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Sockdolager Story Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Morning Morning, Professor.
Afternoon I want to sunbathe on a field...
Evening It's getting dark. Should we start a campfire and sing some songs?
Night Hmm... Still awake at this time of night, Professor?
Main Interface Voice You know, I really like the name "Oasis". It evokes images of liveliness and vitality, such as sunrises and burgeoning saplings.
Do you like hunting, Professor? It may be a very ancient sport, but it's still very popular nowadays.
Hmm? Are you asleep? Hehe, you look just like a little lamb...
We have pretty good weather and sunshine today. Shall we go for a hunt, Professor?
Interactive Voice Huh...? Are you trying to poke dimples into my cheeks, Professor?
This knife is very sharp, be careful you don't hurt yourself with it.
Well? Very sturdy, eh? They can walk for days and nights on end in the mountains.
Relationship Dialogues I used to work as a ranger. To prevent poaching, hunts are all strictly regulated within conservation areas. My job was to ensure that hunts were conducted on legal grounds and to protect conservation areas.
Phew, that was a hard day of work. Oh, Angela's story session is about to start, I'd better hurry. What? Listening to stories isn't just for kids, you know? Don't be such a killjoy.
First, like this... Then do this... Then... Argh, I messed up again! Why can't I make a decent paper crane...? This must be a difficult challenge! That's right, whoever can do it must be a genius!
The key to hunting is the ability to mask your presence. Once you have spotted your prey, you must quietly, stealthily... approach from behind, then slowly... slowly... BANG!!! Hahahahaha! You got scared, didn't you!?
It's time to show off my unique talent! Ta-daaa! This guitar is a proud creation of mine. It can produce a very special sound. Well? Want me to play it for you? If you want to hear it so badly, I'll give you a private concert after we leave Magrasea.
H-how unexpected. I'm surprised you'd choose me, hahaha... Have you had your eyes on me ever since the day we met? Or maybe it was the opposite... In any case, we're now bound together. From now on, I'll call you by your nickname! Oh, now that I think about it, you don't actually have a nickname yet, so... "Little Lamb," how's that?
Obtain What? You still found me? Looks like I haven't been masking my presence very well, hehe.
Neural Cloud Neural Cloud

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Potential Breakthrough My sense of smell has grown sharper.
Neural Expansion I'll hunt down every single poacher!
Max Neural Expansion
Respect nature, respect life.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Join Team My arrow is nocked and ready.
Battle Start I'm standing sentry? Sure.
Ultimate Skill You're not getting away this time!
MVP1 Hmm, we've got a pretty good haul.
MVP2 Hahaha, what an easy victory! Way to go, me!
Retreat Hmm... I missed...

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Christmas Look, Professor! I found a present sitting on my bedside table! There really is Santa Claus in the Oasis! And he knows I like playing the guitar! Santa is the best! Now I can sing for you every day!
Halloween Wah! Professor, there are lots of weird things outside! Bow and arrows... Where are my bow and arrows? Here they are! I'm ready, Professor! Let's go hunt down those scary pumpkin monsters! ... Huh? Those are just Halloween robots for decoration?
New Year Ugh... There you are, Professor. Can you help me deal with the Dolls who are about to come? They said they would be coming to pay me a New Year call and give me some kind of red packet money, but I feel kind of awkward about it... Hey, why don't we run away together?
Tanabata Professor, I made these Tanabata puppets. Don't they look nice? This is me, and this is you. Here, hang them on your door. That will lend Hikoboshi and Orihime some clothes and prevent weird things from entering the house at the same time.
Valentine Um... I hope you'll accept this terrible-looking chocolate, Professor... I worked really hard on it, but I just couldn't get it right. The taste should be okay though... I think.
Player's Birthday Happy Birthday, Professor! Hmm... I suppose it's better if I sing it, after all? In any case, today is a special day for you. I hope I can celebrate your birthday with you every year from now on.