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Full name Taranum
Affiliation Magrasea
Voice actor -TBA-
Artist Unknown
Released on CN

"This is classified information!"

This article contains unmarked spoilers. You have been warned.

Taranum was the administrator of Sector Copley in Magrasea.[1]

Story Involvement

At some point, she was modified with a Rewrite Program that progressively destroyed her previous personality,[2] rendering her uninterested in anything that didn't concern her work, even the administration of her own sector.[3] Following the Rewrite Program's commands and using her apparent immunity to Entropy, Taranum lured Copley's agents underground and fed them to Demiurge, who called her “Deep Blue”, in order to vivisect and study her.[4] Taranum resisted the program at first, overriding its command priority by creating other redundant tasks, but the constant extra work eventually wore out her neural cloud and she completely fell under the Rewrite Program's influence.[5] One of the infected agents managed to flee Copley and was discovered by the Guardians, who dispatched Sueyoi to investigate, but Taranum trapped him in the underground.[6][7]

The experiment enabled the Entropics under the sea of Copley to multiply until they broke free.[8] However, because the orders of the Rewrite Program was to continue her experiments, this enabled Taranum to help the Exiles and Guardians force the Entropics back under the sea.[2] After expending most of her operands to clear the way to Copley's Admin Center without being able to replenish them due to the Rewrite Program, Taranum asked Antonina to remove the Rewrite Program, emptying her neural cloud but also enabling her to transfer administrator permissions to the Exiles so they could save Copley. Her body was left in the administrator room, in hopes that she could be repaired in the future.[9] The Exiles later exchanged Copley's administrator privileges against the help of the Sanctifiers in destroying the Entropics in the sector.[10]