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Nagant Revolver likes to pretend to be mature and seems to view herself as an elder among her teammates. However, she is very sensitive about her height, and refuses to take her hat off.

Digimind Upgrade[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Following some routine maintenance, Nagant Revolver decides to relax at Springfield Cafe, where she spots RF Mosin-NagantThumb button.pngMosin-Nagant . This was odd, since according to their schedule, Mosin was supposed to be training that day. Nagant Revolver confronts her teammate on the matter, Mosin tells Nagant Revolver that there were new recruits, and that the Commander had rearranged the schedule to account for them. Mosin offers Nagant Revolver a drink, however she rejects this, opting instead to pay the recruits a visit.

Nagant Revolver locates and greets the two new recruits, who introduce themselves as HG P99Thumb button.pngP99  and HG P38Thumb button.pngP38 . The two ask why Nagant Revolver wanted to see them, to which she replies that being a veteran T-Doll, she thought it would be a good idea to give the two some advice. She began to lecture the two on tactics to use in battle. At the end of her speech, the two recruits stood silent. After a moment, they told Nagant that her advice was severely outdated and would probably get them killed in combat. The prideful Nagant refused to accept her teammates' criticism, opting instead to challenge them to a duel.

After two hours, the duel concludes, and P99 and P38 are declared the victors. The two new T-Dolls advise Nagant Revolver to embrace new tactics, stating that doing so would Be beneficial to her. However, after they leave, the prideful Nagant concludes that she lost due to a height disadvantage, thinking that the recruits’ height was granting them additional power somehow. Rather than accepting the legitimate criticism, Nagant Revolver plans to become stronger and taller.

Part 2[edit]

Mosin-Nagant discovers a carton of milk in her dormitory, wondering who it belonged to. Nagant Revolver enters, and asks Mosin to give it back, as she hadn’t finished it. Nagant Revolver doesn’t disclose why she was drinking milk, which causes Mosin to grow suspicious of her teammates’ reasoning. She presses Nagant Revolver on why she wanted the milk so badly. Nagant Revolver reluctantly tells Mosin, on the caveat that she doesn’t laugh. She sheepishly states she wishes to become stronger and taller, so as to be better than other T-Dolls.

Mosin-Nagant finds her teammates’ reason to be hilarious, much to the annoyance of Nagant Revolver, who complains about the lack of respect towards elders. Mosin attempts to calm her down by reminding Nagant Revolver that she shouldn’t get mad at children. Mosin also states that elders should be more flexible and open to criticism. Nagant Revolver’s pride gets the best of her again, as she snatches the milk back and leaves.

Part 3[edit]

A moody Nagant Revolver shows distaste towards her mission, as a higher rank has paired her with P99 and P38. Despite this, she is determined to show how much she improved from her training to the two recruits.

The objective of their mission was to capture a Sangvis Ferri communications outpost. She tells her teammates her plan, again surprising them. P38 again remarks that the plan was suicidal, and P99 states that their position as handgun T-Dolls would make a frontal assault impossible, and that even if they managed to capture the post, they would take substantial damage in the process. P99 then takes the lead, and implores the others to follow her command.

Ten minutes after the teams’ attack began, all enemies around the perimeter of the base were eliminated. Nagant Revolver is then given the chance to charge into the base and eliminate the remaining hostiles.

The battle had gone very well for the team, and P99 thanked her teammates for their cooperation. Rather than celebrating, Nagant Revolver had fallen silent, leading P99 to ask her what was wrong. Nagant Revolver reveals that she had seen the errors of her ways, and asked if the new recruits could teach her new, better tactics.

Part 4[edit]

A while after the mission, Mosin-Nagant realized she hadn’t seen Nagant Revolver ever since the capture of the enemy communications post. She looks for her teammate, and finds Nagant Revolver fiddling with some parts on a table. Nagant Revolver tells Mosin that the items on the table were her new gear, and that the recruits had begun to teach her new tricks and tactics. However, she also reveals that she was incapable of becoming taller, not even Kalina would be able to change that fact.

Mosin Nagant Digimind Upgrade[edit]