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Full name Firewood
Affiliation Magrasea
Voice actor -TBA-
Artist Unknown

"I can't sleep yet, I still have work to do..."

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Firewood is the Sector Administrator of Sector Helios in Magrasea.

Character Info

Unlike other Sector Administrators, Firewood only has a very basic mind and personality, entirely focused on following the rules of the Arche Pyr Project. His name is explained in Dark 3-3: he describes himself as “kindling for the Arche Pyr.”

Story Involvement

Firewood passively supervised the endlessly running cycles of experimentation programmed by humans to complete the Arche Pyr Project. His strict adherence to these protocols eventually led to the petrifaction of all Resident Agents to support the calculations necessary to process the immense amount of uncured experimental data produced by the cycles of failure of the project, until the sector was only inhabited by simple robot processes.

When the Exiles accidentally became trapped in Sector Helios' reset loops, Firewood stood by his rules and refused to let them go. Eventually, Croque managed to complete the project with the use of Choco's data curation expertise and the data found by the Exiles in the Rossum and Cyclopes Sectors, and so Firewood considered the Exiles supreme guests of Helios. For this reason, he pledged the help of all the processes in Helios in the fight against Eucharist, forcing her to fall back and leave Helios.