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Template defining the general layout of an artist page.

Parameters will give additional information about the artist.

Units drawn by the artist will be determined by the unit linking to the artist's page.


Parameter name Required? Default value Description
name Yes (n/a) The name of the artist. This should at least be the page title without the Artist: prefix.
aliases No (n/a) A comma seperated list of aliases the artist uses.
info No (n/a) General information about the artist. You can use === Level 3 headlines === to group information.
links No (n/a) A list of links to where to find the artist like Weibo, Twitter or Pixiv. Use a bulleted list for all links.


See the template's testcases:

Parameter: General use case
Wiki code
|name    = Ki桑
|aliases = Kiiii, kü, Ki, ZAGALA, DOGALA, infukun
|info  = * Known for very cute drawings
* Likes pizza
|links = [https://en.gfwiki.com Right here]
Main version

General info[edit]

Also known as: Kiiii, kü, Ki, ZAGALA, DOGALA and infukun

  • Known for very cute drawings
  • Likes pizza

Where to find[edit]

Right here

Ki桑 worked on the following assets[edit]

The artist may only be responsible for some of the illustrations. Please see the linked page for details.


Thumb button.pngDana1022 Thumb button.pngElphelt1002 Thumb button.pngM4A155 Thumb button.pngM4 SOPMOD II56 Thumb button.pngMurata Himeko1007 Thumb button.pngSeele1008 Thumb button.pngUMP45103 Thumb button.pngUMP9101 


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HOC Units[edit]

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Sandbox version Template:Artist/sandbox

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