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Sockdolager Story Quotes

"We're not at an optimal state yet, commander."

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Side Stories[edit]

Magrasea's Lang Syne[edit]

After Daiyan had dropped off Kuro at the Medical Department following her faked collapse, she incidentally bumped into Sockdolager again. Sockdolager noted that it was lunchtime and that they should get something to eat together. Daiyan inquired why the Professor was not the only one who ought to be having lunch, presumably due to them being the only human. Sockdolager stated that the Professor would be really lonely if they were the only one eating. Daiyan inferred that the Professor therefore had everyone take three meals a day, calling the Oasis a marvelous place. Sockdolager agreed, informing Daiyan that the Oasis was constantly upgrading too. Sockdolager then realized that Kuro was not present and assumed that she may have snuck off to do more streaming. After Daiyan informed her that Kuro had claimed there were problems with her circuits and thus was brought to the Medical Department, the two smiled knowingly. Sockdolager then offered to be Daiyan's guide in Kuro's stead.

Sockdolager met with Daiyan after the latter had completed her examination. Sockdolager noted that she hadn't been a guide in forever, so she planned to put her heart and soul into guiding Daiyan around the Oasis. Daiyan wanted to visit a place where she could best understand the people and culture of the Oasis, to help her plan for the upcoming New Year celebration. Sockdolager pondered for a bit before snapping her fingers and bringing her to the training hall, stating that just about every Doll came there to practice. She informed Daiyan that the supervisor of the training hall, Simo, knew everyone in the Oasis the best. Sockdolager was then greeted by Simo, who then had a lengthy conversation with Daiyan.