered DEFY captain AK-12! Ended with a draw though much to her dismay, not because G41 cannot perform at her level, purely because AK-12 is just too stronk... even with her improved mobility added with Moon Dancer... Everybody had food at the bonfire and happily ever after! The 1/10 danger rating is due to the fact that continuous consumption of extreme sour candies is harmful for the human mouth (speaking from experience). MP7 is a doll so she can keep doing it, you on the other hand can't, so it is actually pretty dangerous, be mindful of that next time she shoves that lollipop in your mouth.
OTs-12 costume1 S.png One of the more mysterious dolls in the entire G&K, literally nobody knows what Tiss is up to, because she is a secret weapon...
OTs-14 costume1 S.png The finest T-Doll in the history of... T-Dolls... Kind and caring, softly spoken, fine social skills, exceptional leadership capabilities, formidable performance and occasionally dropping hints, did I mention she cook as well...? Wait is she the reason why OTs-12 is so bad at everything in life? Compared to her sister (relationship unconfirmed!!!) Groza is superior in every aspect, compared to her distant relatives over at that other mobile game we don't talk about, she is still superior in every aspect, Jean Bart wishes she is half the woman Groza is. With the absent of AK-74(M), it would appear the heavy burden of leadership on all the Soviet/Russian origin dolls falls on Groza's shoulders, she is pretty good at it though. Unfortuantely, the relentless day and night operations had left her with terrible sleeping patterns, so get yourself off that chair, brew a cup of fine coffee for this talented secretary of yours.
RO635 S.png Good ol' 635, she might as well be the actual protagonist of this game, I mean who even likes the gloomy AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1  anyway. The initial impression of her can be a bit awkward, but over time her character developed and we are beginning to see the beauty within. This is one of the actively used end-game SMG dolls, and you get to keep her for free after progressing stories. Persica herself even mentions that 635 can literally serve as the template for a new generation of tactical dolls, bringing AR Team level of performance to a mass production level, with a custom tailored command module. By personality 635 radiates an overwhelming sense of justice, she sets out onto the battlefield to even the scales of light and dark. Through out the story she developed the concept of emotion, she learnt the value of friendship and lives, eventually she developed into the caring Onee-chan style character just for AR M4 SOPMOD IIThumb button.pngM4 SOPMOD II . The fact that she is also significantly bigger than all the other AR Team members is also a big bonus, this girl is really nice, highly recommended, keep her around for a while...
UMP40 S.png The very original UMP40 no longer exists, she perished due to cruel fates, but she faced it all without fear and hesitation, instead she placed all of her hope in SMG UMP45Thumb button.pngUMP45 .
Zas M21 costume2 S.png Ahh yes, DinerGenocidus5000... just kidding, Zas is really nice. When DSR, the Blackjack of anniversary costumes revealed herself, all the other dolls in that same costume pool lost their colours immediately, DSR's immaculate figures and her revealing dress utterly defeated every single girl on the stage except for one... Zas the White Queen unwaveringly stood her place, her layered dress, her chest ribbon, her... hourglass...? The point is the struggle between black and white continued to this very day, and Zas hasn't been pushed back a single millimeter of her ground, even against overwhelming body figures differences. Defined as Rational Surrealist, Zas runs purely on logics, it is after all pretty logical for the dolls to develop good affinity with the base Commander no? But watch out, that knife she keeps around looks pretty sharp! It might just end up in the wrong place should you make the wrong move around her.