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Parched Liquid Entropy Sac

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Parched Liquid Entropy Sac
Parched Liquid Entropy Sac
Full name Parched Liquid Entropy Sac
Affiliation Entropics
Class Specialist
Artist Unknown

Parched Liquid Entropy Sac is an Entropic structure in Project Neural Cloud. This structure has a variant called Abyssal Liquid Entropy Sac.

Stats / Data[edit]

Parched Liquid Entropy Sac is classified as Object

  • Smoldering Sacrifice: After death, all Entropic units regain 50% of Max HP, and gain a 25% damage bonus. The tile upon which this unit died immediately becomes a Berserk Entropic Tile: Constantly expands on the battlefield, increasing the Attack Speed of units on them by 30%. Every 5 seconds, all Entropics regain 5% Max HP, non-Entropics lose 5% of Max HP.


Parched Liquid Entropy Sacs are Entropic structures making their debut in Entropic Dichotomy.