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G41 Strategy Story Quotes Live2D

G41 is a first generation T-Doll shipped out with the game and remained unchanged, every aspect of this T-Doll is simple and self explanatory, but this strategy page is here and available for examination.

Individual Performance[edit]


G41's skill is a very standard self damage buff lasting a set duration, the skill itself is currently of the highest magnitude of its kind thanks to her 5* rarity status. When auto toggled, after 4 seconds into the battle G41 will have 10 seconds of damage up effect, followed by a 6 second downtime.


Out of all the available AR units in game, G41's stats are considered fairly average, her does have above average fire rate and a bigger health pool when compared to most AR dolls in game. When compared to only 5* rarity AR dolls however, G41's stats are lacking, she find herself at the lower quarter with her damage, accuracy and evasion. She does still have above average rate of fire amongst 5* AR dolls though.

With the release of High Performance Tactical Hair Decoration, her slot 3 exclusive equipment, G41's damage and accuracy stats received a bit of padding, which brings her damage and accuracy stats back somewhere near the average level.

Combat Performance[edit]

At the time of release G41 was very powerful, her long duration skill, the skill magnitude itself and her innate high rate of fire. Her damage output rivals AR G11G11G11 and to some extend exceeds G11, just simply because it has a longer duration.

Unfortunately being one of the first T-Dolls released into the game, the passing of time haven't been very kind to G41, with more and more AR T-Dolls being released into the game, despite being a top tier T-Doll by damage output back when Girls Frontline first released G41's combat performance is slipping when compared to the fancier, flashier, faster shooting, harder hitting new generation dolls.

But by no means can G41 be classified as a weak doll (especially not after her exclusive equipment was released), players still find ways to install G41 in various ARSMG echelons for various tasks.

Anti-armor performance:

Since G41's skill grants her additional damage (75%), she is one of the harder hitting ARs in the game. To an extend some armored enemy units can be dealt with by simply brute forcing with high damage dolls, without having the needs of AP ammo equipment. Though G41 may not be as good at that task as other AR dolls such as AR OTs-14OTs-14OTs-14 and AR 9A-919A-919A-91 at night, but she can still be used in this way in most situations.

Long duration fights:

10 seconds of active skill time with a 6 second downtime inbetween each power-up, G41 shines with her sustain damage output. For long duration fights such as against S.F. Ringleaders, G41 is a very nice candidate.


Tile Bonus[edit]

G41 provides two very desirable bonuses for SMG units on her tiles, accuracy and evasion.

Affects Submachine guns
Increases accuracy by 50%
Increases evasion by 15%
High magnitude

+50% accuracy can help DPS SMG units hit thngs easier, while 15% evasion can help evasion SMG units dodge incoming things easier. Both bonuses are fairly large and whoever receives it will benefit from it, a lot. Even if it means they are the only one capable of receiving this bonus.

Inflexible placement

The classic 9/3 tile found amongst many AR dolls, this tile makes the doll a little stiff when it comes to placements. Having a tile like this means, in a typical 'p' or 'b' formation G41 can only give her tile bonus to one singular SMG unit, but since she provides both offensive accuracy bonuses and defensive evasion bonuses, G41 is a little more flexible than those who shares this tile shape but provides only one category of bonuses, such as AR K2K2K2.


With her skill providing increased damage attribute increase, the best way to increase G41's damage output would be additional rate of fire. Various T-Dolls provides increased rate of fire: such as SMG MP7MP7MP7, SMG UMP9UMP9UMP9 and SMG JS 9JS 9JS 9


Slot 1

VFL 6-24x56

Telescopic optic is considered the optimal damage increase optic at late game for both AR and RF units.


This item greatly improves the chances of T-Dolls hitting things at night, one should probably consider equipping this before sending G41 into the darkest of nights.
Slot 2

APCR High-Velocity Ammo

Upgrade this thing first.
Slot 3

IOP X4 Exoskeleton

Since T series of Exo-skeles have damage penalties, X series are generally better for AR dolls. The action of equipping this item on G41 can be argued as "not entirely necessary" since it has no impact on her DPS performance. However thanks to her tile shape, G41 is frequently placed in slot 1 in an echelon by players, which means she is more likely to get hit by enemies slipping through the frontal defenses. Upgrading priority of this equipment is at the player's discretion.

High Performance Tactical Hair Decoration

Stats bonus as well as the +20 evasion from a fully upgraded X-skele, this item is a nice boon for G41. For those players who can/have obtained this item, upgrade it and give it to G41, it provides her with a little bit of extra stats padding to survive the brutal currents of AR tier list meta.