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G41 Strategy Story Quotes Live2D


The official character description for G41 states that she is an active and cute T-doll, she is very much attached to the Commander like a loyal pet. She will carry out any form of orders when they are given, also likes the Commander to pet her head as reward[1]..

G41 addresses the Commander as "Master" instead of "Commander", to symbolize their relationship as Pet/Master.

Story Involvement[edit]

Far Side of the Sea[edit]

G41 made a minor appearance in the seasonal summer event. She was playing in the shore with SMG C-MSC-MSC-MS, splashing water to each other. She was about to begin her counterattack when C-MS hid behind Commander as her human shield. Commander caught in between the two, got tugged here and there and eventually got pulled to the shallows.


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